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The E-Sylum: Volume 26, Number 24, June 11, 2023, Article 23


Here's the press release for the Münzen Gut-Lynt Auction 12 closing later this month. See the article elsewhere in this issue for more information on the numismatic literature lots. -Editor

Münzen Gut-Lynt, Auction 12 on June 24th and 25th 2023, 10 a.m. Berlin Time

The Gut-Lynt Auction 12 offers you more than 3000 lots to be auctioned over two days. The first part on Saturday, 24.06.2023 at the usual hour from 10 a.m., includes a significant special section of banknotes as well as an offer of numismatic literature. On Sunday, 25.06.2023, also at 10 a.m., the second part, coins and medals from antiquity, Germany and all over the world, will continue.

This large number of lots promises an extensive offer from the broad spectrum of numismatics, notaphily as well as the related and still important literature.

The start of this weekend auction will be marked by approx. 900 lots of banknotes with numerous rarities. Among them is one of the rarest banknotes of the German Empire. In addition to paper money from Germany, there are many samples and numerous cash-fresh and sought-after notes from abroad.

- Lot 29 : Belgian Congo, 100 Francs 7.02.1896, cancelled, rusty staple mark, IV

- Lot 91 : Germany, 50 Mark Reichskassenschein 11.07.1874, Series V, Fol. 22, Lit.A. No 109844. This series unknown in the literature so far! Ros. 3. pick 3. grave. DEU-47. II / Extremely fine

- Lot 106: Germany, occupation money of WW1, occupation Belgium, 20 Francs 10.07.1918, several small pinholes, I-

- Lot 124: Germany, World War 1 occupation money, occupation France, 100 Francs o. D. (1915), Deichmann-Bon, I-


- Lot 155: Germany, Bayerische Notenbank, 100 Reichsmark 11.10.1924, undervalued, I

- Lot 158: Germany, Württembergische Notenbank, 100 Reichsmark 11.10.1924, hand-signature, undervalued, slight middle bow, II+, Starting price 4800 Euro

- Lot 258, 274, 276, 281, 287 Germany, Western Occupation Zone, series of 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 DM 1948&1949, each with red overprint "MUSTER", zero number resp. from current series, I resp. I-II


- Lot 295, 296, 298, 300, 301, 302, 303, 304: Series from 10 DM to 1000 DM 1993/96 with serial number 1! Mostly nearly uncirculated

- Lot 10: Australia, 1 Pound n. D. (1932), PMG 25 Very fine

- Lot 482: Hong Kong, Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation, 50 Dollars 1.10.1930, Pick 175b, III-IV

- Lot 536 Cameroon, 50 centimes n. D. (1922), pinholes, II-III


- Lot 582 Luxembourg, 20 marks 1.07.1900, repaired, Pick 4, IV-V

- Lot 667 Dutch India, De Javasche Bank, 25 guilders 7.11.1938, I

- Lot 730 Qatar, Qatar & Dubai Curreny Board, 10 Riyals n.D. Pick 3, I

- Lot 846 Sudan, 500 Piastres 1884, Belgaerung of Khartoum, I-II

- Lot 900: USA, 1 Dollar 1969, original signature John Lennon, with expertise of Tracks Ltd, Chorley, Lancashire, GB, III

Immediately following the banknotes is the literature auction with around 500 lots.

  01029Q00 01067Q00

- Lot 1029: Monographs, ROBERTSON, A.S. Roman Imperial Coins in the Hunter Coin Cabinet, University of Glasgow. 5 volumes, Oxford a.o. 1962-1982. cloth, Starting price 500 Euro

- Lot 1067: Monographs, METCALF, D. M. Coinage of the Crusades and the Latin East in the Ashmolean Museum Oxford. London 1983, full cloth, Starting price 250 Euro

01133Q00 - Lot 1133: Monographs, KIENAST, G. W. The Medals of Karl Goetz. Cleveland, 1st edition 1967. 284 pp. No 171 of only 500 copies with signature. Archival stamps. Full cloth with gold print. Starting price 300 Euro

The second day starts with about 300 lots of Antique Coins with exciting, rare pieces or good qualities. Most of the coins come from an old stock and this is already the third part we are allowed to offer.

- Lot 1417: Roman Republic, didrachm ca. 225-214 BC, very nice, Starting price 50 Euro

- Lot 1439 Roman Empire, Caligula, drachm, undetermined mint on Crete (Gortyn?), with Divus Augustus, fine patina, small scratches, very fine-excellent, Starting price 250 Euro

- Lot 1454 Roman Empire, Otho, denarius, almost very fine, Starting price 250 Euro

- Lot 1464 Roman Empire, Domitian, Cistophor, undetermined mint in Asia Minor, Rv. Temple of the Capitoline Triad, Very fine, Starting price 200 Euro

- Lot 1512 Roman Empire, Pescennius Niger, Denarius, Antioch, Rv. standing Minerva with shield at her feet (!), Rich 61 var., good very fine, Starting price 1000 Euro

- Lot 1600 Roman Empire, Uranius Antoninus, Billon tetradrachm, Emesa, unknown reverse stamp, very fine, Starting price 500 Euro

- Lot 1653 Byzantium, Constantinos IX Monomacho, Histamenon 1046/49, Excellent, Reserve price 250 Euro

It is difficult to name a focal point for the large number of German coins and medals. There are medieval pennies and bracteates, small coins of numerous states, especially thalers from 1500-1800, an attractive series of Prussia and Westphalia from the time before the foundation of the German Empire in a wide selection. And this time, too, friends of Nuremberg numismatics will find interesting coins and medals from the 16th century onwards.


- Lot 1830 Bremen, Taler 1864, On the opening of the New Stock Exchange, slightly rubbed, tiny marginal defects, excellent, Starting price 200 Euro

- Lot 1715 Brandenburg-Prussia, ½ Taler 1751 C Kleve, Nearly very fine, Starting price 200 Euro

- Lot 1714 Brandenburg-Prussia, Taler 1751 C Kleve, Very fine, Starting price 280 Euro

- Lot 1721 Brandenburg-Prussia, Taler 1764 C Kleve, Small reddish defect on the rim, Very nice, Starting price 250 Euro

- Lot 1755 Brandenburg-Prussia, 1/3 Taler 1809 A, Small crocket flaw and scratch, fine patina, Good excellent, Starting price 200 Euro

- Lot 1761 Brandenburg-Prussia, Taler 1816 A, Kammerherrentaler, Very nice, Starting price 250 Euro

- Lot 1777: Brandenburg-Prussia: Double taler 1859 A, Old cleaned, Starting price 600 Euro

- Lot 1783 Brandenburg-Prussia, Double taler 1867 C, very fine-excellent, Starting price 400 Euro

- Lot 1778 Brandenburg-Prussia, Double haler 1861 A, perforated at the rim, very fine- excellent, Starting price 180 Euro

- Lot 1851 Hamburg, Taler 1730, 200th anniversary of the handing over of the Augsburg Confession, mint, Reserve price 500 Euro

- Lot 1853 Hamburg, 2 ducats 1806, slight weakness of minting, small marginal faults, Very fine, Reserve price 800 Euro


- Lot 1890 Cologne, archbishopric, Hildolf 1076-1079, Denarius, rare, ex collection Benrhard Schulten, Starting price 500 Euro


- Lot 1901 Cologne, city, Goldgulden o. J. (1475-1511), good very fine, Starting price 350 Euro

- Lot 2004 Saxony, Taler 1535, fine patina, good very fine, Starting price 350 Euro

- Lot 2060 Saxony, ½ Gesamttaler 1666, handle mark, fields slightly worked, almost excellent, very rare, Starting price 500 Euro

- Lot 2135 Westphalia, ½ Franc 1808, slightly adjusted, good excellent, Starting price 250 Euro

- Lot 2134 Westphalia, 2 Francs 1808, slightly adjusted, almost very fine, Starting price 150 Euro

- Lot 2133 Westphalia, 2/3 Taler 1808, scratch, excellent, Starting price 100 Euro

- Lot 2142 Westphalia, Ausbeutegulden 1811, Glück Auf! Clausthal, slightly cleaned, almost excellent, Starting price 200 Euro

- Lot 2140 Westphalia, Taler 1811, Mansfeld loot, very fine-excellent, Starting price 400 Euro

- Lot 2141 Westphalia, Taler 1811, slightly adjusted, almost excellent, Starting price 200 Euro

This is followed by a section of Imperial coins and the German medals:

- Lot 2250 Prussia, 5 Mark Wilhelm II 1888, very fine-mint, Starting price 350 Euro.


- Lot 2274 Prussia, 3 Mark 1915 Mansfeld, mint, Starting price 450 Euro

- Lot 2303 Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, 20 Mark 1896, small dents, excellent, Starting price 2500 Euro

- Lot 2390 German East Africa, 15 Rupees 1916, NGC MS 61, Starting price 4000 Euro

- Lot 2380 German East Africa, 2 Rupien 1894, very nice, Starting price 200 Euro

- Lot 2370 Danzig, 5 Gulden 1923, Very nice, Tax 180 Euro

- Lot 2373 Gdansk, 5 florins 1935, cog, scratch, edge flaw, very nice, Starting price 200 Euro

The spectrum of foreign coins and medals ranges from Ethiopia to the USA, including an attractive series of Swiss coins, Habsburg coinage and some nice gold coins.

- Lot 2457: China, 450 Yuan 1979, Year of the Child, proof, Starting price 1000 Euro.

- Lot 2517 France, ¼ Ecu aux huit L 1691 K, Bordeaux, unmarked mint!, good very fine, Starting price 100 Euro

- Lot 2831 Mexico, Juana y Carlos, 4 Reales o. J. (1542-1548), good very fine, Starting price 150 Euro


- Lot 2945 RDR / Austria, Bronze medal 1892. 25.52 g. On the Gschnas-Fest / - Gschnasball "Gross- Peking" of the Genossenschaft der bildenden Künstler in the Künstlerhaus in Vienna on 29 February 1892, Excellent, Reserve price 120 Euro

- Lot 2955 RDR / Austria, Olmütz, Taler 1725, almost excellent, Starting price 250 Euro

- Lot 3000 Switzerland, Bern, 2 Ducats 1727, waved, handle mark, very fine, Starting price 700 Euro

- Lot 3092 Hungary, Sigismund, Gold florin o. J. (1431-1437), Chamber Count Johannes Siebenlinder, very fine, Starting price 300 Euro

The auction day is rounded off with collections and lots.

You will find all lots of the auction Münzen Gut-Lynt 12 from the end of May on our well-known auction platform Register in good time at We wish you good luck.

If you have any questions about the Münzen Gut-Lynt Auction 12, please feel free to send us an email or call us: (+49) 2156 4874819.

Münzen Gut-Lynt is a joint venture of SINCONA Zurich, Switzerland and Dr. Busso Peus, Frankfurt, Germany. Our philosophy is to offer world class coins at affordable prices.

Would you also like to benefit from our expertise and international network? We are always looking for consignments - entire collections or individual items that no longer fit into your collection. We offer fair conditions and personal service, from consignment to payment. In addition, a direct purchase or an advance payment on the expected proceeds is possible at any time. We look forward to hearing from you.

This year you can expect many more exciting Gut-Lynt auctions in September and November, including another banknote auction, a order/decoration auction and more numismatic literature from an dealer's library.

With the Gut-Lynt Newsletter you can stay informed about the upcoming Gut-Lynt auctions. Sign up at: We also recommend the exclusive Instagram Gut-Lynt previews of selected pieces from each upcoming Gut-Lynt auction.

Münzen Gut-Lynt GmbH, Kehner Weg 144, 47918 Toenisvorst, Germany; Phone: (+49) 2156 4874819,

Wayne Homren, Editor

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