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The E-Sylum: Volume 26, Number 12, March 19, 2023, Article 16


1920 Royal Canadian Mint Video
Coin-making video coins on belt Regarding the mystery minting film discussed last week, B.J. Herbison writes:

"I contacted someone related to the University of Rare Coins which produced the video. URC is closed, but I confirmed the video was from the Royal Canadian Mint back in 1920."

Thank you! B.J. got a link to the original video as well. It's a processed version of a public domain film from the Library of Congress Prelinger Archives. Check it out! -Editor

  1920 Canadian Cent coin dies
  Royal Canadian mint Ottowa

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How Money Is Made 1920 Royal Canadian Mint (Royal Mint of Canada); Coinage at the Ottawa Mint (

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1933 Mississippi Spanish Gold Find
Jim Haas writes:

"I am a sucker for articles about people discovering things, especially when I'm not looking for them.

"This article was published in a large number of newspapers in 1934. It aroused my curiosity, so I tried finding additional information in its regard. Regrettably, I came up empty, but did find one of the men mentioned in it, Forest Lee, not Lea but no references were made regarding discovering gold."

  1933 Fortune in old Spanish gold found

Thank you - great story. I haven't checked to see if this find was mentioned in the Bowers or Kleeberg books on coin hoards. -Editor

If Cornelius Vermeule Were a Restaurant Critic
Dennis Tucker writes:

Vermeule, Numismatic Art in America "I would be remiss if I didn't submit this to The E-Sylum. I wrote it in the summer of 2007, shortly after the second edition of Numismatic Art in America debuted. A bunch of us from Whitman Publishing went out to lunch at Fat Matt's Rib Shack (an actual place here in Atlanta, the inspiration for "Fat Jack's"), and I couldn't resist reviewing the experience in the voice of the unique Dr. Cornelius Vermeule.

"My last correspondence with Dr. Vermeule was in August 2008, when I informed him Numismatic Art in America won "Extraordinary Merit" from the Numismatic Literary Guild at the ANA convention in Baltimore. David T. Alexander accepted the award on his behalf at the NLG banquet. This may have been his last literary award; he passed away four months later. I remember the playful postcards and letters that embodied his wit and creativity."

Here's Dennis' delightful piece. -Editor


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Giesecke & Devrient CEO Seigfried Otto

  Banknote closeup
Regarding Seigfried Otto, CEO of banknote printing firm Giesecke & Devrient, former Executive Director of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (and the American Numismatic Association as well) Bob Leuver writes:

"My wife and I had dinner with Herr Otto at his home in June 1984.

"He regaled us with the story of how he escaped from the Russian internment camp in Poland at the end of WWII.

"Herr Otto feigned a problem with his eyes after he put drops of some yellow substance in his eyes, gradually giving a yellow hue to his eyes. The camp doctors accepted his plea to be transferred to a major Polish city for further examination and possible treatment. Once out of the camp Siegfried Otto, he managed his escape. He wily evaded check points and eventually got to Leipzig, W Germany, the then HQ of Geisecke und Devrient. As a former G&D manager, he sought out G&D. He resurrected the printing of W German banknotes. His eventual HQ in Munich was down the street from the hotel US Gen McCoy used as his HQ. (As an aid to his promotion he was married to the daughter of co-founder Deverient, either prior to or after WWII.)

"As I understand, due to G&D's success in printing German banknotes, that G&D was awarded a 50% contract to print German banknotes. I have a feeling that the contract still exists.

"In retrospect, the company which Herren Geisecke and Devrient founded, and subsequently under the guidance of Herr Otto, is respected worldwide and is a leader in both banknote printing and banknote related machinery."

Thank you. Amazing story. -Editor

For more information on Giesecke & Devrient (now G+D), see:

West Chester Centennial Medal
Jim Haas writes:

West Chester Centennial Medal 2 "West Chester is a borough and the county seat of Chester County, Pennsylvania located within the Philadelphia Metropolitan area. This medal was cast for a three-day centennial celebration, October 11-13, 1899. West Chester: Past and Present was published by the Daily Local News, a local area newspaper, as a Centennial Souvenir, 1799-1899. Virtue, Liberty and Independence is the Pennsylvania State Motto officially adopted in 1875. While the medal is not mentioned in the program book, interested readers can access a copy via Google Books."

  West Chester Centennial Medal 1 1899 West Chester Centennial program

Nice piece. Thanks. -Editor

To read the publication on Google Books, see:
West Chester, Past and Present (

  Stacks-Bowers E-Sylum ad 2023-02-26 Spring 2023

Wayne Homren, Editor

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