The E-Sylum:  Volume 7, Number 6, February 8, 2004, Article 1


Nancy Wilson writes: "Dear Numismatic Friends:
Bob Hurst, John and myself attended the Memorial Tribute
lunch for Tim Prusmack yesterday at the Gator Trace Country
Club. Both Bob and John spoke in regards to Tim and his
hobby contributions, and how he affected our lives. Tim's
sister Nancy Tenure Prusmack handled the Memorial Tribute
to Tim. Nancy also brought several things that Tim had
produced, old photos of Tim and other memorabilia that was
set up on a table. Dr. Armand Prusmack and Florence
Prusmack gave moving memorial tributes to their son.
Nancy Tenure Prusmack also gave a moving testimonial to
her brother Tim.

Several other close friends representing some of the coin
clubs Tim belonged to also gave memorial tributes to Tim.
Several members from his local home coin club the Treasure
Coast Coin Club in Fort Pierce, FL., (he was President of
the TCCC for several terms) spoke and gave special tribute
to a good friend and excellent coin club member.

Representatives from the American Numismatic Association,
Florida United Numismatists, Inc., Ocala Coin Club, Fractional
Currency Collectors Board and Society of Paper Money were
also present at this Tribute to a great Money Masterpiece artist.
A close coin dealer friend in Fort Pierce, a comic dealer friend,
who gave a moving talk about how Tim also collected Monster
and other comic books. He said that Tim became known as
the Monster Man when he came into the comic book store.
Several others also spoke in tribute to Tim. It was a solemn
yet beautiful tribute to a friendly and personable person Tim
Prusmack. Tim affected many people during his short life.

The Memorial Tribute to Tim gave all his friends and
associates a chance to say a few words in regards to Tim,
a friendly and giving numismatist, share thoughts with other
folks who attended, and give their condolences to the
Prusmack family. We think the family left with a feeling that
many, many people loved Tim in a lot of different ways. It
was a very nice tribute to a good person and friend.

We talked to Professor Prusmack who said that they will
probably continue to sell the remainder of Tim's stock. We
told the Professor that the Master was gone but his
Masterpieces would be with us forever. His last work was
the Lazy Deuce series. We were honored that he used our
Wisconsin Lazy Deuce to reproduce this beautiful work in
close proximity to the actual $2 National Bank Note. He
was taken away from us before he could do his next series
on State Quarter Fractional Notes. He was going to include
his Florida Quarter design which was a finalist. Go to his
for information on Tim, the many tributes to him, and examples 
of his great art work.

A nice memorial story on Tim Prusmack can be found at the
link below which is an online newspaper in Fort Pierce, FL.
When you get to the online newspaper site in the upper right
hand corner is a Search area. In this search site put in the
name Tim Prusmack. You can then hit the links pertaining to
Tim Prusmack.

Rest in Peace Tim, your good friends John and Nancy Wilson,
Ocala, FL."

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  Wayne Homren, Editor

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