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The E-Sylum: Volume 18, Number 23, June 7, 2015, Article 26


Here are a few lots that caught my eye in the catalog for Joe Levine's upcoming Presidential Coin 7 Antique 85th auction sale. -Editor

Lot 8: John L. Chapman Token

MD-30-O copy MD-30-R copy

LOW UNLISTED. JOHN L. CHAPMAN, BALTIMORE, MD. Miller MD 30; Schenkman 60 C86. 16mm, German Silver. F/VF with fields consistent with this worn grade. Obverse; JOHN L. CHAPMAN BALTIMORE around MINERAL/ WATER. Reverse: JOHN L. CHAPMAN APOTHECARY around MEDICINES/ AND/ PERFUMERY.

Rulau lists three of Chapman’s tiny German Silver tokens as belonging to the Hard Times period. He further notes that “There are two other tokens and Chapman (Miller MD. 30 & 31) which probably are later than the Hard Times Period.” However, he cites no reason for this opinion and even neglects to list these two tokens in his 1845-60 Section. While we can’t disagree with Rulau’s reasoning (because there is none!) our inclination is to believe that if his three listed german silver tokens properly belong in the Hard Times period, then this one does too! ($750+)

Lot 262: Bronze Plaque Of President James A. Garfield

GAR copy GARFIELD-1 copy

BRONZE PLAQUE OF PRESIDENT JAMES A. GARFIELD, ND. 17” Cast Bronze. Signed below the truncation of the bust with the monogram DA. About Uncirculated. A handsome bearded bust of Garfield faces right. The legend is inscribed in an unusually styled lettering which reads: TWENTIETH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

Our consignor thought that the monogrammed signature was that of Adam Pietz. Although a cursory glance at the monogram makes it look like Pietz’s AP signature, closer examination reveals that it is clearly not. We have been unable to determine the identity of the artist. He is, however, a sculptor of obvious talent.

Lot 288: Grover Cleveland Satirical Inaugural Token

GC 1884-11-O copy GC 1884-11-R copy

GROVER CLEVELAND SATIRICAL INAUGURAL TOKEN, 1885. GC 1884-11. 28m. White Metal. Bright Uncirculated. A bison is at obverse top. Between two horizontal lines is inscribed: BEEF/ TAKES THE / PRESIDENTIAL CHAIR/ MARCH 4TH, 1885. BELOW: R.R.R./ DID IT. At the center of the reverse is a figure with the body of a bird and the head of a man, perched upon a snake inscribed, UNITED SOUTH. To either side is the legend: I SAY NOTHING BECAUSE/ I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY. Inscribed on a ribbon below is; RENEGADE PRESS/ FREE TRADERS/ DEPENDENTS.

This is one of this writer’s favorite political tokens. The bison refers to Buffalo, NY where the beefy President Cleveland was at one time the mayor. “R.R.R.” refers to Blaine’s unfortunate utterance of “Rum, Romanism and Rebellion”. The face of the harpy on the reverse is meant to be Blaine’s. The design has given us a male harpy - Virgil and Hesiod have given us only females. In Greek mythology, Harpies were vultures with the head and breasts of a woman. They were very fierce and loathsome, living in an atmosphere of filth and stench and contaminating everything which they touched! A Proof-like Unc. example brought $373.75 in our 2003 Auction Eighty Three.

Lot 334: Panama Pacific Exposition Official Award Medal

1915-O copy 1915-R copy

PANAMA PACIFIC EXPOSITION OFFICIAL AWARD MEDAL, 1915. Baxter 114; Marqusee 150. 70.4mm.

Gold plated Bronze. John Flanagan, Sc. (U.S. Mint). Gem Uncirculated – as nice as we have seen. The obverse bears a pair of nude figures representing the uniting of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The reverse features a view of the Jewell Tower, the architectural centerpiece of the exposition, surrounded by an expo legend. MEDAL OF AWARD inscribed within a cartouche below the building. The medal is housed in its uninscribed round black fabric case of issue

The U.S. Mint struck only 2,000 of these medals in bronze - far fewer than the numbers struck for the official award medals for the Columbian and the 1904 Saint Louis Expositions.

In a letter to exhibitors from the Secretary of the PPIE Award System, it was stated, “Following the custom of all expositions, and as already explained to exhibitors, the Medal of Award in each case is made of Bronze. By virtue of this fact, exhibitors are expected to have their medals PLATED, at their own expense. If the award be that of Grand Prize, Medal of Honor or Gold Medal, have the medal corresponding to the Diploma GOLD plated. If the award be Silver Medal, have the medal SILVER plated. If the award by Bronze Medal, LEAVE THE MEDAL INTACT.”

Lot 336: U.S. Sesquicentennial Official Award Medal

1926-O copy 1926-R copy

UNITED STATES SESQUICENTENNIAL OFFICIAL AWARD MEDAL, 1926. Marqusee 234. 76.5mm. Gilt Bronze. Albert Laessle, Sc. (Bailey, Banks & Biddle Co.). Gem Uncirculated - as nice as we have seen! The obverse portrays a young mother bald eagle who guards the home nest of peace and prosperity. Within the nest are two eggs which are the symbol of continuing productivity. In the background, Independence Hall is outlines against the rising sun. The reverse legend reads: SESQUICENTENNIAL- INTERNATIONAL - EXPOSITION - PHILADELPHIA - 1776 - 1926 around a wreath enclosing the inscription: MEDAL OF AWARD, above a radiant sun.

Lot 358: State Department Medal

LS-1-O copy LS-1-R copy

STATE DEPARTMENT MEDAL. LS-1. 66.8mm. Copper, bronzed.. Salathiel Ellis, Sc. Designed by Emmanuel Leutze. Nice Uncirculated with a handsome mahogany finish. Obverse with the arms of the United States. The reverse depicts a rescue scene along a shore. Above is a blank scroll for engraving the name of the recipient. This piece is unawarded. Note that the 71mm size given by Julian is in error. John Kraljevich estimates that 64 unawarded specimens were struck in bronze between 1860 and 1904.

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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