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The E-Sylum: Volume 14, Number 13, March 27, 2011, Article 4


The March 26th, 2011 issue of the MPCGram (a newsletter for collectors of Military Payment Certificates and other military and war related numismatic items) announed the publication of a new book. Here's a copy of the announcement. The book is being released at the group's MPC Fest, a gathering hosted by Fred Schwan in Port Clinton, OH. See below for contact information to inquired about later availability. -Editor

The new book World War II Savings Bonds and Stamps will be of interest to Gramsters and many in the numismatic and philatelic collecting fields. The large-format, full-color book covers the subject area in detail not found in any other reference book.

In the area of World War II bonds, the book covers in detail Series E, Series F and Series G bonds that were issued first as defense bonds, then after Pearl Harbor as war bonds. Later in the war all three series were reduced in size. That seems like a simple enough, three different series in two size of course in several denominations, but the field is actually more complex--beautifully so. For the first time the book describes and illustrates new varieties that have been previously unknown to collectors.

For example, the bonds formerly known as large size are now known to exist in two sizes! Furthermore, the change is size was accompanied by a shift in the location of the perforations of the bonds from left to top. This is only the most important new variety discovered and listed--there are others as well. The system as it was introduced in 1940 was supplemented with two additional denominations as the war progressed. The first was a Series E low $10 denomination known as the soldiers' bond because it was introduced to make it easier for the common solider to participate in the savings system. Later, after the death of President Roosevelt, a $200 denomination was added to the program with the portrait of the late president. The $10 bonds are scarce and the $200 rare.

Defense and war savings stamps were part of the overall savings system. They were issued in denominations from as low as ten cents to $5. Their use is described and the stamps listed in detail in the catalog.

The stamps were saved in small albums that were provided free to the public. Allow the albums are fairly well-well known to the collecting communities, no listing of them has ever been attempted--until now. These listings are based on the efforts of Fester and Gramster Bruce Potter.

The listings and the book itself are based on the 1995 one-page listings and descriptions by Fred Schwan and Joe Boling in World War II Remembered. From that humble beginning the field has grown to the point where this complete book is both necessary and desirable if not necessary. This new book also has the fingerprints of these two collectors--Schwan as coauthor and Boling as general editor.

The balance of the editorial platoon consists of collectors Larry Smulczenski, Jim Downey, and Mark Watson as authors. Bond collector and promoter Warner Talso provides a thoughtful foreword.

The book is being released at MPCFest XII where the entire editorial team was scheduled to to be present. Unfortunately, authors Downey and Watson were sidelined by medical problems.

Nonetheless, Schwan, Smulczenski, Talso and Boling are available at the Fest to sign the new book which they saw for the very first time as the other assembled Festers.

The full-color, large-format, soft cover, 48 page, limited-production book is available for $20 (plus $2) postage to Gramsters now. Furthermore, If you reserve your book by 2300 hrs Saturday, you will receive your book autographed per your request. All books reserved this way will be autographed by the editorial team present in Port Clinton either personally to you or generically at your request. It will include other unannounced features (and some not thought of yet). Send your reservations to

An addition special collector's edition is being prepared. This edition includes all of the autographs mentioned, extra pages for note taking, spiral binding, special numbering, and a variety of stamps (rubber and postage). This special version which will be mailed later includes a standard edition which will be mailed promptly so that you do not have to wait to receive and use your book. The special edition is $85 (postpaid). Again, make your reservations at

Wayne Homren, Editor

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