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The E-Sylum: Volume 26, Number 22, May 29, 2023, Article 7


John Mutch passed along this interesting obituary of coin dealer and Idaho token book author Hollis Pincock. -Editor

Hollis Burt Pincock Hollis Burt Pincock, Jr., age 71, of Burley, Idaho, passed away surrounded by family on May 16, 2023.

Hollis was the oldest of seven children born August 23, 1951, in Huntington Park, California to Suzanne Sanders and Hollis Pincock, Sr.

Hollis' parents learned early on that he had a musical gift. When he was 5 years old, he heard a piano performance on the Lawrence Welk show and immediately got up and played it on the family piano. He could play almost anything by ear and soon learned to read music. He could play 3 instruments by age 9 and began playing professionally as early as 10 years old in Los Angeles. He was a member of the Huntington Park Youth Band directed by Phil Moore and toured in an adult symphony with top billing. He also performed on the Ed Sullivan Show, with the New Christy Minstrels, Lawrence Welk, and Herb Alpert, to name just a few.

Hollis graduated from Huntington Park High School in 1969. He was a talented athlete and was also the sports editor of the school newspaper.

After high school, Hollis attended BYU where he was an active member of the Cougar Marching Band. In fact, he was the original electric bass player of the BYU Cougar marching band and holds the honor of being the first marching electric bass in the United States, made possible by remote control and radio transmitters and receivers. He was also a member of the Symphonic Band, Philharmonic Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, Program Bureau, Sounds of Freedom, Young Ambassadors, Lamanite Generation, College Edition, and played intramural sports (football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, golf). During his time with the BYU Singers College Edition, he toured US Military bases all over the world including Europe, Germany, and Japan. Hollis earned a Bachelor's in Music Education at BYU and a Master's of Education from the University of Idaho.

Hollis served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Venezuela from 1975-77, where he became fluent in Spanish.

For over 30 years (1979-2011), Hollis taught music in Utah and Idaho: both marching and concert band, jazz band, orchestra, flag corps, theory, music history, drum corps, choir, show choir, elementary music, and guitar. He touched the lives of many students at Boise High School, Timberline High School (where he was the first band teacher of that school), and Carey Schools.

In addition to music and sports, Hollis enjoyed collecting/buying/selling gold, silver, coins (US and World), paper money, tokens, and other collectibles. As the owner of CH Coins, Hollis was well known for selling high-quality coins, giving expert advice/knowledge, and great service for almost 40 years. He was the author of the book "Idaho Tokens for Collectors," THE preeminent source of knowledge on Idaho tokens and their value.

Hollis was active in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. One of his favorite callings was as Branch President at the Idaho State Penitentiary. He served as Elders Quorum leader, High Priest Group leader, and taught Gospel Doctrine. He also loved genealogy and writing life histories.

Hollis was married to Janette Booth (1978-1998). They had 5 children together. He later married Camille Judd (1999-2014) and had 4 children together. His children were his greatest source of joy.

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