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The E-Sylum: Volume 18, Number 1, January 4, 2015, Article 24


Neil Musante has been compiling a catalog of The Medallic Work of Charles Cushing Wright and publishing it serially in the MCA Advisory, the official publication of the Medal Collectors of America. The latest article in the series appeared in the November/December 2014 issue. With permission, here is a set of excerpts showing some of the great medals that caught my eye. Thanks! -Editor

CCW-44: Mapes Friendship Medal

Mapes Friendship Medal

Listed in Bushnell in “An Arrangement of Tradesmen’s Cards ...” noted only in lead. Under Bushnell lot 387, “trial impression ... Lead, Unique ... The only impression from the die.” James Mapes was a well known chemist. Along with Wright, he was one of the founding members of the National Academy of Design. He assisted in the development of an ink used with Wright’s steel pen. His son Charles was a partner of Wright in the pen manufactory. In 1844 he was elected president of the Mechanics Institute of New York. (Wright created a medal for the institute circa 1834). His daughter was Mary Mapes Dodge, creator of the Hans Brinker stories. Isaac F. Wood noted that Wright created a die of Washington based on a drawing by a six year old Mary Mapes, to be described in the next issue.

C.C. Wright advertising note

CCW-48: New Haven Bicentennial Medal

New Haven Bicentennial Medal

Obverse: A group of settlers and Indians being preached to below the limb of a tree. The sun’s rays in the background. Around the outside on a raised band THE DESERT SHALL REJOICE at bottom, QUINNIPIACK 1638. at top. In small letters above the DES of DESERT, c. c. wright.

Reverse: A scene of the city, a train moving from left to right, ships sailing left in the canal. On a raised band, NEW HAVEN 1838. is at the top, AND BLOSSOM IS THE ROSE. is at the bottom,

Edge: Plain

CCW-52: Zachary Taylor Medal

Zachary taylor medal

Obverse: A brown pelican, state bird of Louisiana perched on a nest, at center with a scale above its head and the word JUSTICE. Below, UNION AND CONFIDENCE. Around the central design, STATE OF LOUISIANA TO MAJ. GEN: ZACHARY TAYLOR. with six stars. In small letters at the base c. c. wright sculp. at left and p.p. duggan del. at right. Beads around the perimeter.

Reverse: A view of the battlefield. In the foreground, Taylor stands by his horse with his hat in his left hand just off to the right. The list of battles at left, top, right and bottom as follows: PALO ALTO, BUENO VISTA (this surrounded by a wreath), RESACA DE LE PALMA., and MONTEREY. In small letters below the battle scene h. f. baldwin & co. pub: n. o.

Edge: Plain

Love the pelican. How many other medals depict one of those? -Editor

CCW-58: Will Page Medal

Will Page medal

Obverse: Nude bust of Page facing right. WILL at left PAGE at right, 1848 below. c. c. wright fec: in small letters at left bottom rim. s. ellis del. in small letters at right bottom rim.

Reverse: On a plain field with a decorative border, an artist’s palette, with BORN ALBANY N. Y. JAN. 23, 1811 above. C.C. WRIGHT in script below.

Edge: Plain

William Page was an American painter born in Albany, NY in 1811. He moved to New York City to study law in about 1825 but left this to pursue art. In 1826, he enrolled in classes at the National Academy of Design and became a student of Samuel F. B. Morse. No doubt he and Wright were friends from the Academy. Page died in 1885.

Another unusual design element - an artist's palette! -Editor

CCW-62: Winfeld Scott Medal

Winfeld Scott Medal

Obverse: A memorial plaque bearing the ten line inscription, THE COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA / PRESENTS THIS MEDAL TO / MAJOR GENERAL WINFIELD SCOTT / AS A MEMORIAL OF HER ADMIRATION / FOR THE GREAT AND DISTINGUISHED / SERVICE OF HER SON / WHILST COMMANDER IN CHIEF / OF THE AMERICAN ARMIES IN THE / WAR WITH MEXICO / 1847. The plaque sits in front of a display of military arms with crossed flags, oak and olive branches and eagles at each side. Above the plaque sits a draped bust of Scott facing left. Above the bust WINFIELD SCOTT. In small letters in exergue, c. c. wright f.

Reverse: A closed wreath of oak and olive branches held at the base by the state seal of Virginia. In the background is a view of Mexico City in the control of the American army. A large column sits at the center. At the base are the words FROM VIRGINIA, while at the top an eagle sits with a garland of laurel in its beak wrapping around the column. On each leaf in small letters is the name of a battle, vera cruz, cerro gordo, contreras, churubusco, del rey, chapultepac, with 1812 below. At the top 1848 MEXICO. A ribbon above with the words FECIT QUOD COGITAVIT. In small letters at left ground line c. c. wright f.

Edge: Plain

FECIT QUOD COGITAVIT - is roughly translated “He accomplished what he set his mind to.”

CCW-68: Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Medal

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Medal

Obverse: A child presenting a basket of fruit to the seated figure of Demeter, goddess of the harvest. At her right shield with the state arms of Pennsylvania, and a ribbon with the state motto below, virtue, liberty independence. The legend, PENNSYLVANIA HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY around. c. c. wright f. in small letters below.

Reverse: A wide ornamental wreath of leaves and fruits of the harvest open at the top. Interior engraved with name of recipient, date and what the award is for.

Edge: Plain

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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