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The E-Sylum: Volume 14, Number 16, April 17, 2011, Article 4

Kolbe & Fanning Numismatic Booksellers upcoming sales in 2011, 2012

George Kolbe forwarded this release about his firm's upcoming numismatic literature sales. -Editor

Kolbe Fanning logo Kolbe & Fanning Numismatic Booksellers are pleased to announce their 121st mail bid, telephone and email sale, closing on June 2, 2011. It is one of the firm's largest and most diverse sale offerings in years. The 128-page, 1576-lot catalogue comprises a rather remarkable selection of interesting and elusive works on ancient, medieval and modern numismatics.

The sale starts off with Part 2 of the Alan Luedeking library, comprising over 700 lots, rich in rare and unusual works on Latin American numismatics. It is followed by nearly 200 lots from the Dr. Ira Rezak library, featuring a number of seldom-seen works on Russian coins and medals. The remaining 650 lots, the property of well over a dozen consignors, cover the numismatic spectrum. Many rare and unusual books, sale catalogues and ephemeral items on American numismatic topics are featured in this second half of the catalogue.

Sale highlights include:

  • Long runs or sets of a number of twentieth-century American and European auction sale catalogues featuring foreign coins and medals, especially those of Latin America, many of which are rarely offered
  • A dozen different works by Humberto Burzio
  • Twenty titles by Jorge Ferrari
  • Ray Byrne's photographic archives
  • The first work, published in 1760, to depict an Admiral Vernon medal
  • Several original Medina works, including Medallas de Proclamaciones and Monedas Coloniales Hispano-Americanas
  • Group lots, organized into categories, of seldom-offered pamphlets and specialized monographs on various Latin American numismatic topics
  • Rosa's 1904 Numismatica: Independencia de América
  • Runs or sets of obscure and often quite rare Latin American numismatic periodicals
  • The fabled 1908 catalogue of the Gonzalez collection of Chilean coins
  • Ira Rezak's research files on Russian numismatics
  • An 1850 edition of Eckfeldt and Du Bois with gold samples
  • Thomas Elder's famous 1929 George Alfred Lawrence sale with all 22 original photographic plates
  • Wayte Raymond's exceptional deluxe copy of Snowden's 1861 work on Washington medals
  • A nice Würtzbach album of photographs of Massachusetts colonial silver coins, signed by the author
  • A pleasing original 1905 Rhousopoulos auction catalogue, along with a number of other plated Jacob Hirsch sales featuring superb ancient coins
  • Walter Breen's extensively annotated copy of Bowers' 1979 History of United States Coinage
  • Two nice original 1875 Crosbys on American colonial coins
  • The best 1743 edition of Vaillant's Numismata Imperatorum Romanorum
  • John G. Mills's plated, priced and named 1870 John Allan Silver Cabinet; also Isaac Wood's plated and priced copy
  • A plated 1883 Newlin on half dimes from the Harry Bass library
  • Kenneth Lee's "Super-Deluxe" edition copy Number One of his 1979 work on fractional California gold coins, one of only two accompanied by a custom slipcase
  • Kenneth Lee's unique annotated working copy of his 1979 work
  • A number of early edition Red Books, including a set
  • A bound volume of fifteen thick-paper, priced W. Elliot Woodward sale catalogues, 1879–85, with a number of rare archeological sales
  • A complete set of Lester Merkin auction catalogues
  • An extensive run of 97 complete volumes of The Numismatic Chronicle, 1881–2004, mostly bound and generally in fine condition
  • The first auction catalogue to employ Sheldon grading and values
  • Lyman Low's first coin envelope
  • A 1910 Thomas Elder sale Confederate Half Dollar illustration unrecorded in Adams, the second known
  • A 1863 San Francisco Mint document recording the employment and monthly wage of Bret Hart, signed by the Superintendent
  • Over eighty American auction sales not recorded in Gengerke, featuring a long run of early Chicago Coin Club sales
  • A fine 1884 Adolph Weyl illustration of a genuine 1804 silver dollar

A printed catalogue may be obtained by sending $10 to: KOLBE & FANNING NUMISMATIC BOOKSELLERS LLC, 141 W JOHNSTOWN ROAD, GAHANNA OH 43230-2700. The catalogue is also accessible free of charge on the Kolbe & Fanning website at

On January 7, 2012, Kolbe & Fanning will be holding a public auction at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in conjunction with the New York International Numismatic Convention. Consignments of exceptional numismatic works are now being accepted. Inquiries may be directed to David F. Fanning at, (614) 414-0855, or to George F. Kolbe at, (909) 338-6527.

The firm's January 8, 2011 New York sale at the Waldorf Astoria was a remarkable success. A few sale highlights follow. Babelon's Traité des Monnaies Grecques et Romaines sold for $23,000 on a $5,000 estimate and the de Morgan Continuation brought $7,475. A superb set of the famous 1791 Beskrivelse over Danske Mynter og Medailler was estimated to bring $7,500 but sold for $13,800. The fine selection of pre-revolutionary works on Russian coins and medals sold extremely well, bringing close to three times the estimates, and was highlighted by a handsome set of the 1916 French edition of Georges Michaïlovitch's Monnaies de l'Empire de Russie, which realized $25,300. The 1875 Crosby family copy of The Early Coins of America, in a deluxe Nova Constellation three-quarter morocco binding was hotly contested for, realizing $34,500 on a $12,500 estimate. Kenyon Painter's plated 1920 Thomas Elder sale of the Henry C. Miller Collection was estimated to bring $2,500 but sold for $8,625.

Wayne Homren, Editor

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