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The E-Sylum: Volume 14, Number 16, April 17, 2011, Article 12

Canadian Numismatic References For Sale

The April 2011 issue of The Canadian Numismatic Journal also contains ordering information for two great references published by the Numismatic Education Society of Canada. Dan Gosling and Paul Petch forwarded this information at my request. -Editor

Valuable reference books for sale

The Canadian Numismatic Bibliography
Darryl A. Atchison, F.C.N.R.S. (Editor-in-Chief)

The Ultimate Book for the Collector of Canadian material. An absolute necessity for the collector who wants to know and understand his coins, tokens, medals or paper money. Over four hundred years of North American numismatic and economic history is covered in this monumental reference. Published in 2007. A limited number of sets still available. Over 1200 large format pages in two volumes containing references to books and significant articles, annotated in most cases, with introductory essays. It covers the entire range of works relating to Canada, the French Regime, Pre-Confederation Coinage, Decimal Coinage, Patterns, Newfoundland Coinage, Banks and Banknotes, Biographies, Artists, Engravers, Trade Tokens, Medals, Collectors, Collections, Auction Sales and Fixed Price Lists.

Price Can$225.00
Shipping & Handling to Canada Can$ 18.00
to the USA Can$ 25.00

Dictionary of Canadian Medalists

Robert C. Willey's Dictionary of Canadian Medalists, edited by Ronald Greene, is a useful reference for any collector of Canadian numismatica. It's a boon to collectors and a great starting point for researching the artists and makers of the country's coins, tokens, and medals.

The Dictionary was originally run serially in the Transactions of the Canadian Numismatic Research Society from 1978 to 1982. Bob Willey began writing an updated version in 1992, but he passed away before it could be completed. As a memorial to the popular numismatist, the Society decided to finish the update and issue it as an "occasional paper." Greene spent six years sorting through documents acquired from Bob Willey's estate. He received additional material from Ross Irwin, Jerome Remick, and other prominent members of the society. Noted numismatic auctioneer Jeffrey Hoare provided additional images to augment the article's original plates.

Willey's book provides information about designers and engravers, including lists of the medals, coins, and tokens created by them. The artists' years of birth and death are noted, when known, and minimal biographical data is provided. Listings include initials used by designers and manufacturers in signing their works. This can be useful in attributing an unidentified medal.

There is a wealth of information about many manufacturers that have produced medals and tokens. Histories of private mints, jewellers, silversmiths, and goldsmiths that have operated in Canada are detailed, along with those of foreign mints that have produced coins and medals for Canada.

Willey's Dictionary is particularly useful to the novice collector as it includes information on a number of different areas of study, for example Indian chiefs' medals, and blacksmith tokens.

Five hundred numbered copies were printed by the Canadian Numismatic Research Society in 1998. Collectors bought 350, including 50 with hardcover. Copies of the soft cover edition are available from Ron Greene P.O. Box 1351, Victoria BC V8W 2W7 for $26.00 to Canadian addresses.

All Orders must be accompanied by full payment
Cheques payable to:
"Numismatic Education Society of Canada"
c/o Ronald Greene
P.O. Box 1351, Victoria BC Canada V8W 2W7

Paul Petch adds:

The CNB (along with other books) is continuously offered by the J.D.Ferguson Historical Research Foundation on its web site at The Web site is still active:

Wayne Homren, Editor

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