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The E-Sylum: Volume 26, Number 5, January 29, 2023, Article 19


Here's the press release for World Banknote Auctions' first U.S. currency sale. -Editor

  WBNA US Currency Sale 1 montage

World Banknote Auctions is excited to announce its upcoming US Currency Sale 1, featuring a wide range of rare and collectible banknotes from the United States. The auction will take place on February 24 on the firm's website and will feature notes from the colonial era to modern times, including scarce large-size notes, fractional currency, and error notes.

  WBNA US 1 Lot 1164-1 $5000 dollars

Highlights of the sale include a rare 1934 $5000 Federal Reserve Note from the Dallas District graded PMG Choice Uncirculated 64, a unique 12-piece 1999 $10 district set with Solid Serial Number 9 and a PMG Choice Uncirculated 64 EPQ 1869 $5 Legal Tender Note. These notes are highly sought after by collectors and investors and are expected to fetch significant prices at auction.

In addition to the rare notes, the sale will also feature a selection of more affordable notes for the budget-conscious collector. These notes are a great opportunity for novice collectors to start building their collection or for experienced collectors to add to their existing collection. The auction will be held online and will be open for bidding to the public.

  WBNA US 1 Lot 1074-1 5 1869 Dollars Legal Tender
  WBNA US 1 Lot 1074-1 5 1869 Dollars Legal Tender back
Lot 1074 1869 Five Dollar Legal Tender Note

World Banknote Auctions has also listed part 1 of the Navy Commander Collection of U.S. National and Gold Banknotes, which will take place on March 10. This collection features a wide variety of National and Gold Banknotes from the late 19th and early 20th century. The focus is on California banks, but the sale also includes select key notes from around the country. Highlights include a $10 Gold Note from the First National Bank of Oakland, CA graded Fine 12 by PMG, an 1882 $50 Date Back on the Citizens National Bank of Los Angeles, CA graded Very Fine 25 by PMG and only the third mismatched prefix on a National Banknote, a 1929 Type 1 $10 on the First National Bank of Boston, MA, graded Very Fine 25 by PMG. This collection is a treasure trove of banknote history that will appeal to collectors and investors alike. Both auctions will be held online and both catalogs have been posted for immediate viewing and bidding. A printed catalog has been prepared for the Navy Commander Collection and is available from the company by request.

About World Banknote Auctions: Headquartered in Sacramento, California, World Banknote Auctions was founded by Dennis Hengeveld. The firm specializes in auctions of US & World Paper Money held regularly on its website,

Lot 1146 is an interesting matched set of 1999 Federal Reserve Notes. Here's the lot description. -Editor

1999 Fr. 2033 PMG Graded Set of (12) 10 Dollar Federal Reserve Notes With Matching Solid #9 S/N

Unique Set of 12 Solid S/N 9's on 1999 $10 District Set

WBNA US 1 Lot 1146-1 1999 Federal Reserve Set This offering does not only represent twelve of the single rarest solid serial number on United States notes, those twelve notes are also the only solid #9's currently known to have been printed for this design. An extremely rare opportunity for the fancy serial number specialist and one that we can truthfully say will not be repeated anytime soon, if ever.

The rarity of solid serial number 9's, especially on modern Federal Reserve Notes, perhaps needs some explanation. After the 1974 series the Bureau of Engraving and Printing adopted a policy where it stops each print run at 96 million. Serial numbers above this are reserved for collector items, such as uncut sheets, or special sets. This is why an "error" on a modern note can easily be identified as homemade if it has a serial number starting with 99, as it means that it was cut by hand from an uncut sheet by someone in his garage and is not a genuine error.

Very rarely does the BEP release solid serial number 9 notes, which has contributed to its great rarity today. Most solid serial #9's that appear on the market today are $1s dated prior to 1974. Seldom does one appear that is dated after, and any denomination besides $1 or $2 is extremely rare. In fact, according to BEP, no modern solid #9's have ever been released for the $5, $20, $50 or $100 denominations, and there are only 26 modern solid #9's in existence in total. Twelve of those are offered in this lot.

The existence of this set of twelve notes, one for each Federal Reserve District is due to a special set produced by the BEP with matching serial numbers made when the "Big Head" design on the $10 was introduced in 2000. 2,000 matching serial number sets were produced of the last "Small Head" design (Series 1995) and 2,000 sets of the new design seen here. The serial numbers for each set started at 99997999, meaning that the very last set of each had the coveted solid serial number 9. This design was replaced by an updated version in 2006, but no other solid number 9's have been produced for this denomination since. As such, these twelve notes are the only solid serial number 9's ever printed for this design.

We must note that the Series 1995 solid number 9 set was sold most recently elsewhere in 2022 for $118,800. Those were of the previous design, of which a few other solid number 9's dated prior to 1974 exist. Virtually all of those notes were severely off-center and only a few came even close to a Gem Uncirculated grade. In contrast, all but one of the notes offered in this set are graded at least Gem Uncirculated by PMG, and several have received the coveted "Star" designation for exceptional eye-appeal. An incredible opportunity not to be missed. It must also be noted that no other modern Solid #9's have ever been graded Superb Gem Uncirculated, so the five included in this set are the finest grades for this iconic serial number, of any modern US note, regardless of design or denomination.

To read the complete lot description, see:
1999 Fr. 2033 PMG Graded Set of (12) 10 Dollar Federal Reserve Notes With Matching Solid #9 S/N (

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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