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The E-Sylum: Volume 14, Number 22, May 29, 2011, Article 7


On Monday I dropped in the mail a birthday card for Eric. I shopped for it while out of town with my family last weekend. It's easy to find birthday cards for 5, 10, 20, 30 and 50 year olds, but I wondered how hard it would be to find one for a 100-year-old man.

We found a Hallmark shop, figuring that was our best bet, but it was early and they weren't open yet. We went into a nearby dollar store instead. We found a number of things for ourselves and when my son caught me smiling in the aisle he asked me what was so funny. I'd spotted a party balloon section and toyed with the idea of mailing Eric a helium balloon in a box. I laughed when I envisioned my box levitating in the middle of Eric's living room, freaking everyone out.

The store had a card section, too. I found one that mentioned money and thought that might be just as appropriate. The cover inscription read: "In your heart of hearts, deep down inside, you know there's no money inside this card." Inside it said: But you still had to look, didn't you? Happy Birthday"

I added the word "Colonial" above "Money" with a pen before sealing the envelope. I realized later how appropriate it was that I'd bought it in a dollar store - one of Eric's early and important research topics was the origin of the dollar sign, which is part of the design of his medal.

Several others have sent Eric their wishes, and here are some I've seen floating around in emails this week. -Editor

Harvey G. Stack writes:

Last week's issue was great, the Eric Newman tribute is wonderful, and as one of the oldest dealers around, I am happy he made the mark of 100. I guess his next goal will be 110 or knowing Eric he probably will set his mark on 120 or more.

I met Eric some 70 years ago when he would visit our shop in New York, and at the age 13 for me then, he was as helpful with my learning of numismatics as any of my teachers.

He loved to talk coins, help with cataloging and enjoyed in those early visits to be with the members of the Stack Family, as he always said that we uncovered many collections he wanted to see, and wanted as he always did to develop numismatics as an art more than a trade.

I therefore want to join all those you quoted and heard from to wish him a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and to continue to do what he has always done, make numismatics a hobby we can all be proud to be part of.

The following comments are from the the Yahoo Colonial Coin forum. -Editor

Ray Williams wrote:

Today marks the 100th Birthday for Eric Newman! And he is as active as ever in numismatic research! To reach this age is a big accomplishment, but to be continuing to do research, write and assist other authors is just amazing! I firmly believe his passion for our hobby has kept him young all these years.

Roger Moore wrote:

I think his willingness to help others in numismatic projects is a hallmark of Eric Newman. The selfish hoarding of images and data that occurred in others of his era (and in some of this era) is the opposite of his operational approach. I think that is one of the key reasons he is so respected and loved - of course there IS also the little matter of all his ground breaking research!! ;-) I hope he continues to contribute to numismatic research for years to come.

Mike Packard wrote:

Congratulations on reaching your 100th birthday. It is another highlight in a long list of personal accomplishments. We are happy that you are well and continuing your numismatic research. You have provided us with a lifetime of insights and research which have made our collecting more interesting, more rewarding, and more enjoyable. Too often we take others efforts for granted and do not recognize how much their efforts have contributed to our own enjoyment of the hobby. I would like to thank you for all your efforts. You are one of the giants on whose shoulders so many of us stand. Thank you for all you have done, and thank you in advance for your continued efforts that will expand the enjoyment of the hobby for us all.

These are notes from Rittenhouse Society members. -Editor

Dave Bowers writes:

From all of your fine friends in the RITTENHOUSE SOCIETY, warm wishes and love to you on your centenary. You have enriched all of our lives and those around you in other venues. Here is wishing you many more happy years.

Joel Orosz wrote:

You are not only the Nestor of numismatic scholarship, you are the bester Nestor we've ever had! Hats off to you upon the completion the completion of your tenth decade, and all good wishes for many more successful projects during your eleventh!

Roger Burdette writes:

Enjoy the next 100 as much as the last! Thank you again for all your encouragement!

Ron Guth wrote:

Happy Birthday, Eric. You inspire us all to live long and, more importantly, to live well!

Dave Lange wrote:

This should be a national holiday for all numismatists!

John Kraljevich wrote:

A Birthday Poem

America's numismatist plenipotentiary
after decades of research evidentiary
has finally reached his first century

He inspires the young
by his work on the bung
and its inclusion in the literary dictionary

Eric -- you're living proof that a great man can still be one of the guys. Thank you not just for your decades of splendid, game-changing numismatic research, but for being a gentleman, a friend, and a generous soul. I admire your humor, your perspective, and your endless dedication to whatever you pursue.

I will raise a glass of something from a St. Louis brewery in your honor tonight, with fond sentiments and wishes.

It's hard to top that, but I have to give credit to Ed Reiter for the following (I wish I'd thought it up myself)! -Editor

Ed Reiter wrote:

Eric is, indeed, The Fantastic 1804 Scholar.

Wayne Homren, Editor

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