The E-Sylum:  Volume 7, Number 6, February 8, 2004, Article 5


George Kolbe writes: "To date we have catalogued slightly
under 800 lots, with estimates thus far totaling $800,000
or so. The June 1, 2004 public auction sale will probably
include about one thousand lots. Several prospective
attendees have inquired about the schedule for the June 1,
2004 public auction. The sale will be an all day affair,
probably featuring 1,000 lots, starting around 9:30 AM
and ending around 6:30 PM, or possibly later.

Additional Ford Sale Highlights:

The Bid Book of Wayte Raymond's Rare 1917
A. N. A. Sale

The Bid Book of the Extremely Rare Fourth and Final
W. W. C. Wilson Sale

Henry Chapman's Bid Book of the Final W. W. C. Wilson Sale

Two 1853 California Gold Rush Letters, one reading in part:
"Enclosed I send you a Gold 1/4 Dollar'", another: "'get all
the 16 pieces and the French one franc pieces, and send them
out here and I can get 25 for all"

Apparently a Proof or Sample impression of Levick's 1869
Plate of 1793 Cents, Inscribed

A. M. Hart's 1851 History of the Issues of Paper-Money in
the American Colonies, Complete With the Large Folding
Historical Chart

A Superb 1869 American Bank Note Company Sample
Book, with Text in Several Languages

Ed Frossard's Own Set of His First 150 Auction Sales,
Leatherbound in 15 Volumes, virtually all Handpriced with
Plates, Including Several Unrecorded Catalogues

One of the most remarkable items thus catalogued is a four
volume compilation by Francis Worchester Doughty. In it,
Doughty illustrates via rubbings his work on New York
Tradesman's tokens which appeared in 1885-1886 issues
of the Coin Collector's Journal. Important alone for the
well-executed rubbings of the tokens in his collection, also
included are "thousands of illustrations of various kinds,
including engraved views and maps, early photographic
views, halftone, engraved, lithographic, and other illustrations
of tokens, etc.; along with a bewildering variety of
printed and other ephemera, including newspaper articles
and advertisements, documents, correspondence, flyers,
etc." Among these are many wonderful examples of
Numismatica Americana relating to 19th century coin
dealers and collectors who were involved in issuing tokens.
Present are many photographs of these famous early American
numismatists, rare printed ephemera issued by them, and on
and on. One of the most delightful items, quoting Doughty, is
a remarkable silhouette of the father of the American coin
trade, "Edward Cogan; cut at a Numismatic dinner given at
Coney Island about 1860. From Mr. Geo. B. Mason, to
whom Mr. Cogan presented it."

Two very fine original 1876 editions of Attinelli's
"Numisgraphics," one being J. N. T. Levick's interleaved
and annotated copy

A complete eleven volume set of the American Numismatic
Society Library Dictionary Catalogue, including all three

Seventeen bound volumes of Glendining Coin and War
Medal Catalogues, 1908-1925

Barry Goldwater's 1979 Memoirs inscribed "To my
neighbor the Bomp" (a family nickname for John Ford)

An Original Manuscript of Dr. Thomas Hall's Coins of
Connecticut belonging to W. W. Hays

A remarkable manuscript by Edgar H. Adams on Varieties
of Early U. S. Gold, including a Supplement of Private Gold
Coinages of California, all photographically-illustrated

A complete very fine set of the American Journal of
Numismatics, uniformly bound

The Private Letter Copy Book of C. G. Memminger,
Secretary of the Treasury of the Confederate States of
America, covering his activities, many of great numismatic
interest, from appointment until the outbreak of war

An 1861 Abraham Lincoln letter, signed

Lyman Low's Extensively Annotated & Extra-Illustrated
Interleaved Copy of his 1899 work on Hard Times Tokens

A superb example of the rare 1904 promotional volume
issued by the Birmingham Mint

F. C. C. Boyd's personal annotated copy of Valentine's
1925 Fractional Currency work

The "Nineteenth" Edition of Wayte Raymond's Standard
Catalogue, the original manuscript by Walter Breen

Breen's Specialized Catalogue of U. S. Coins, including
Colonials, an original 1953-1957 typescript, extensively

Original Plate Paste-Ups for several New Netherlands'
Sales, including the 1952 A. N. A. Sale "

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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