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Welcome to The E-Sylum: Volume 2, Number 36:  September 5, 1999: 
an electronic publication of the Numismatic Bibliomania Society. 


   Our newest subscribers are longtime bibliophile and NBS 
   member Barry Tayman, former Asylum editor and U.S. 
   currency cataloguer Martin Gengerke,  "Great Debate" 
   participant  T. V. Buttrey, Nelson Wolbert,  Daniel Demeo, 
   A. De Barros, Jack Wadlington, C. Benny Dietz,  Ralf W. 
   Bopple of Stuttgart, Germany,  J. Moens,  Bill Sharp, Doug 
   Andrews,  David Gracey,  and just "Fred".  

   Welcome aboard, all!   Our promotional flyer is doing its 
   job.   This brings our subscriber count to 218. 


   New subscriber C. Benny Dietz writes: "I am interested in 
   joining as I am working on a project of auction appearances 
   of Bryan Dollars in what little spare time I have.  I am a high 
   school history teacher, coin collector, numismatic book 
   collector, and collector of Bryan money (when I can afford 


   Dominic Labbé, of the Association des Numismates 
   Francophones du Canada recently requested some 
   research assistance on the COINS mailing list:  

   "I'm currently researching Canadian and Quebec 
   Political scrip (or tokens). If anyone has interests in 
   that topic or information about some of them, please 
   contact me at" 


   Karl Moulton of Great American Sales reports that his 
   email address is now requests 
   for his fixed price list of 20th century US auction catalogues 
   should be sent to that address.  

   Peter Irion, Librarian of the Token and Medal Society 
   (TAMS), who will be spending the next three months in Italy, 
   reports that  "TAMS members can request books or research 
   from me through this email address:"  

   Darryl Atchison of County Cork, Ireland, compiler of an 
   extensive bibliography on Canadian numismatics, reports 
   that his email address is now: 


   Fractional Currency Collectors Board President Tom O'Mara 
   writes:  "Really enjoyed the "heads up" on the "Most Harshly 
   Worded Return Policy" from CAA's upcoming Fall Auction 
   Catalog.  As a fractional collector, it always thrills me to see 
   that our "little" corner of the numismatic world continues to get 
   recognition in whatever way we can!!!  

   I  hadn't looked at my catalog until I read this E-Sylum, and I 
   will always remember this description.  I too have some equally 
   deplorable pieces and believe this lot would make a perfect 
   mate.  Thanks again for the heads up.  

   The Bride of Frankenstein 
   Tom O'Mara" 


   One longtime E-Sylum subscriber is no-longer-so-young 
   numismatist extraordinaire John Kraljevich, son of ANA 
   Education Director Gail Baker, who sent this update on his 
   latest activities:  "I'm happy as a pig in slop...actually graduated 
   from Virginia in four years ... wrote my thesis on "In God We 
   Trust" on coins and paper money (what were you expecting ... 
   a non-numismatic thesis out of me?) ... I'm now pursuing my 
   career in radio, which I've wanted to do for years...  

   I worked in radio in Charlottesville (market size:223) and now 
   have landed myself a position at KILO-FM, a hard rock outlet 
   based in Colorado Springs...this way I can work at a great 
   station with a national reputation, move up to market 94, and 
   abuse my mother's good charm for the occasional meal...  

   I work a few days a week at Ken Hallenbeck's coin shop, mostly 
   buying junk silver from the general public, but occasionally getting 
   shocked by a really great piece walking in off the street ... retail 
   is a whole different business but I'm thrilled to be able to stay 
   active in coins and work with Ken and Tom ... I've missed ANA 
   shows lately, but I'm there in spirit.  I hope to be able to get to 
   EAC perhaps this year....and I don't plan on missing ANA 2000 
   in Philly  ... anyway ...  keep the E-Sylum coming ... I love 
   reading it."  

   John can be contacted c/o Ken Hallenbeck Coin Gallery, 711 
   N. Nevada, Colorado Springs, CO 80906, or via email at 


   Angel Pietri of the Colonial Coin Collector's Club (C4) writes: 
   "Here are my comments on the Buttrey-Hodder argument for 
   The E-Sylum.  I was not at the debate but in view of all the 
   controversy I have read Mr. Buttrey's article and all the recent 
   articles in Coin World.  To call his research "superficial" amounts 
   in my opinion to flattery.  His article is sheer speculation based on 
   his dislike of John Ford.  I cannot describe his evidence as weak 
   because he simply presented no evidence."  

   Jim Spillman, founding editor of  The Colonial Newsletter, adds: 
   "I went back and reread Buttrey's original paper in AJN #9 and - 
   in light of the current discussions - I now wonder exactly what it 
   was Buttrey was thinking/writing about - his illustrations were gold 
   assay strips (bars), but he simply referred to his subject matter as 
   False American Gold Bars or simply "gold bars".  

   Nowhere does he seem to recognize the purpose or usage of the 
   strips.  Assay strips are considerably different from bullion gold 
   bars, or gold coinage.  I suppose that I must reread Buttrey's 
   paper several more times before I can sort out all of his thinking; 
   it is not well written." 


   The recently announced ANA Heath Literary Awards, given 
   to authors of articles published in The Numismatist, are all 
   E-Sylum subscribers!   Congratulations, folks. 
   From the ANA  Press Release:  

   "The first-place Heath Literary Award went to David W. 
   Lange for his four-part series "Assembling the Ideal 20th- 
   Century Type Set," featured in January through April.  For 
   this distinction, he received an engraved silver medal, 
   certificate and $250 cash prize.  

   Presented to Richard Doty was the second-place award - 
   an engraved, bronze medal, a certificate and a $100 cash 
   prize - for "Making Do: Local Currency in Wartime Virginia" 
   in the September issue.  

   Lawrence J. Lee received third-place honors for "Pretty 
   Maids All in a Row," published in the December issue. For 
   this distinction, he received an engraved, bronze medal and 
   a certificate." 


   As reported by Larry Mitchell on the Numislit mailing list, "Folks 
   interested in archival photographs of U.S. Mint operations will be 
   pleased to know that NARA (National Archives & Records 
   Administration) is slowly but surely making a selection of these 
   photographs available via the web.  

   The NARA NAIL project (NARA Archival Information 
   Locator)  will locate archival material in any media, but the 
   NAIL Digital Copies Search will be of especial interest to those 
   of us who collect photographs of early numismatic activities. 
   I just entered a search for "Mint" in "All Units" and "All Media" 
   and pulled up 72 photographs of such things as "Photograph of 
   San Francisco Mint employees in the Assayer's Office" and 
   "Photograph of San Francisco Mint employees working on the 
   account books."   The primary address is: "  

   My favorite from the collection is "Photograph of destruction 
   outside the San Francisco Mint after the 1906 Earthquake and 

   Beware - these pictures are large and take some time to 
   download without a fast internet connection. 

  Wayne Homren 
  Numismatic Bibliomania Society  

  The Numismatic Bibliomania Society is a 
  non-profit organization promoting numismatic 
  literature.   For more information please see 
  our web site at 
  There is a membership application available on 
  the web site.  To join, print the application and 
  return it with your check to the address printed 
  on the application.   For those without web access, 
  contact Dave Hirt, NBS Secretary-Treasurer, 
  5911 Quinn Orchard Road, Frederick, MD 21701  

  (To be removed from this mailing list 
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