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I was sorry to learn this week of the passing of Bryce Doxzon, a longtime familiar face on the coin show circuit, active for years as an exhibitor and judge. -Editor

Bryce Franklin Doxzon Born March 16, 1960, Bryce Franklin Doxzon passed away on New Year's morn as a result of a 3-year battle with ALS. He was a most brave & courageous fighter.

He is survived by: brother Kent, sister-in-law Debbie, niece Emily, nephew Sam; sister, Claire Simpson; brother Glenn. He is pre-deceased by his parents, Rita Mueller Doxzon & Roland Franklin Doxzon, of Catonsville.

While outwardly characterized as rather quiet & subdued, Bryce was a very loving & devoted person passionately involved in many organizations & groups as well as his family.

Bryce was a longstanding & very active member of Catonsville United Methodist Church where he played a key role in many facets of church life for which he was especially proud to have been a 22-year founding member of the Contemporary Praise & Worship Band. The list of Bryce's involvement in CUMC as well as with other Christian community groups is too numerous to list. Suffice it to say, that he served as an obedient and faithful example of what it meant to be a follower of Jesus.

In addition to Bryce's spiritual life, he was a very dedicated numismatist with over forty years' experience. As described in MD Numismatist Retrospective (Autumn, 2021), Bryce was not just a member of various numismatic and exonumia organizations, but was a very active member of any organization to which he belonged. Bryce was a lifetime member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA); served as President of both the Catonsville & Baltimore Coin Clubs; and held the position of secretary to the MD State Coin Club. Exhibits in which he displayed his medals and tokens won many awards throughout the country. Bryce had a particular fascination with President James Madison as they both shared the same birthday and, thus, many of Bryce's medals showcased Madison.

Just as Bryce was highly engaged in his leisure time pursuits, his dedication was also mirrored in his professional life. From June 1985 through his retirement in Dec 2016, Bryce worked for the US Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense at Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Serving to Heal … Honored to Serve!

As with Bryce's active role within his Doxzon/Mueller family as well as his integral role with the church, his numismatic groups, and his community, in general … a void will be felt but he will forever be remembered and loved.

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Michael Kodysz writes:

"I met Bryce in Pittsburgh at The National Money Show in 2019. We had both placed educational exhibits in the History and Politics class; he was a seasoned exhibitor, and I was new to it. I liked him immediately because of his pleasant demeanor and his sincere interest in my topic, which was Roman coinage. I admired his exhibit containing U.S. political medals, and we had a brief discussion about them.

"My wife Andrea also met him, and he made a great impression on her. To illustrate: I've traveled to several numismatic conventions since that Pittsburgh show, sometimes by myself and sometimes with Andrea. And as I prepared for each of those shows, she would say, maybe Bryce will be there.

"In 2019, Bryce served as exhibit chairman for the Maryland State Numismatic Association. That first time I met him in Pittsburgh, he encouraged me to exhibit at the Whitman show in Baltimore. Knowing that I was new to exhibiting, he was extremely encouraging and generous with his knowledge. He put me on his e-mail list, and we corresponded a couple of times. Although I made plans to attend Whitman in 2020, that was just before the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a halt, and sadly I never made it.

"After Pittsburgh, Andrea and I spoke with Bryce twice more at PAN conventions; I believe the last time was in May 2021, when Bryce and I were both serving as exhibit judges. At PAN, I recall asking him if he planned on exhibiting at the ANA's upcoming convention in Chicago, and he described his illness to me. He told me that it was advancing quickly and would likely prevent him from attending.

"Andrea and I were acquainted with Bryce for too short a time, and we will miss him greatly. "

Pat McBride writes:

"It is very sad to hear of Bryce's passing. We knew the day would come soon due to his valiant battle with ALS.

"Bryce was a regular at our PAN conventions. We viewed him as one of the team. He was an asset to our exhibit area. His knowledge and enthusiasm will leave an empty feeling at our PAN shows. He also had a keen interest in helping us maintain and service the Burns Library set up at our shows. His soft spoken and quiet demeanor will be missed and sorely noticed at our shows. Our condolences go out to his family from our PAN family."

Richard Jewell writes:

"Bryce was a PAN contributor for many years, especially in the field of exhibits and exhibit judging. He would always help Tom Corey and Richard Crosby during the PAN shows and conventions. He will be deeply missed by all! May he Rest In Peace!"

I believe it was also at a PAN show where I last saw Bryce - perhaps the same May 2021 show. I was unaware of his illness. He will be missed.

Here's a photo I took of Bryce's exhibit at the 2018 American Numismatic Association World's Fair of Money in Philadelphia. -Editor

  2018 ANA Exhibit Also Ran

And here's Bryce (left) with Tom Corey in the exhibit area of that May 2021 PAN Show, taken by Rich Jewell. -Editor

  2021-MAY PAN EXHIBIT Bryce Doxzon, Tom Corey

The Maryland State Numismatic Association (MSNA) published a tribute to Bryce Doxzon in its Autumn, 2021 issue. A copy is posted on an NGC discussion board. -Editor

  Maryland Numismatist Bryce Doxzon cover Maryland Numismatist Bryce Doxzon page

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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