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The E-Sylum: Volume 26, Number 21, May 21, 2023, Article 11


Query: Counterfeit 1801 Peru 2 Reales

  Counterfeit 1801 peru 2 Reales obverse Counterfeit 1801 peru 2 Reales reverse
Counterfeit 1801 peru 2 Reales closeup date Stu Jones writes:

"I was wondering if you could ask the members of the news group if anyone can pass on any information about it.

I believe it's a contemporary counterfeit 1801 Peru 2 Reales. I would like to know any history on its production and any other information I can get. It is copper or brass and weighs 4 grams. It's pretty crude. Check out the 1/1 on the date."

Can anyone help? I would also recommend posting this on the Facebook Contemporary Counterfeits group page. -Editor

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More on the Silas M. Perkins Memorial Engraved Half Dollar

  SIlas Perkins engraved 1826 half dollar
Regarding Alan Weinberg's engraved half dollar, Julia Casey writes:

"I believe the H. M. Maling indicated on the coin was Henry Martyn Maling (1839-1920). Maling later married a cousin of Silas M. Perkins."

Thanks. Julia found an account of the funeral of Silas Perkins from newspaper archives. I forwarded it to Alan. -Editor

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More on Pierce M. Butler
Joel Orosz writes:

Pierce_Butler "In addition to his membership on the 1858 Assay Commission. Pierce Butler had another significant numismatic connection. His father was Dr. James Mease (1771-1846), who is credited with writing the first printed description of the U.S. Mint (in his 1811 guidebook The Picture of Philadelphia), and the first numismatic article by an American printed in the United States, "Description of Some of the Medals Struck in Relation to Important Events in North America, Before and Since the Declaration of Independence by the United States", published in the Collections of the New-York Historical Society, (Vol. 3, 1821). Mease went on to write other pioneering numismatic articles: a reprint, by the same title, of his 1821 New-York Historical Society contribution, published in Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society (Third Series, Vol IV, 1834), and "Old American Coins", published in Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society (Third Series, Vol. VII, 1838).

Mease married the daughter of South Carolina Senator Pierce Butler, and both of their sons secured an inheritance from their maternal grandfather by changing their surnames to "Butler." Mease at least had the consolation of being credited with being the first to add a tomato base to an ancient Asian condiment, and calling it "ketchup."

Interesting. Thanks! -Editor

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Print of Miss Anna W. Williams

Patrick Parkinson passed along this offering of a newspaper illustration of model Anna Williams. Unfortunately, the item is not pictured. -Editor

A chromolithograph print of a woman's portrait used for U.S. coinage, with the caption: From the art supplement of the N.Y. Recorder, July 5th 1891. "Miss Anna W. Williams, whose profile graces the coinage of the United States." Colors in tones of tan and rose. We think the term "solargraph" was made up by the newspaper. 8 1/2 x 12"

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Louisiana Baby Bonds - Are they Unauthorized Reprints?

  Louisiana Baby Bond
A reader writes:

"There are some large hoards of Louisiana Baby Bonds around, the vast majority or all, could be reprints.

"I refer to a write up on ebay.... Virtually all Baby Bonds offered today, are reprints made by Edward Burke (Louisiana State Treasurer) in the 1870's from the original plates, before he absconded to South America with his ill-gotten fortune, whether printed in blue, red or green ink, with or without coupons, hole punches, in sheets etc. As such they are readily available for just a couple of Dollars, many with the same serial numbers, repeated or different dates etc.

"Some of the legitimately issued examples were redeemed as payment for taxes, and stamped by the state tax collectors, in this case, Charles Cavanac."


Thanks for the images of redeemed bonds - I hadn't seen these before. -Editor

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Poland's New Copernicus Note
Gosia Fort writes:

"My numismatic collection of Copernicus has been recently strengthened with a new purchase. It is a polymer banknote announced in Coin World.

"I am boasting here because this is not what I usually buy. I prefer medals or coins, so paper money is more like an outlier in my collection. In this case, I could not resist though. The features described in the announcement, such as the most popular portrait of Copernicus, the images of the heliocentric system and of the historical coins, and the image of the Castle of the Warmian Cathedral Chapter in Olsztyn, all of which are references to different roles Copernicus performed: astronomer, economist, physician, administrator, diplomat, translator make the design especially interesting to me.

"The rare book librarian in me appreciates especially one detail. A fragment of the solar system was taken from his manuscript of De revolutionibus orbium coelestium held by the Jagiellonian Library! The medical librarian in me smiles at the reference to the Olsztyn city. Copernicus was charged with organizing the defense of the city during the Polish-Teutonic War (1519-1521) and there he also successfully contained the spread of epidemic.

"I read many descriptions of this banknote but one irked me, when it mentioned that the note does not have security thread and watermark, but it failed to mention that it has other security features. This is only the second collector's polymer bank note issued by the Polish National Bank. In addition to the traditional security features such as microprints, angular effect, and iridescent stripe, it has also some amazing security features not possible on a different type of substrate, like tonal images, transparent windows, color images visible under the UV light and the most advanced optical security where the image of the earth orbiting the sun is in 3D with the movement effect.

"It is impressive, and I keep pulling out this bill very often to look at it and to enjoy it my most recent acquisition. I wish I was lucky to have a bill with a lower serial number, but I can't have it all. It still makes me happy to have it in my collection."

  Poland Copernicus banknote front
  Poland Copernicus banknote back

In an article elsewhere in this issue, the Copernicus note is pictured on the cover of a new book on Polish banknotes. Gosia provided the above photos, adding, "I put them on a pink background so the transparent fields are obvious and noticeable." Thank you! -Editor

To read the Coin World article, see:
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More on Dale Birdsell
David Fanning writes:

"Pete Smith is to be commended for his biographical overview of career criminal and overall reprobate Dale E. Birdsell, author of the monograph on Klan tokens. I was gathering information on Birdsell several years ago for an article I never got around to writing, and have this little nugget to add to his story.

Warren Commission Birdsell report "Birdsell "was arrested on September 30, 1963, in Piedras Negras, Mexico, with two other men for stealing three automobiles. This quote is taken from the notes recorded by the U.S. Secret Service's Protective Research Section based on the FBI's interview with Birdsell while he was incarcerated.

"Also within these notes, we read the following:

Subject interviewed by FBI on November 14, 1963, and stated that he is a member of the Ku Klux Klan; that during his travels throughout the country, his sources have told him that a militant group of the National States Rights Party plans to assassinate the President and other high-level officials. He stated that he does not believe this is planned for the near future, but he does believe the attempt will be made.

"The Secret Service report on Birdsell is dated November 15, 1963—one week to the day before John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The interview is included in the Warren Commission Hearings, which is where I found it."

Rex Stark writes:

"I knew Birdsell back in the late 70s, having met him when he made a couple of trips to Massachusetts for whatever reason. I didn't know him well, but well enough to tell that I didn't like him, didn't trust him, and absolutely didn't want to associate with him."

Thanks, everyone. Bizarre and fascinating history. -Editor

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Newman Bechtler $5 Wooden Box Sought

  1834 Bechtler $5 gold slabbed 1834 C. Bechtler wooden box
Robert Cassling writes:

"I am researching this specific Christopher Bechtler $5, sold at the May 3, 2023 Heritage auction and am wondering if you or your subscribers can help me with my dilemma.

"This coin is pedigreed to Eric Newman and last sold publicly in November 2014. In addition to the coin sale, an accompanying hand signed wooden box holder was included.

"Unfortunately, this specific box was not included in the current sale, and I am searching for it.

"I am also interested in any information (specific or general) regarding this particular box or these types of holding boxes with special regard to Eric Newman, Colonel Green and Waldo Newcomer (who all may have owned this coin as well).

"Your subscribership is unparalleled in their collective knowledge and I'm hoping that someone can enlighten me regarding these holding boxes in general, and possibly know the location of this specific one."

Interesting artifact - can anyone help locate it? -Editor

To read the complete lot descriptions, see:
1834 $5 C. Bechtler Five Dollar, RUTHERFORD, Plain Edge MS61 NGC. CAC. K-17, R.5.. ... (
(1834-37) $5 C. Bechtler Five Dollar, RUTHERFORD, Plain Edge, MS61 PCGS. CAC. K-17, R.5.... (

Another Badge of Military Merit
AIM Purple heart Harry Waterson writes:

"There is a second Badge of Military Merit in the collection of The American Independence Museum (AIM) in Exeter, NH. See attachments. Note that it is a slightly different design than the one you pictured last week."

Thank you. -Editor

    White spacer bar
  Badge of Military Merit AIM Badge of Military Merit NH Society
Last week's and this week's

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Bullion Coin Designs

Wayne Pearson passed along some ideas for U.S. Bullion coin designs. -Editor

  Walking Liberty coin design obverse 1 Walking Liberty coin design reverse 1
  Walking Liberty coin design obverse 2
13-Star Flag Version

Wayne writes:

"Here is an idea we could use to help raise money for the national debt, by adding a silver and Niobium coin. Niobium can be made in many different colors, six are illustrated here. Purple, yellow, blue, orange, green and red.

"I found the face at this address: ."

  Niobium coin design obverse Niobium coin design reverse

Thanks. Who knows, maybe the U.S. Mint will try Niobium sometime. -Editor

Kenny Sammut
Chris Sutter writes:

Kenny Sammut "I saw in The E-Sylum that Kenny Sammut is running for the ANA Board. I met Kenny, and his Dad, when the local club I am in, the Missouri Numismatic Society, wanted to sell its numismatic library. While it is a long story on how Kenny came to purchase the library and includes my wife and I driving from St. Louis to Philadelphia with a U-Haul trailer during the pandemic shut-down, it did end with Kenny's family treating us to a nice meal at their house. With all the restaurants shut-down, this was very much appreciated!

"I am very impressed with Kenny. I enjoy his Numismatic interest, drive and knowledge. He has shown a willingness to work towards his goals in life. He not only has a web-based business selling books, he is also a published writer for The Numismatist.

"I also was impressed by his relationship with his Dad. When we dropped off the books, seventy plus boxes, Kenny told me that he would run the business side of the business from his college dorm room while his Dad would do all the shipping from his home. The look on his Mom's face when she saw the seventy plus boxes sitting in her garage was very humorous.

"I hope Kenny is elected. I see this as part of a youth oriented movement within the hobby: Abigail Zechman on the FUN Board, Kellen Hoard on the CCAC, and Kenny on the ANA Board. To be honest I usually oppose this because of lack of experience issues, however I believe there have been important changes over the past few years, such as social media access, that this age group has more knowledge in addressing than mine.

"I do not want to end without telling you that I enjoy The E-Sylum. Every Monday I relax in the morning with my iPad and scroll through your offerings. I read every section and learn something new every time."

Thank you for your thoughts. I am also happy to see a youth movement in the hobby. I've met Kenny at ANA conventions, and he's been an E-Sylum supporter for some time already. I know Abby and Kellen as well. Our hobby will be in good hands with this new generation. -Editor

Jozefiak E-Sylum ad01 2023 ANA Governor

Wayne Homren, Editor

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