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The E-Sylum: Volume 14, Number 47, November 13, 2011, Article 10


1841 Maundy Threepence Mintage
Regarding my summary in response to the question about how many 1841 Maundy threepences were struck, Martin Purdy writes:

This summarised answer isn't entirely correct, unfortunately: it's the number of "circulation strikes" that isn't recorded. The number of Maundy strikes is known, 2574.

Although our readers were quite correct in their responses, my summary was not - I was writing about the circulation strikes when the particular question was about the Maundy strikes. Sorry! -Editor

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Greg Heim on Robert Yuell
Greg Heim writes:

Mike Packard and P. Scott Rubin were with my wife Lisa and I at Bob's remembrance service on November 1. Mike's summation of Bob's incredible life was superb. Even though he was known as "The Whister," I often referred to him as "The Venerable Master" when we were together. In a society where people talk way too often with their fingers and disconnect themselves from the world with headphones, Bob was the antithesis of that.

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Dan Hamelberg on David Davis
Dan Hamelberg writes:

I was saddened to read in The E-Sylum that David Davis had passed away. He had made several visits to my library over the last few years to do research, and we spent many hours together sharing numismatic (and other collectibles) stories.

In addition to coins and numismatic literature, David had an extensive collection of pocket maps. I collect maps as well, (colonial) so it gave us another common ground for discussion. I looked forward to his visits and enjoyed the time spent in interesting conversation. He will be missed.

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New E-Book By Ginger Rapsus
Ginger Rapsus has a new book in the works. She asks:

What if Beth March had lived?

Beth March was a character in "Little Women." "Concord" by Ginger Rapsus will be available as an e-book soon. The scheduled release date is December 1, 2011.

Ginger adds:

March and my heroine sell some old coins to finance a trip to DC. My next book, "Wild World," is the story of the young lady who inherits a 1873-S Seated dollar. Check out my Facebook page!

1986 Walter Breen Interview
Len Augsburger writes:

For all the stories I have heard about Walter Breen I never met him in person. This interview is about the next best thing. Thank you, David Lisot!

Walter Breen 1986

It's a "talking head" style interview, with David Lisot off-camera prompting Walter with questions about his numismatic career. It begins with Walter's initial letter to the editor of The Numismatist and his meetings with John Ford, Wayte Raymond, William Sheldon, Stuart Mosher and other numismatic personalities of the day.

Walter describes his about-to-be-published Encyclopedia of U.S. Coins - he had the manuscript with him during the interview. One scary episode Walter recounts early on was riding in a car with Stuart Mosher when Mosher had a heart attack. Mosher turned pasty and motioned to the glove compartment, where Walter found a bottle of whiskey. Administering a capful to Mosher, his color returned. -Editor

To view the Breen interview video, see: Walter Breen Interview from 1986 (

Speedy E-Sylum Readers Request Catalogs
Heath MacAlpine writes:

I want to thank Wayne for inserting my notice in last week's E-Sylum about my giveaway of extra Presidential Coin and Antique Company catalogs. I also want to congratulate Scott Rubin of New Jersey for being the quickest off the mark in asking for them. E-Sylum readers are a speedy bunch. The November 6 issue showed up in my e-mail box at 11:07 PM EST and I received Scott's request 23 minutes and 34 seconds later. I had a total of eleven readers request the catalogs, indicating a healthy interest in Joe Levine's well written sales catalogs of medals, tokens, and presidential memorabilia.

Gunter Kienast's Contact Information Sought
Henry Scott Goodman ( ) writes:

I have misplaced Gunter Kienast's email address and I believe he still receives The E-sylum. I have a couple of questions for Gunter before deploying the new site on New Year's Day but currently have no way to reach him.

If you could pass this information request along to the E-Sylum readers I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Wayne Homren, Editor

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