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The E-Sylum: Volume 26, Number 21, May 21, 2023, Article 4


Here's a Google-translated article about a new edition of the Polish banknote book. -Editor

KATALOG-BANKNOTOW-POLSKICH-2023-PARCHIMOWICZ-1 The 18th edition of the catalog of Polish banknotes, which is usually only revised and supplemented every two years, was published in April 2023. In the Internet age, when publishers have to make wise decisions about new and subsequent editions, there must be good reasons for shortening the edition of the book in this way. It will be easy to find an explanation for this, because the prices are already slightly higher on the first page with price markings (No. 13), but are greatly increased on page 14, often by 100% and more. Furthermore, if most expenses are 10-30% more expensive, this of course also has something to do with the inflation rate, which is higher in Poland than here.

Friends of Polish banknotes know that the banknotes from the 19th century are so rare that you can almost only state "ca", i.e. collector's prices, because even in the usual grade IV or even V they often cost a small fortune. Chapter IV includes the certificates of the German occupation of the First World War. Here there are higher and lower prices than in 2022, but sometimes higher prices are listed for grades III and II, not for the top grades. The reason for this is simple: interest in paper money has increased so much in Poland that in the absence of good quality offers one has to be more willing to compromise even to purchase even III rated qualities for which more is charged. But quality still has its price.

Here is just an example of a not very rare note no. 53, 20 mark "General..." from 1915. This is now valued at 13,000 zloty in I, last year only at 5000 zloty and in the 2021 catalog at 2500 zloty.

Bank Polski banknotes (Chapter 8 B) also saw some sharp jumps in price, but the valuation was balanced. The market has calmed down a bit for some middle class banknotes, but overall sharp price increases are the norm, even for pre-war notes. There are also upward price movements in the People's Republic.

Chapter XII. from page 311 contains tables on banknote series from 1944–1965. Here you can find all the series issued in tables with small pictures of the notes. At the same time, this is an addition to the 2022 catalogue: the serial letters of the editions from 1965–1993 were listed there from page 371 onwards in cooperation with Gabinet Numizmatyczny D. Marciniak. There are quite a few banknote collectors who try to collect everything there is, even if there is not a very good chance of completing it.

The cover of the new book features the 2023 collector's banknote with Copernicus, which was issued in 100,000 copies, while the 10 zloty coins are minted in a maximum of 10,000 pieces, which usually sell quickly, although many coins last even longer Time in the bank are offered. This is proof of the popularity of paper money, and cash is correspondingly popular in Poland, even though credit cards have been used for a long time.

The already 121st work, which was published by the publishing house NEFRYT, contains a little surprise again this time. On page 280 there is a "0-euro commemorative note" on the 10th anniversary of the canonization of John Paul II. The following chapter X contains these souvenir notes, for which there are already many collectors and some of which are already quite a lot costs. All in all, this book can be highly recommended to banknote collectors.

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