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The E-Sylum: Volume 14, Number 24, June 12, 2011, Article 16


Last Week's Issue
Regarding last week's E-Sylum. Dave Bowers writes:

Really neat issue!

I thought so, too, even though I was up late cursing trying to get it out the door. My inbox has been overflowing these days, and I was unable to get everything in last week. A lot of items in this issue are leftovers from last week's queue. All good stuff - I think we have another neat issue on our hands today. -Editor

Eric Newman's Arm Candy
Eric Newman with student Regarding an image from a newspaper article about Eric Newman's visit to his old prep school, Pete Smith writes:

It was good to see the pictures of Eric Newman at age 100. His wife Evelyn was looking pretty good too. How old is she now?

Well, MY tagline for the photo on Flickr is "Eric Newman with Student". The newspaper web site captions it as "Newman with Eileen Williams ('12)" -Editor

Slabbing the 1794 Starred Reverse Cent
Regarding the recently discovered 1794 Starred Reverse Large Cent, Kerry Wetterstrom reports:

At a meeting of the Red Rose Coin Club, held right before the auction of this cent, someone stood up to make an announcement on behalf of the auctioneer (Wolfe). They said that it had been slabbed by PCGS, which several of us then commented that this would make it worth some "big bucks." However, this is just hearsay, as I did not actually attend the auction, and have not spoken with anyone that did. Perhaps PCGS could verify if they actually slabbed it or not?

I asked around, contacting friends at PCGS and NGC, but no one could confirm having seen one of these recently. Kerry asked around, too. He writes:

I spoke with Paul DeFelice at ANACS, and he confirmed that they did authenticate and slab the 1794 Starred Reverse Cent. He also said that Coin World did a story on it that will be published this week.

More on the Woodward & Lothrop Coin Department
Regarding the Woodward & Lothrop Coin Department, Ron Ward writes:

I first purchased coins from"Woodies" in Chevy Chase, Maryland in the mid-1960s. I believe their coin shop on the first floor was a franchise from the Coin & Currency Institute, best known for their book on "So-Called Dollars" . During this period, it was the best source in the suburban Maryland area for better foreign coins. I recall purchasing a number of older Chinese dollars and minor silver which I sold in 1998 in a Coin Galleries auction. The coins came in 2x2 paper envelopes with the data typed on the front and the price written in pencil on the bottom. The department was supervised by a lady who later retired and the operation was taken over by her assistant, Nelson. They were very helpful and at times would request specific material for me from New York.

Oops! Broken Link
George Corell pointed out a bad link in the article on states allowing silver coinage. Thanks! We've fixed it on our archive. The correct link is here:

To read the earlier E-Sylum article, see: GOLD, SILVER BECOMING LEGAL CURRENCY IN MORE STATES ( ) Not A Retail Site
Joe Boling writes:

The press release about says that "retail customers can find a wide range...." Sounds to me like this site is designed for wholesale customers, not retail customers. If they are talking about customers who will resell books at retail, they have a strange way of labeling same.

To read the earlier E-Sylum article, see: NEW WEB SITE: SELLCOINBOOKS.COM (

Numismatic Periodical Offprints
Ralf Böpple of Stuttgart, Germany writes:

I have reorganized my library, and I came across a fair number of small pamphlets that are articles reprinted from numismatic publications such as The Numismatist. Apparently, this was frequent practice in past decades, but I did not see any reprints of later days. My question therefore: is it still practice today that offprints are made of articles of a certain importance? Who does, or did, decide if a special offprint is made?

Offprints are much less common than they were in the 1950s and 60s. Today it is a fairly rare event, probably due to the cost. However, with printing technology improvements it's much easier today to have a print-on-demand feature for numismatic publications, but I haven't seen any periodicals offering this. What have readers seen? What do you think would be the response today? -Editor

Journals of the Continental Congress
Journals of the Continental Congress Ray Williams, past president of the Colonial Coin Collector's Club (C4) writes:

Jim Jones sent this website (Journals of the Continental Congress) to C4 online. It is really cool and has many players from our early coinage times documented.

To visit the web site, see: Journals of the Continental Congress (

The July 2011 Baltimore Expo

David Crenshaw of Whitman forwarded this reminder of the upcoming Baltimore Expo. Here are a couple excerpts. -Editor

Have you ever looked at a busy Bourse floor at a coin expo and wondered which of 1,000 dealers has the coins you want most? Finally, there’s a solution, and it’s making its debut at the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Baltimore Expo—June 16-19, 2011.

Whitman Compass™ is an innovative but easy-to-use new tool that helps collectors go straight to the dealers who have the coins or currency they’re looking for right now. It’s currently in Beta testing, but available for use at

Other Expo highlights include

  • The Stack’s Bowers Galleries auction of rare coins and paper money
  • The Presidential Coin & Antique Company’s 81st Exonumia Sale features three major consignments — David H. Hirsch’s Washingtonia collection, Ron Thompson’s inaugural medals, and Estate of Steve Middleton’s Columbian Exposition tokens and medals.
  • The Liberty Seated Collector’s Club, Maryland Token and Medal Society, and Early American Coppers Club are all meeting on Friday or Saturday. Consult the show program for details.

To read the complete press release, see: Whitman Compass™ Debuts at Baltimore Show (

Wayne Homren, Editor

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