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The E-Sylum: Volume 26, Number 5, January 29, 2023, Article 12


Another Anti-King Engraved Coin
Jeff Rock writes:

"Sadly still a bit behind in my E-Sylum reading, but wanted to note that Joseph II of Belgium was not the only king not loved by his people, and with that sentiment engraved on a coin. This British evasion copper, struck around 1796-8, has poor Joseph's death on the gallows beat quite handily - George III has a noose around his neck, an arrow ready to pierce his chest and, for good measure, an axe ready to hit him in the forehead! While evasions didn't circulate in America (contrary to the opinion of some 19th century numismatists!), they did circulate in England and Ireland, and whoever engraved this one was clearly no fan of George!"

  British evasion Anti-King copper

Great piece! Thanks. Here's the Joseph II piece we discussed earlier. -Editor

  Joseph II on the gallows altered 1789 Belgium coin

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Coins Struck With False Dies

  Modern Lincoln Cent errors
Jonathan Brecher writes:

"I'm fairly certain that the 1964 cent from Tom Kays in last week's E-Sylum is not a real error. It has the look of a coin struck from false dies. You can see a 1955 example of mine at, and a bunch more when you search for "struck with false dies" or similar (some others:"

  1955-1c-2x-struck-in-collar-obv 1955-1c-2x-struck-in-collar-rev

Thanks. Crazy coins! -Editor

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More on David W. Lange
David Gladfelter writes:

Portrait_Lange-David-W_2020_PennyBoard-Press "I was unaware that David suffered from incurable cancer so news of his death was a shock. When attending coin shows (which I haven't done since the pandemic) I always looked for him on the floor, to exchange greetings if nothing else – the traffic kept him very busy. I have all 10 of his books, most of them inscribed because I collect people as well as coins. If you have an interest in coin collecting albums, there's nothing in print outside of his four books about them – I sent him info on at least one variety that had escaped his notice. He talked about publishing his 2020 Whitman book digitally because of the expense of doing a high-quality print version – fortunately he went ahead with the print version.

"My last communication with him was about the Coin and Currency Institute's U.S. coin catalogs and price lists from the 1960s. David was looking to collect these lists from each of the thirty-odd department stores where C&C had rare coin departments. I offered to trade him lists from the Gimbels-Schusters store in Milwaukee, one of them signed by Jack Friedberg, where I was then living. The lists of that store, he told me, are among the most common. This topic may have been for one of David's personal collections, or maybe for a future publication. We won't know."

Ray Czahor writes:

"I knew David quite well because of his strong interest in Philippine Numismatics. He had nice collections of coins and paper money. I ended up buying his paper money collection while visiting him at a Long Beach show back in late 1990's. HIs book on Mints published in 2005 is outstanding in depth if you can find it. It came out at the ANA show in San Francisco and I was able to purchase a copy to give to the Central Bank Director who came to the Philippine Collectors Forum and gave a comprehensive talk on the Central Bank Museum collection. That PCF meeting was one of our best as Ron Guth who was at PCGS at the time gave inside to grading standards talk.

"David will be sorely missed as he was an expert at NGC and could help us when we had an issue with grading Philippine coins there."

There was an amazing outpouring of thoughts on the event of Dave's death - it's a great loss to the hobby. -Editor

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Query: Woodward Sale #27 Supplement
Dave Hirt writes:

"I was looking through my W E Woodward auction catalogs, and found something curious to me in sale #27. Along with the sale, I have a supplement that duplicates lots 2861-2941, which had been printed in the sale catalog. This supplement was to be offered on the last day of the sale. They were Stone Implements Etc. In the 19th Century these stone implements had some connection with numismatics, but over the years seem to have lost that connection.

"My supplement is bound with my catalog. Do any of our readers have this supplement in their collection of Woodward catalogs?"

  Woodward 27th sale title page Woodward 27th sale lots 2681 etc

In the early days before hobby specialization, most collectors seemed to collect a little of everything, from stamps to coins to Indian artifacts and "curios" in general. Many early numismatic articles are found in philately and curio collecting publications, and many early coin dealers handled such items as well.

Can anyone shed some light on this supplement? -Editor

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Ken Spindler passed along this listing from the Stack's Bowers John McBride Collection. It's a rare cent with the quite unusual (low) grade Proof-10. -Editor

1834 Matron Head Cent. N-7 Proof-10 obverse 1834 Matron Head Cent. N-7. Rarity-7. Large 8, Stars and Reverse Letters. Proof-10 BN (PCGS).

A legendary large cent rarity, the proof-only 1834 N-7 variety is the absolute key to a set of Matron Head cents by Newcomb number and there are just eight examples presently accounted for. To the best of our knowledge an example hasn't sold at auction since the Mervis Collection sale in January 2014. This piece is one of three well circulated examples known while the others are Mint State or nearly so.

To read the complete lot description, see:
1834 Matron Head Cent. N-7. Rarity-7. Large 8, Stars and Reverse Letters. Proof-10 BN (PCGS). (


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Wayne Homren, Editor

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