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Welcome to The E-Sylum: Volume 2, Number 39:  September 26, 1999: 
an electronic publication of the Numismatic Bibliomania Society. 


   New subscribers this week are Kevin Donohue and Bill Swoger. 
   Welcome aboard!   This brings our subscriber count to 237.  

   Ray Williams writes: "Just wanted to let you know that I 
   printed out and made 25 copies of a recent E-SYLUM and 
   distributed them as samples at the NJNS meeting last night - 
   about half the members had access to a computer.  Hopefully 
   it will inspire a few members to e-mail you to join... " 
   (Note:  NJNS = "New Jersey Numismatic Society"). 
   Thanks for your  recruiting efforts, Ray. 


   With the help of Fred Lake and Bill Murray, we will have an 
   NBS regional meeting at the upcoming F.U.N. show in 
   Orlando, FL.  Fred writes: "We are definite at 11:00 AM on 
   Saturday, January 8, 2000.  

   My Gawd, it is hard to believe I am actually typing a date with 
   the year 2000 in it.  When I was a little kid, we all wondered 
   if any of us would live to see the turn of the century.  Being 70 
   was ancient back then and not as many people lived to that age. 
   So here I am, just about ready to see the century and millennium 
   change and I'm still lugging around heavy boxes of books."  

   Maybe lugging those books is what keeps you hale and hearty, 
   Fred.  Recently I read an interview with a 100-year-old man, 
   and he attributed his longevity to a curious correlation.  It seems 
   his years are directly proportional to the number of birthday 
   cakes he's eaten.   Now that's a theory I can sink my teeth into. 


   Lawrence J. Lee of the Durham Western Heritage Museum 
   in Omaha, NE, home of the Byron Reed collection, writes: 
   "HELP WANTED:   I am looking for help in determining 
   exactly what coins Omaha collector Byron Reed may have 
   purchased at various auctions he attended in the 1880s and 
   1890s.  It is well known Mr. Reed purchased the Parmelee 
   specimen of the 1804 dollar at the Parmelee sale in 1890; it 
   is also believed he purchased at least 25 other coins at this 
   same auction, but a complete list for the Parmelee sale is still 

   It is also thought Reed attended other several major sales, 
   possibly including Newlin ('83), Levick ('84), Thian ('85), 
   Randall ('85), Athole ('85), Maris ('86), Haines ('86), Tilton 
   ('86), Davis ('90) and Doughty ('90).  Any person with auction 
   catalogs from these sales would be doing a great service if they 
   could check for Byron Reed's name in those catalogs with the 
   buyer's names listed.  

   If you have any information, please contact:  Larry Lee, Curator, 
   Byron Reed Collection, Durham Western Heritage Museum, 
   801 S. 10th Street, Omaha, NE 68108 or call 402-444-5071. 
   Your help will be much appreciated and will be acknowledged 
    in a future article about the Reed library. " 


   Speaking of the Parmelee Sale, Michael Marotta writes: 
   "I am working on a feature about the Amazonian patterns and I 
   understand from Saul Tiechman that these coins got their names 
   (as did others) at the Parmelee sale.  Can you suggest a way for 
   me to validate that the term "Amazonian" comes from the 1890 
   New York Stamp & Coin company sale of Parmelee's coins?"  

   From my copy of the sale I verified that the term did appear 
   in the catalog, but I don't know how to prove it originated 
   there;  does anyone know of a printed reference to the term 
   "Amazonian" in reference to these patterns prior to this sale? 
   From the description of lot 231, 1890 Parmelee sale:  

  "1872 Barber's set. Dollar, Half, and Quarter Dol.: Amazonian 
   figure of Liberty seated l. caressing an eagle, and resting on 
   shield and sword with her l. arm: stars around border. Rx 
   defiant eagle clasps three arrows and supports a shield labelled 
   IN GOD WE TRUST: values below: silver: proofs: very rare; 
   3 pcs."      The lot realized $13.50.  It is not plated. 


   Past President Michael J. Sullivan writes: "I thought this could 
   be a useful "hidden-and-seek" mission for the subscribers of the 
   E-Sylum.  I recently acquired Mason's Monthly Coin & Stamp 
   Collectors' Magazine, Volume V, 1871, bound in contemporary 
   Navy or Black 1/2 leather with marbled boards.   Inside is a 
   bookplate on orange paper reading "Library of O.A. Jenison, 
   No. ___, Lassing, Michigan"  Handwritten on the bookplate is 
   "461" in pencil which might refer to a library reference number.  

   Does anyone know the whereabouts of the rest of the set?  Is 
   one of our astute members lacking this volume to re-marry an 
   original set?   I'm curious to see what our subscribers know." 
   Michael can provide a .jpeg illustration of the volume via email. 
   He can be reached at this address: 


   Darryl Atchison is looking for an auction catalog to review 
   for his Canadian bibliography project:  Paramount, Long Beach 
   1975.  "Any assistance anyone can provide would be greatly 
   appreciated.  Any details whatsoever may be passed  along to 
   me on email at  Thank you for your 


   NBS Board member Bill Murray writes:  "If someone has the prices 
   realized for the S. H. Chapman sale, '"The Collection of American 
   Historical Medals and Canadian Coins of W. H. Hunter, Esq., 
   December 9 and 10, 1920,  I would like a copy.   Thanks. 
   Email:  or snail mail: 7400 Crestway # 1423, 
   San Antonio, Texas 78239-3097. 


   Bob Murphy, a visitor to our web site, writes:  "I am 
   interested in finding a source for information about 
   Horatio Burchard, who was appointed Director of the Mint 
   on Feb. 22nd, 1879.  Thank you for your assistance."  

   Former NBS Board Member Pete Smith, author of "American 
   Numismatic Biographies", provided the following information:  

   "Horatio Chapin Burchard was born on September 22, 1825, 
   at Marshall, New York.  In 1850 he graduated from Hamilton 
   College in New York. He went on to study law and was 
   admitted to the bar in 1852. He married Jane Lawver in May 
   of 1860.  

   His interests turned to politics and he was elected to the 
   Illinois State House of Representatives, serving from 1863 
   to 1866. On December 6, 1869, he took the seat in Congress 
   vacated by Elihu B. Washburn. Burchard was re-elected and 
   served until March 3, 1879.  

   President Rutherford B. Hayes appointed Burchard as Director 
   of the Mint and he served from February 1879 to June 1886. 
   He resigned to return to the practice of law.  

   Burchard was in charge of awards for mines and metallurgy 
   in 1893 at the World's Columbian Exposition.  He was on the 
   Assay Commission in 1894, 1895, 1901 and 1903. He was a 
   census supervisor in 1900.  Burchard died in Freeport, 
   Illinois, on May 14, 1908." 


   Stephen Searle writes: "After reading Michael E. Marotta's 
   comments in the last E-Sylum about not knowing John J. Ford, Jr. 
   nor Eric P. Newman, I thought I would submit a link to the Legacy 
   Magazine Archives.  

   While I was not active in numismatics at the time, from what I can 
   tell, Legacy was a (hardcopy) magazine published by Heritage or a 
   predecessor to that firm several times per year from 1988 to 1990. 
   In each issue, there is an interview with a prominent numismatist 
   of the day.  

   The articles appear to have been scanned and run through character 
   recognition software, so there are some errors in the text. Generally, 
   however, they are quite readable and definitely enjoyable (especially 
   the interviews of Walter Breen and John J. Ford, Jr.)!"  

   The Ford interview is in two parts, appearing in the Spring and 
   Summer 1990 issues. 

  Wayne Homren 
  Numismatic Bibliomania Society  

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