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Welcome to The E-sylum: Volume 2, Number 21:  May 23, 1999: 
an electronic publication of the Numismatic Bibliomania Society. 


   Mike Paradis of New York is our newest subscriber, thanks 
   to NBS President Michael J. Sullivan.  Welcome aboard! 


   Bibliophiles attending the ANA Convention this summer 
   should consider signing up for the ANA Judges' Certification 
   program.  It's a fun and enlightening experience.  Participants 
   meet briefly with the Chief Judges and are given copies of the 
   official forms used to rate Exhibits.   Their rankings are later 
   compared to the official Judges' rankings.  Those who pass 
   the test become certified judges in that exhibit category.  Why 
   not match wits with the judges of the Numismatic Literature 
   category?  Even if you don't plan to become a judge it's a 
   great way for exhibitors and general viewers to become aware 
   of the ins and outs of exhibiting.  

   To sign up, contact ANA Chief Judge Joseph E. Boling at (Any while you're at it, please consider 
   placing an exhibit in the Numismatic Literature category.  Let's 
   not hear any whining that "I didn't have time this year..."  :-) 


   Morten has been collecting numismatic books only (no coins) 
   for the last 25 years, and has been a member of  NBS  for some 
   20 years.  He publishes various kinds of numismatic literature, 
   for example, coin price yearbooks of auction prices realized, 
   such as Roman Coin Price Yearbook, vol. 0, I, II (London 
   1997-1999).  He has published various numismatic 
   bibliographies,  including a Bibliography of Danish-Norwegian 
   coin auction catalogues 1684-1998 (Copenhagen 1999).  

   Collecting areas: everything in print concerning Scandinavian 
   countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden), and some world 
   literature (of general character).  Special collecting field: 
   numismatic bibliographies the world over [occupying some 3-4 
   meters of  shelf space ].  

  Contact information:  

      Morten Eske Mortensen 
      Drejøgade 26 F 501 
      DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø 


   The next Money Tree numismatic literature mail bid sale closes 
   June 26, 1999.   Highlights include works on world and ancient 
   coins from the library of Richard Buckley, including three 
   Mitchiner volumes on Oriental Coins and Roman Imperial 
   Coinage Vols 1-9.   Other consignments include the 1931 
   George Clapp work  on the U.S. Cents of 1978-1799, a 
   priced copy of the 1867 Mickley sale, correspondence from 
   the Walter P. Nichols files, and rare early programs and 
   souvenirs of American Numismatic Association conventions. 
   Contact:  The Money Tree, 1260 Smith Court, Rocky River, 
   OH  440-333-3444. 


   The March 27, 1943 auction by Stack's of New York featured 
   the Numismatic Library of R. C. Caldwell of Lancaster, PA 
   (lots 1-340).  Offered in single lots were Cohen's seven-volume 
   Roman coinage reference  (1880-1888) [lot 4], and a complete 
   set of the American Journal of Numismatics (1866-1924), 
   bound in half morroco [lot 189].   U.S. works included Crosby, 
   Early Coins of American (1875) [lot 153] and Maris, Coins of 
   New Jersey [lot 155]. 


   This non-commercial site maintained by Thomas K. Mallon- 
   McCorgray features over 750 illustrations of coins relating to 
   Near Eastern, Persian,  Indian, Central Asian and Chinese 
   history from 600 BC to 1600 AD.   

  Wayne Homren 
  Numismatic Bibliomania Society  

  The Numismatic Bibliomania Society is a 
  non-profit organization promoting numismatic 
  literature.   For more information please see 
  our web site at 
  There is a membership application available on 
  the web site.  To join, print the application and 
  return it with your check to the address printed 
  on the application.   For those without web access, 
  contact Dave Hirt, NBS Secretary-Treasurer, 
  5911 Quinn Orchard Road, Frederick, MD 21701  

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   write to me at   

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