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Welcome to The E-Sylum: Volume 2, Number 27:  July 4, 1999: 
an electronic publication of the Numismatic Bibliomania Society. 


   This week's new subscribers are John Lorenzo and NBS 
   members Stephen Searle, Craig N. Smith and Darryl A. 
   Atchison of  County Cork, Ireland. Welcome aboard! This 
   brings our subscriber count to 172.   


   Editor Marilyn Reback informs us that the Summer 1999 
   issue (Vol. XVII, No. 2) was to be shipped from the printer 
   to Michael Sullivan for arrival on Thursday, July 1.  President 
   Sullivan will handle the mailing while Secretary-Treasurer Dave 
   Hirt is away in Europe.  The contents of the issue include:  

      President's Message by Mike Sullivan 
      Letters to the Editor (Re: United States Treasury 
         Specimen Books by Raphael Ellenbogen (The Asylum, 
         vol. XVI, no.1, Winter 1998, pp. 12-18) 
      New Members 
      "News from the Net" by Pete Smith 
      "The Printers Devil" (A.P. Wylie, Keeper of the Flame) 
         by Joel J. Orosz 
      "Between the Covers" (ephemera vs. junk) 
         by Colonel Bill Murray 
      "Book Review: The Soho Mint & the Industrialization 
          of Money" (Author Richard Doty) by Carl C. Honore 
      "Harry Bass vs. the Fuld Library" by George Fuld 
      "More on Budis De Asse" by William Malkmus 
      "The Development of the Coin Album, Part 4" (cont.) 
         by David W. Lange 
      "Research Aids: Catalogs, NBS Friends & Serendipity" 
         by Ed Price 


   Pete Smith provided the following information:  

   "Wayne Anderson died June 30, 1999.  He was 58.  He is 
   survived by his wife, two children and a grandchild with 
   additional step-children and step-grandchildren.  

   Wayne was known for founding the Conder Token 
   Collectors Club. In his collection of tokens, he specialized 
   in pieces that combined high rarity with high quality.  He also 
   collected U.S. and world coins, guns, knives, marbles and 
   metal toys.  

   Wayne appreciated quality in his collections and his library. 
   I recall books that were dusty and faded that came back to 
   life after Wayne cleaned them and oiled the covers. He was 
   concerned with conservation of his books and the proper 
   opening and handling of books to keep them in the finest 


   Darryl A. Atchison writes:  "I just finished looking at the 
   E-Sylum web-site - very impressive, but I do have a few 

   He found the question of membership fee confusing, but I 
   think I cleared this up for him - subscriptions to The E-Sylum 
   are free to all, and independent of NBS membership.  

   He would also "be interested in talking to people regarding 
   publications I am looking for, questions I have regarding 
   publications, and projects I am currently working on (including 
   a new bibliography of Canadian numismatics - which has 
   already been a five year project to date and the text currently 
   stands at 314 pages and covers every field of Canadian 
   numismatics, and I can foresee another three to five years to 
   go yet).  A bit like a jail term unfortunately.  

   But as I keep hitting stumbling blocks, I try to correspond 
   with individuals to assist me in overcoming various hurdles, 
   including access to or reviews of various publications including 
   auction catalogues.   Post has proven to be both slow and 
   unreliable.  Some people just don't bother to respond at all. 
   You know how it is.  

   It seems to me that a list of names and email addresses would 
   be beneficial to assist serious collectors and researchers, 
   especially those not living in the continental U.S. who obviously 
   can't attend A.N.A. conventions, etc. and have difficulty in 
   contacting other N.B.S. members.  

   I would be very interested in corresponding with you or other 
   members of the N.B.S. who may have an interest in Canadian 
   numismatics or the bibliography project, especially if there is a 
   potential that I could possibly find answers to questions that 
   will arise from time to time."  

   I explained our policy against revealing subscriber names and 
   email addresses without permission, but invited him to continue 
   submitting questions for posting in upcoming issues of The 
   E-Sylum.  Those wishing to contact Mr. Atchison can reach 
   him at 


   Larry Mitchell has continued to update the NBS Numismatic 
   Bibliography.  In addition to updating the Byzantine section, 
   the following Medieval Coinages sections of the bibliography  
   are new:  

     62. SASANIAN 
     63. KUSHANA 
     64. GUPTA 
     65. INDIA  

   The bibliography resides on the NBS web site:      Click on Bibliography. 


   The E-Sylum archive at the NBS web site has been brought 
   up to date, and for those who do not subscribe to COIN WORLD, 
   a copy of last week's article on The E-Sylum is now available 
   on our web site at 
   Thanks again to William Gibbs for writing the article and 
   granting permission to reprint it. 


   Cataloguer David Sklow reports strong results for The 
   Money Tree's 31st sale, which closed June 26th.  The foreign 
   and ancient literature from the Richard Buckley library 
   attracted many bidders.  Among the most active lots were the 
   Mitchiner volumes on Oriental coins (lots 573-575), bringing 
   $275, $226, and $226, respectively.  The singlemost popular 
   lot in the sale was the Kessler book on Fugio Cents, bringing 
   $122 on a tantalizingly low estimate of $35.  

   Other highlights included Clapp's United States Cents of the 
   Years 1798-1799 (lot 817), $700;  Roman Imperial Coins 
   Vol V (lot 361), $480;  The Canadian Numismatic Journal, 
   vols 1-20 (lot 390) $375; and The TAMS Journal, vol 1-28, 
   (lot 270), $474. 


   Having mentioned the brouhaha over Western Assay Bars 
   appearing in the pages of COIN WORLD and elsewhere, I would 
   be remiss in not noting the full-page advertisement by Stack's 
   in the July 12, 1999 issue (p69), "An Open Challenge to 
   Professor Theodore V. Buttrey,"  asking "Are the western 
   assay bars real or fake?  It would be helpful to the numismatic 
   community if a debate were held at the August 1999 American 
   Numismatic Association convention in Chicago, at which time 
   each side may present their views." 


   Having written a cover article for The Numismatist on Money 
   Artist J.S.G. Boggs (May 1994), I've continued to follow his 
   career. This weeks' featured web page is an article from the 
   July issue of  The Atlantic Monthly reviewing a new book on 
   Boggs by Lawrence Weschler.  In an interesting turnabout, 
   the cover illustration for the book is an engraving of Boggs by 
   Thomas Hipschen, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing artist 
   responsible for presidential portraits on the new $100, $50, 
   and $20 notes. 

  Wayne Homren 
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