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Welcome to The E-Sylum: Volume 6, Number 46, October 30, 2003:
an electronic publication of the Numismatic Bibliomania Society.
Copyright (c) 2003, The Numismatic Bibliomania Society.


  There has been an outpouring of concern for the Kolbes,
  and I'm just glad we have the medium of The E-Sylum to
  communicate quickly with the bibliophile community.

  Marvin Lessen writes: "I spoke to George's nephew yesterday,
  and then George, himself,  in the afternoon (Wednesday).
  All are safe; they evacuated Saturday afternoon.

  House was still standing in the morning (contact from a local
  restaurant owner who was staying open to serve firemen).
  No status on his daughter's house in Crestline or son's in
  Arrowhead.  No electricity; his phone messages are not from
  his answering machine but are handled by AT&T.

  Bad news is that fire was returning to the Crestline area
  yesterday by the backside, so we know nothing further, and
  I have nothing new as of Thursday morning. (someone had
  forwarded your E-Sylum notice to me.)"

  From George's web site Thursday morning

 10/30/03 8:30 AM PST
  Office, house and property unscathed at 8:30 AM.
  Very light rain falling.

  Mike Hodder writes: "George Kolbe called this morning to
  say his house and contents are OK.  I'm sure that's a big relief
  to us all.  He drove up the mountain to Crestline with his son,
  who has a press pass.  The area is a mess but his street seems
  OK. The fire dept. had set up its command post near his home
  and there were several engines in his street.  The area was very
  damp due to "tree rain", which is a good thing.  George thinks
  he'll be back in his home within 24 hours, as soon as the police
  establish anti-looting patrols.

  I'm sure we'll all hear more from George over the next week.
  George wants to say thanks to all who've called to express
  their concern.

  I doubt George will lack for things to say in his intro to the
  first JJF sale. Maybe it should be titled The Miracle Sale."

  Earlier,  Barry Tayman and several others wrote to express
  their concern.  Perhaps our collective prayers have been

  David Fanning wrote: "Thanks so much for the update. It's a
  big relief to know that the Kolbes are safe. Let's hope the
  house is spared as well."

  Terry Stahurski wrote: "Thanks for keeping the Bibliomania
  fraternity updated on this situation.  My thoughts and prayers
  are with the Kolbes."

  Bill Stone wrote: "Thanks for the updates on Mr. Kolbe
  and family.  Hope they were one of the lucky ones who did
  not lose everything."

  Bill Spengler wrote: "I, too, have been terribly worried about
  George and his family and their bibliographic treasures in
  Crestline, where I have visited twice, including an auction session.
  So, many thanks to you and others for keeping us informed on
  the Kolbes' situation.  It is a relief to know that they are safe and
  well in San Berdoo.  And please, when you are able to
  communicate with George, add me to those deeply concerned
  and prayerful that the tragic fire spares the Kolbe home. Thanks."

  I visited Kolbe Manor myself on a couple of occasions, but not
  for an auction.  While in the area one time I met John Bergman
  and we drove up the mountain for a visit with George.  It was
  a very pleasant afternoon, including a lovely lunch Linda cooked
  for us all.   The last time was in 1997 when Dee and I were
  returning from our honeymoon in Hawaii.  We were spending
  a few days with friends in Orange County, and one day we
  visited the Kolbes.  After stopping at the house to say hello we
  spent much of the afternoon on our own as tourists at Lake
  Arrowhead.   Later, we went out to dinner at a local restaurant
  with George and Linda.  It was a marvelous time.  It is sad now
  to think of how much property has been lost in the area.   Thank
  heaven for what has been saved.

  Wayne Homren
  Numismatic Bibliomania Society 

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