The E-Sylum:  Volume 6, Number 48, November 9, 2003, Article 3


  George Kolbe writes: "An update on some of the more
  interesting items in the John J. Ford, Jr. Library, catalogued
  up to October 25, 2003, follows.  This report was being
  finalized two weeks ago when fate intervened, and we are
  most pleased that it remains relevant.

  The Bid Book of the Chapman brothers' 1903 Disbrow
  and Friedman Fractional Currency sale

  The Bid Book of the Chapman brothers' 1904 Ralph Barker
  sale with Plates, including two additional plates virtually unknown

  Storelli's Extremely Rare 1896 Work on Jean-Baptiste
  Nini Medals

  A 1771 Mexico City Mint Ordinance, comprising Rules and
  Regulations of the First Mint in the New World

  A fine example of S. H. Chapman's 1909 Zug sale with Plates,
  intact in the original gilt-printed pictorial paper covers

  A superb example of S. H. Chapman's 1923 Beckwith sale
  with Plates, with a letter from Chapman to Virgil Brand
  reading in part: "The plates in the Beckwith are, I think, the
  finest I have ever taken"

  A superb example of S. H. Chapman's 1921 Henderson sale
  with Plates, in Original State

  The Bid Book of Henry Chapman's 1908 A. N. A. Sale

  The Bid Book of the Chapman brothers' 1904 Charles Morris
  sale with Plates

  The Bid Book of the Chapman brothers' 1897 CM. A. Brown
  sale with one of only two surviving sets of Photographic Plates

  The Bid Book of the Chapman brothers' 1895 Chaloner sale
  with Plates

  A large collection of Heath Counterfeit Detectors, both Pocket
  and Banking & Counting House Editions, including a deluxe
  Leatherbound Edition and two Household Editions

  Works on British medals and decorations, including Creagh &
  Humphris, Tancred, Payne, Mayo, et al.

  A very fine set of Mason's Coin and Stamp Collectors' Magazine

  A very fine copy of Eckfeldt & Du Bous' 1849 Manual of Gold
  and Silver Coins, the first edition to contain samples of '49er Gold

  A set of 1945 Photographs of George Clapp's Large Cents

  A Specially Printed Second Edition of Bushnell's 1859
  "First three Business Tokens," the first we've seen

  An extremely rare Leatherbound Edition of Raymond's "United
  States Gold Coins of the Philadelphia and Branch Mints,"
  featuring a record of Waldo Newcomer's collection of double eagles

  A "Mint" example of S. H. Chapman's 1913 Lyman Sale with
  Plates; also, the Lyman Sale Bid Book with Plates

  A lovely example of Ormsby's 1852 Description of the Present
  System of Bank Note Engraving

  A Very Fine 1923 Edition of Chapman on 1794 cents

  A Deluxe Leatherbound Edition of Newcomb's Cents of the
  Years 1801-1802-1803, Ex Henry Hines and Homer Downing

  A Deluxe Leatherbound Edition of Clapp's Cents of the Years
  1798-1799. Copy No. 3, Inscribed to Henry Hines

  A superb example of F. C. C. Boyd's Deluxe Leatherbound
  Browning on Quarter Dollars, One of Only Five Issued

  An Original 1969 Showers Half Cent Inventory, No. 10 of only
  12 issued with photographic plates

  A 1944 Leatherbound Newcomb work on late dates, inscribed
  by the Stacks "To Johnie Ford."

  Copy No. 1 of the Deluxe Leatherbound Beistle Book on
  Early Half Dollars, Inscribed to Colonel Green

  An Inscribed copy of Herrera's Classic Work on Proclamation

  Early Mint Reports and Documents, one concerning "The
  probability of the abolition of the mint establishment"

  The Bid Book of J. Schulman's 1930 Amsterdam sale of the
  Fernand David Collection of "The Coins and Medals of America"

  A Superbly Bound set of Phillips' 1865-1866 "Historical
  Sketches of the Paper Currency of the American Colonies"

  A Superb Plated Beckwith Sale With Plates, including a
  letter from Beckwith to Henry Hines, reading in part: "You
  ask why I am parting with my coins.  I am not going to try to
  pull off any moth eaten stuff about failing eyesight or interested
  along other lines. The plain unadulterated truth is I need the
  money. That is I don't feel as if I can afford to keep so much
  money tied up. I have succeeded in bringing together a
  collection which suited my fancy and I can't go much further
  without going into minute varieties and that I don't want to do."

  A "Near New" example of a Plated Alvord Half Cent Sale

  A Very Fine Copy No. 4 of Gilbert's 1916 work on half
  cents, ex libris Wayte Raymond

  The 1751 Edition of William Douglass's "Discourse
  Concerning the Currencies of the British Plantations in America"

  Five Superb American Bond Detectors: One with a rare variety
  of the coin plates; one beautifully bound in full morocco, and one
  a "Salesman's Sample"

  Thomas Elder's rare Plated 1910 Gilbert Sale, with the Coin
  Plate Legends Fully Intact

  A Very Fine Example of Thian's 1880 "Register of the
  Confederate Debt"; One of Only Five Copies, and by far the
  finest of the three that we have seen

  Homer Downing's 1945 Newcomb Cent Sale With
  Photographic Illustrations

  Spencer M. Clark's Letter Record of the National Currency
  Bureau, June 10, 1863 to March 2, 1864

  The Bid Book of Lyman Low's 1907 Hays-Phelps Sale of
  1794 Cents"

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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