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The E-Sylum: Volume 26, Number 1, January 1, 2023, Article 18


Here's a press release with highlights of the Early American History Auctions sale closing January 14, 2023. -Editor

  Important Early American Naval and Military History Related Lots
from the Collection of Ambassador J. William Bill Middendorf

Early American History Auctions is proud to host our major auction, containing exceptional consignments of the American Colonial era through the Revolutionary War period, to the War of 1812 and beyond from various consignors. The diverse array includes numerous original historic autographed documents and engraved prints. As the former six-times United States Secretary of the Navy, with a family lineage tracing back to the very founding of the American Revolutionary Navy, Ambassador Middendorf's collection is deeply focused on these areas, often seen illustrated and discussed in history books. A few notable highlights include:

113405.B.catalog Extremely Rare April 1775-Dated, Mr. SAMUEL ADAMS Mezzotint Portrait Print by Charles Reak & Saml. Okey, Newport, Rhode Island.

1788 THOMAS JEFFERSON Manuscript Document Letter Signed, addressed: To John Paul Jones Esqr. - Commodore in the service of the United States of America instructing John Paul Jones to meet with the King of Denmark, to negotiate settlement of United States' Revolutionary War financial Claims on Captured American.

JOHN ADAMS (Defense Attorney) and SAMUEL QUINCY (Prosecuting Attorney) Signed separate legal document dated while both were together on the Exact Court Date the BOSTON MASSACRE Trial Verdict announcement, dated December 5th, 1770, each involved in the historic Boston Massacre 29th Regiment British Soldiers trial.

Continental Congress President JOHN HANCOCK receives and dockets a series of 1776 naval correspondence from John Bradford, the Continental Agent at Boston.

Two Autograph Letters by Admiral JOHN A. DAHLGREN regarding the arming of the historic steam frigate U.S.S. Niagara which laid the first Trans-Atlantic Cable in 1858; returned 200 Slaves freed from a captured Slaver to Liberia (1858), and carried Japan's First Diplomatic Mission to the United States (1860).

STEPHEN DECATUR Jr. Signs as U.S. Frigate United States as Commander, Partially Printed Document certifying that a sailor had served on the United States.

DAVID G. FARRAGUT Signed and Inscribed November 1, 1864 Dated Civil War Photograph, Inscribed: Quarter Deck men of the Hartford Flag Ship Mobile Bay Nov. 1st 1864. (Signed) D. G. Farragut.


JOHN HANCOCK Signed April, 1767-Dated Faneuil-Hall LOTTERY Boston, Massachusetts winning Lottery Ticket. President THOMAS JEFFERSON and JAMES MADISON Signed Four Language Ship's Papers.

MARQUIS DE LAFAYETTE Signed, September 10, 1789 French Revolution Related Document, requesting the production of a special GOLD Medal, at Paris.

President of Congress HENRY LAURENS Signed Continental Congress April 3, 1776 Printed Privateers ACT Broadside.

Two April 29th, 1775 Dated HENRY MIDDLETON Signed South Carolina Colonial Notes, both remarkably issued TEN DAYS after the Battle of Lexington & Concord.


July 6, 1798 Naval Oath of Allegiance Printed Document, listing Seamen to serve on the first Federal U.S. Navy Warship, the Frigate United States under command of Commodore JOHN BARRY. GEORGE WASHINGTON Signed Handwritten financial ledger Document, listing Land and Twenty-Six Negro Slaves as Washington's Collateral, this debt Collateral was Collected on as an Unpaid, providing him 26 Slaves.

c. 1780 Silversmith EPHRAIM BRASHER engraved COIN SILVER TEAPOT hallmarked BRASHER + N YORK.

112376.A.catalog February 1781 VERMONT CALLS FOR JUSTICE Colonial Currency One Shilling & Three Pence Note, PMG certified Choice Fine-15.

1784 PAUL REVERE Engraved Masthead Massachusetts Spy Newspaper, with Liberty Defended From Tyranny with report on the Treaty of Fort Stanwix & the Mohawk Indian Chief Joseph Brant, newspaper Identified as belonging to Stephen R Bradley Esqr, credited with writing the 12th Amendment of the United States Constitution.

May 2, 1780 Revolutionary War, Continental Congress Instructions for American Ships Commissioned as Privateers, signed in print CHARLES THOMSON, Secretary.

  113444.A.catalog 113444.B.catalog

c. 1810 President George Washington hand-painted Miniature Portrait, housed in a custom engraved Sons of Washington member's Gold Bezel.

Two historic George Washington Oil Paintings on Canvas, each after Gilbert Stuart.

113450.A.catalog (1789) George Washington Inaugural Button Collection of five major types, including a Unique Discovery type, Unlisted in the Albert and Cobb references.

1804 Landmark Freedom of the Press First Amendment Case of 1803, pitting Thomas Jefferson v. General (Alexander) Hamilton, rare Imprint regarding the Historic Harry Croswell Libel Case.


President ABRAHAM LINCOLN's substantial Lock of Lincoln's hair with provenance to its Gifting by Mary Todd Lincoln.

  113476.A.catalog 113476.B.catalog

American Colonial Coinage & Medals Include: 1723 Wood's Hibernia, Silver Pattern Farthing. DEI GRATIA. REX., PCGS graded SPECIMEN-64.; 1723-D French Colonies Gold Louis d'Or, NGC graded Uncirculated Details; 1725-H France 1 Louis d'Or, NGC graded Uncirculated Details; Great Britain Silver 1713 PAX MISSA Pattern Farthing of Queen Anne, NGC graded Mint State-63; 1787 Immunis Columbia, Copper Pattern, Eagle Reverse, PCGS graded Extremely Fine-40; 1796 Silver Castorland Medal, Original Obverse and Reverse Dies, NGC graded About Uncirculated-58; Five historic United States Indian Peace Medals including a Unique variety 1825 John Quincy Adams Indian Peace Medal Trial Strike Obverse Impression struck in Lead; a Unique large size Discovery 1857 President James Buchanan Indian Peace Medal, the Only Known Example with engraver Willson's Signature located in the reverse die. Alas, there are far too many exciting highlights to list, so please view our online auction catalog.

  113479.A.catalog 113479.B.catalog

Throughout the various time-periods and sections of this auction represented you will find many other tantalizing, stimulating historic items of significance all available to review online currently at:

Please be certain to ask any questions or special requests well in advance of the Saturday, January 14th auction closing date. We are proud to once again be offering wonderful items from Bill Middendorf's outstanding collection, being one of the foremost collectors of our era. Consignments are most welcome. Please contact Early American History Auctions to consign your valuable collectibles to our future auctions.

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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