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The E-Sylum: Volume 14, Number 4, January 23, 2011, Article 20


Reading through copies of the catalogs for the two Stack's auction sales coming up in New York this week, I found a number of interesting items that caught my eye. Here are a few. The paper item is from the January 25 "52 Collection", and the medal and token are from the January 26-27 Americana sale.

Fishing Committee One Penny note

Lot 3464: Wm. Moulder, "I promise to pay Bearer," [for the] Fishing Committee [Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]. One Penny. July 1791. Issued Note. The Newman Plate Note. Rarity-7. Considered unique, the only example observed. James DuPont sent copies of his change bills to Mr. Newman for use in his book. An extremely charming note which any knowledgeable collector recognizes as a major rarity at first glance. The inclusion of the note in this collection is due to the nature of colonial era "fishing" companies and organizations.

To read the complete lot description, see: Wm. Moulder, "I promise to pay Bearer," [for the] Fishing Committee (

Silver Carnegie Hero Medal obverse Silver Carnegie Hero Medal reverse

Lot 6451. 1920 Carnegie Hero Fund Silver Medal to Nannie E. Crocker. Silver, 76.2mm, 226.2 grams. With book-type case of issue. Choice Uncirculated. Obv. Andrew Carnegie bust r., ESTABLISHED APRIL 15th 1904 below. Rev. Relief map of North America with Arms of Canada (4 provinces only), Newfoundland (then a separate Crown Colony) and the U.S. Biblical quote GREATER LOVE HATH DO MAN THAN THIS, THAT A MANY LAY DOWN HIS LIFE FOR HIS FRIEND. Insert die at center recalls award to NANNIE B. CROCKER/ WHO DIED ATTEMPTING TO SAVE/ MYRL E. HATFIELD/ FROM DROWNING/ DILLON, MONT./ JULY 2, 1920. Edge incuse PAT. DEC. 11. '06 SILVER J.E. CALDWELL & CO. PHILA. Virtually as issued, trace of deepening of the antiquing at obverse r. Housed in original 116 x 113mm leather book-type case with green plush interior, CARNEGIE/ MEDAL on cover.

To read the complete lot description, see: 1920 Carnegie Hero Fund Silver Medal (

Beginning at lot 6587 is "a landmark collection of tokens and medals of John Adams Bolen formed by Q. David Bowers."

We present a landmark collection of tokens and medals issued by famous diesinker John Adams Bolen, who from the 1860s onward issued many interesting, beautiful, and rare pieces, nearly all in limited quantities. Bolen, himself a numismatist, issued most of these as delicacies for the numismatic trade, with information and publicity given concerning them as they were released.

Certain of the dies passed to others, as described below, and in the same era, continuing to, perhaps, through the 1870s, additional examples were struck, less documented than the ones from Bolen's shop. These tokens have been the subject of many articles and studies in various publications over the years, as well as listing for many in Russ Rulau's Standard Catalog of U.S. Tokens 1700-1900, by Krause Publications. Beyond that, in recent years there has been a movement to list Bolen pieces struck in the early 1860s as Civil War tokens.

The pedigrees for Dave's tokens include, foremost, the cabinet of Donald M. Miller, the late numismatist of Indiana, Pennsylvania, who during the 1950s and 1960s was very prominent in the field of store cards and tokens, including Hard Times tokens (perhaps forming the greatest collection ever), Bolen tokens (ditto), and store cards dating from before the Civil War (again, probably the finest).

The Miller collection of Bolen tokens went to Charles Litman, the late dealer who for many years was a prominent professional in downtown Pittsburgh. Dave purchased many if not most of the Miller pieces from Charles and, later, his widow. Others were from the collection of Andrew Zabriskie, famous 19th century numismatist, whose collection was sold a few years ago by Sotheby's, with David Tripp representing Dave Bowers at the sale.

Pioneer Base Ball Club token obverse Pioneer Base Ball Club token reverse

Lot 6587: (1861) Pioneer Baseball Club token. Copper, 31.5mm, 13.1 grams. Musante JAB-1. Mint State. Obv. Baseball player at bat, at center, PIONEER BASE BALL CLUB around. Rev. PLAY GROUND ON HAMPDEN PARK, at center, date of organization around, bats and balls below. Nearly Choice with inviting prooflike reflectivity on both sides, accentuating the predominantly red copper surfaces. Areas of soft violet and blue are seen in the fields. Slightly double struck on the reverse. One of 75 examples reported struck by Bolen in this composition and always in demand as this is likely the first token dedicated to Baseball ever struck.

To read the complete lot description, see: (1861) Pioneer Baseball Club token. (

Wayne Homren, Editor

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