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Hobby figure Michael Miles Standish has passed away unexpectedly at the age of 58. -Editor

Michael 'Miles' Standish Michael Miles Standish, a renowned American businessman, author, numismatic specialist, and philanthropist, passed away unexpectedly at the age of 58 on Tuesday, July 11, 2023. His tragic passing has left his community and loved ones heartbroken, as they mourn the loss of a remarkable individual who made a lasting impact during his lifetime.

Michael Miles Standish was a highly respected figure in the world of rare coins, sports memorabilia, and philanthropy. He was a co-founder of Collectors Universe and served as the vice president of the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation at the time of his passing.

Standish's journey in the coin market began by attending coin exhibits in his local area. In 1984, he joined ANACS, America's Oldest Grading Service, as a grader. During his time at ANACS, Standish wrote a monthly column titled Under the Loupe, which was published in Coin World from 1984 to 1988.

Born on November 13, 1964, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Standish developed a passion for collecting coins and numismatic items at a young age. While attending Portage Central High School, he excelled in football and even worked as a disc jockey for the school's radio station. Standish's entrepreneurial spirit emerged early, as he began selling coins at the age of 17, setting up his first table at the National Silver Dollar Show in Houston, Texas, in 1982.

Michael Miles Standish leaves behind a legacy of expertise, passion, and philanthropy. His contributions to the world of numismatics and his dedication to improving the lives of those he encountered are deeply appreciated. The impact he made on the community and his vast knowledge will be greatly missed.

The obituary and funeral arrangements for Michael Miles Standish will be announced at a later date. As his community and loved ones mourn his untimely passing, they find solace in the memories of a man who made a significant difference in the numismatic world and touched the lives of many through his generosity and passion. May his legacy continue to inspire others to pursue their passions and contribute to making the world a better place.

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Here's more from his Wikipedia page. -Editor

Michael 'Miles' Standish Standish is one of American numismatics' most recognized graders and authenticators of coins. Standish was the first full-time coin grader at Professional Coin Grading Service. In the course of his career, Standish has graded between 8,000,000 and 10,000,000 coins, including a number of significant rarities, such as the 1913 Liberty nickels and all of the 1804 dollars.

While with PCGS, Standish developed a number of marketing innovations, including PCGS' bulk submission and First Strike programs, the company's Signature Series of PCGS inserts which include autographs of notable figures such as Presidents George H. Bush and Gerald Ford, U.S. Mint Directors Donna Pope, Jay W. Johnson, and Philip Diehl, Edmund Moy, Chief Engraver John Mercanti, General Tommy Franks and Hall of Fame baseball player Nolan Ryan.

In 2011, for his service to numismatics and to the U.S. Mint, Standish was awarded the Director's Coin for Excellence by Director of the United States Mint, Edmund Moy.

Standish is an active participant in a non-profit organization that works with hospitals and healthcare providers to instill family and child friendly healthcare practices around the world. Standish's wife Andrea Mangione Standish is the founder and president.

Among many other awards and accomplishments, Standish has been awarded the honor of The commission of Kentucky Colonel. This is the highest title of honor bestowed by the Governor of Kentucky. It is recognition of an individual's noteworthy accomplishments and outstanding service to our community, state, and nation.

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Hobby publicist and former American Numismatic Association Governor Donn Pearlman of Las Vegas, Nevada writes:

Miles Standish and Donn Pearlman "I was stunned and deeply saddened when I learned that long-time numismatic friend and life-long Chicago Cubs fan Michael 'Miles' Standish passed away. My profound condolences to his wife, Andrea, and other family members and to his many friends worldwide. This photo was taken in May 2022 when Miles and Andrea joined me and my wife Fran for dinner in Las Vegas. [From left to right: Miles, Donn. -Editor]

"My favorite memories of Miles involve the 'Shave Miles' charity fund-raiser at the American Numismatic Association 2017 Denver World's Fair of Money. Miles hired two Denver Broncos cheerleaders to be there. Pawn Stars TV show celebrity Rick Harrison made the first swipe of the clippers and several numismatic VIPs also took turns with the clippers. Immediately after the last bit of hair was removed, Miles held up a tee shirt I bought for him. It says, 'Bald guys never have a bad hair day.' Rest in peace, Miles."

Rick Harrison and Miles Standish
Rick Harrison and Miles Standish
Miles Standish and Broncos cheerleaders
Miles Standish and Broncos cheerleaders

Finally, here's a remembrance by Bob Evans. -Editor

He called me Hooper.

I met Miles Standish in 2000 at PCGS. Miles was already familiar with me and my role in the discovery and recovery of the S.S. Central America treasure, from the pages of Gary Kinder's book, Ship of Gold: In the Deep Blue Sea. That book is based on a true story, and most of what it relates about me rings true.

Within hours of our introduction Miles had settled in on a new moniker for me, Hooper, based on the Richard Dreyfus character in Jaws. Nerdy, competent, fascinated by the science amid the drama and chaos; slowly gaining the respect of the working mariner; I suppose it fit, although it made me laugh. It wasn't just a one-time tease, and it persisted over the ensuing years. I have garnered many nicknames during my professional life, ranging from the almost pejorative Mudpie, to the neutral but funny Little Gold Man, to the undeservingly elevating Doctor Bob. (Note: I am not a Doctor of any sort.) But this term of friendly endearment, Hooper, was uniquely personal between Miles and me.

I would hear him call it out on bourse floors and hotel lobbies, at crowded receptions and at airports, delivered with a sing-song emphasis. I always, immediately knew that Miles had spotted me.

The last time was in the evening at the patio tables outside the Hilton in Rosemont, at last August's ANA. I was exhausted after a long day, and I was heading inside to my room to collapse. Then I heard, Hooper! Responding to this call was a welcome obligation. He drew me into a brief discussion concerning my years-long project to write a book of my experiences, something I still plan to do. He expressed strong support for the idea. I thanked him for his vote of confidence, and then I took my leave since he had another guy at the table who didn't have the same familiarity with the SSCA or me.

I wonder if others received special nicknames from Miles. If so, then I feel I am part of an esteemed company. If not, then it is a singular honor.

Hooper will miss him.

Thanks everyone. I didn't know Miles, but was quite sad to learn the news - another numismatist gone, and so young. -Editor

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