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The E-Sylum: Volume 26, Number 29, July 16, 2023, Article 25


Here are some additional items in the media this week that may be of interest. -Editor

Coin Variety Names

A short PCGS article by Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez examines the stories behind a few coin variety names. Here's one I hadn't heard of yet. -Editor

There's a wide variety of terms in the world of coin collecting that catch some people off guard. Surely, there's the array of technical-sounding nomenclature, like doubled die, counting machine mark, mottled toning, and transitional issue – all terms, by the way, that are explained on PCGS Lingo Full Listing. Then there are phrases such as Speared Bison Nickel, Bugs Bunny Half Dollar, and Hot Lips Dollar that are so comical in nature that it might make some wonder if a witty jokester discovered these popular (if funnily named) variety coins.

2005-D Speared Bison Nickel

2005-D Speared Bison variety

The Westward Journey Nickel series that was struck from 2004 through 2005 and launched a series of four special designs honoring the 200th anniversary of the Lewis and Clark Expedition created at least one notable variety. The 2005-D Speared Bison variety features a significant die crack that formed a raised line that resembles a spike protruding through the back of the bison. The 2005-D Speared Bison Nickel is not just popular, but it's also quite scarce, resulting in robust prices for this coin even in circulated grades, where values hover above $50 – Mint State specimens generally cost over $150.

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Lots of Pennies!

Speaking of Loose Change, Richard Miranda passed along this story of an armored truck crash in Lansing, MI. Thanks. -Editor

Lansing armored truck crash A Loomis armored truck crashed and spilled bags of coins Wednesday afternoon on eastbound Interstate 96 near Waverly Road, the Michigan State Police said in an online post.

The Loomis truck was unable to stop in time for a traffic backup about noon, MSP said in the post.

The truck struck a vehicle, the driver then lost control and the vehicle overturned off the side of the highway. The rear doors of the vehicle opened and bags of coins spilled onto the ground, photos of the scene show.

The occupants of the truck suffered minor injuries. The driver of the other vehicle was not injured.

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Marilynn Malerba, Treasurer of the United States

Arthur Shippee passed along this Yale Alumni Magazine article about Treasurer of the United States Marilynn Malerba. Thanks. -Editor

Marilynn Malerba, Treasurer of the United States

Soon after completing the DNP program, Malerba became increasingly involved in national tribal policies as a member of federal advisory committees, including a treasury department committee about tribal taxation and finances. Tasked with the challenge of representing the interests of more than 500 federally recognized tribes, Malerba found herself again hosting listening sessions to hear the diverse issues tribes were facing all over the nation.

Then, the most startling request of all: the White House called to ask if she would serve as treasurer of the United States. Once more, Malerba had to choose between advocating for her own people or making an impact on a larger scale. But the choice was obvious to her local community. They'd miss her—but the advantage of having her working at the federal level for Indigenous people was clear. Knowing that you're sending your best is always really very comforting, says Zobel, who has known Malerba for decades. The Council of Elders gave their blessing, paving the way for Malerba to become a history-making Native American chief serving in the US government.

Moss, now a professor of nursing at the University of British Columbia, was thrilled when she learned about Malerba's appointment. I just thought, ‘This is brilliant,' she says. Mary Ann Camilleri, program director of the doctor of nursing practice program, says she is overjoyed that an alumna of the was making history: One of our graduates has really broken through a major glass ceiling. Moreover, Malerba will also oversee a new tribal affairs office within the treasury. She's so uniquely qualified, Camilleri notes, that the position has evolved to meet her qualifications.

On September 12, at her historic swearing-in ceremony, Malerba wore bright red regalia as she stood beside Janet Yellen '71PhD, secretary of the treasury. The regalia, a gift from the Mohegan tribe when she was named chief in 2010, had been handmade by local beaders. Zobel and other members of the Mohegan tribe eagerly watched the live-stream online—several times, she admits.

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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