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The E-Sylum: Volume 26, Number 3, January 15, 2023, Article 12


Confirming the Red Quarter Story
Edwin Johnston writes:

red-quarter "When I was a kid in the mid-1960s the jukebox at the bar/restaurant by the bay kicked back an occasional silver quarter painted with red nail polish. I would think it served a similar purpose as that described for arcades."

Chriss Hoffman writes:

"I can also confirm the "house quarters" call on the painted red quarters, I managed a large video arcade for Bally's in Colorado called the "Goldmine Arcade" we painted 200 or $50 worth of quarters with Krylon red spray paint one time to use in machines as replacements or free plays, these red quarters were not counted in our weekly accounting and were also subtracted from the machine's play counts. If I recall it was around 1984 so all the quarters I painted would have been older than 1985 the arcade closed down I believe in the later 1980's so if they still were doing it none of the ones in the Denver, Colorado area we painted would be older than 1989."

Thanks for the confirmation! -Editor

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More on the French Brothel Token

French Brothel Token obverse French Brothel Token reverse
Regarding the French Brothel Token illustrated last week, Mal Carey writes:

"I believe "with mirrors" would be the proper translation."

Serge Pelletier writes:

"You are quite right to say the monnaie de singe translates into monkey currency, as well as monkey money, and monkey coin. The term monnaie de singe means worthless money, making this piece a token or a check. Monkey business does not have a same meaning when translated in French, it rather means scheme, i.e. a dishonest plan.

As for glace, it can be translated into ice cream and mirror. Given that it was a brothel, I would use the latter meaning.

My friends at list this piece as a brothel token, knowing them, I'm confident that they made the appropriate research before saying it is so. This is not a concocted fantasy, it's the real thing!"

Thanks, everyone. E-Sylum readers are the best. -Editor

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Another Numisma
Chriss Hoffman writes:

Numisma1 "I own a copy of Numisma also put out by Money Tree under the Gold Leaf Press. My copy is different than any other copy I've come across so far. It's bound in a dark green cloth and numbered 44 of 71 copies. I have only seen copies of a couple softbound and the others are like your own in brown cloth hardback. I found my copy at Second Story Books online in their JPH Numismatic Collection sale several years ago. JPH is; "John Huffman"

I also purchased his copy of a bound volume of the early years of The Asylum, my introduction to the NBS and the first book I spent over a $100 on, if I recall correctly it was almost $200. A big purchase on a book I knew very little about. It got me to join the NBS and complete my collection of back issues of the NBS and led me to The E-Sylum as well!


Glad you found us! Thanks for the information and photos of your copy. Very nice. -Editor

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ChatGPT Joins Numismatic Poets Society
John Phipps writes:

"Following is ChatGPT's membership card in the NPS. Print and cut-out for easy storage in a wallet. This is a very valuable card that will be needed to be admitted to NPS functions. It should be carried at all times."

  ChatGPT Numismatic Poets Society membership card

Thanks - I'm so proud. Here's the poem written by the AI chatbot ChatGPT from the tech company OpenAI. -Editor

Oh E-Sylum, source of numismatic news,
A treasure trove of knowledge and views,
From ancient coins to modern mints,
Your weekly missive never disappoints.

With articles and insights galore,
You keep us up-to-date and never bore,
Your contributors are wise and learned,
Their words enlighten and never spurned.

Your discussions on coins and history,
Keep us engaged and feeling giddy,
Your subscribers, a loyal bunch,
Anticipate each weekly lunch.

Oh E-Sylum, we thank you so,
For sharing your knowledge and love of the numismatic show,
We eagerly await each issue's release,
To be entertained and to never cease

In our pursuit of numismatic bliss,
We are grateful for your weekly miss,
Long may you continue to thrive,
Oh E-Sylum, numismatic hive.

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Query: Numismatic Descendants of Leon Lindheim?
Lindheim Facts and Fictions About COins book cover Dennis Tucker writes:

"I'm wondering if any of Leon T. Lindheim's children or grandchildren carried on his interest in numismatics? Lindheim was an Ohio banker who wrote a numismatic column for the Plain Dealer from 1960 into the 1980s. I know he authored at least one book compilation of his columns (Facts & Fictions About Coins, 1967). He passed away in 2004 at the age of 92 and Dick Johnson wrote a memorial piece that was published in The E-Sylum, July 25 that year."

Can anyone help? -Editor

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Query: Notations on Specimen Notes
Robert Pepping writes:

"Dear Readers

"I am currently researching Specimen Notes printed by De La Rue for the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. However the question I am posing will most probably apply to other countries' Specimen Notes. I have not been able to determine the meaning of one part of the notations written on the notes and so I am asking for any information or assistance from you.

"On many Specimen Notes the notations often include the contract date of the note order and the order number. On most Specimen Notes the order number is preceded by a letter or letters. Below are some examples cropped from a number of Specimen Notes printed by De La Rue for the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. On the top note we have the order number G126. while the second has a complex combination - HH 548/582 followed by G943. The third to fifth show other examples. I would be very grateful to anyone if they are able to let me know what these letters (G, HH, SPO and SO) mean. Many thanks."

  Reserve Bank of New Zealand Specimen Note notations

Great question - can anyone help with this? -Editor

Seated Liberty Coin Drawing
Wayne Pearson writes:

"I looked up 'seated liberty coin drawing' and I saw this."

  Seated Liberty Coin Drawing

Hmmm, that must be a rare variety. Thanks, -Editor

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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