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The E-Sylum: Volume 26, Number 32, August 6, 2023, Article 28


On Monday Ray Williams of New Jersey posted the picture and text below to the colonialcoins chat group. I reached out about republishing it here, and the group readily provided additional commentary and images of the numismatic items they'd brought to share with the group. Thanks! Now we can share with E-Sylum readers as well! -Editor

Ray Williams writes:

"For those who subscribe to the E-Sylum, we often get an account of Nummis Nova - a group of prominent numismatists (generally from Northern Virginia) who gather at a nice restaurant to share their hobby interests over some nice food. Food and numismatic friends - can it get any better?

Well, Northern Virginia is not alone in holding a numismatic dinner! Last Thursday the Thursday Lunch Club met at Jimmy's in Bordentown. Nine of us were present and all brought something to share. Coins, error colonials, paper money, colonial documents and yet to be published research documents... A fun couple hours. Check out the wallpaper in the background of the picture!"

  Thursday Lunch Club 2023-07

Ray adds:

"Pictured clockwise in order are: Wayne Shelby, Dan Knight, Bill Liatys, Mike Brooks, Ray Williams, Roger Moore, Leo Shane, Matt Virga and Don Hartman.

"I brought several Machin's Mills 1/2d, including one where the planchet cutter mark was so deep that the two pieces eventually separated!"

  Vlack 17-87B planchet cutter separation
Ray's Vlack 17-87B planchet cutter separation

Roger Moore writes:

"Here are the two items from my show and tell at the lunch. The first two images are for the Sept. 23, 1778, United States Loan office Bill of Exchange sent to John Fitch in Paris as an interest payment for money borrowed for the War effort. It is signed by Francis Hopkinson the United States Treasurer of Loans and Thomas Smith, Pennsylvania's Commissioner of the Loan Office. The second image is the Watermark on that bill saying "UNITED STATES 4" indicating it was the fourth bill sent to Fitch since the previous three must have been captured or destroyed in transit."

  1778 United States Loan office Bill of Exchange
  1778 United States Loan office Bill of Exchange watermark

Roger adds:

"The second item is a Massachusetts Jan. 1, 1780, 6% interest commodity loan certificate. It specifies payment back for a loan in various commodities rather than cash, such as bushels of corn, pounds of beef, pounds of sheep wool, etc., due to the continuous depreciation of the currency."

  1780 Massachusetts commodity loan certificate

Matt Virga writes:

"I brought a few of my NJ Coppers (Maris 18-J, Maris 34-v, Maris 34-J, Maris 17-b, and Maris 54-k) as well as a mint state Washington & Independence Small Military Bust Copper that contained a very shallow planchet cutter mark."

Wayne Shelby writes:

"I brought 3 Wood's Hibernia halfpennies in various grades recently purchased from the Syd Martin Collection, a silver Wood's Hibernia farthing purchased a few years ago from an auction in England and a PCGS graded $5 dollar gold piece dated 1800 as an example of early American gold by coin type."

  1723 Silver Wood's Hibernia Farthing obverse 1723 Silver Wood's Hibernia Farthing reverse

Bill Liatys writes:

"My show & tell was on relics from historical colonial landmarks. A piece of wood from the Charter Oak in Connecticut, a piece of wooden beam from Independence Hall, and a piece of the Mercer Oak from the Princeton Battlefield. "

Don Hartman writes:

"I brought several Irish Halfpence, two clipped planchet King George III Halfpence (Batty 3826B), which are all ground found by me, and a portion of my next article for the C4News Letter concerning results from my 19-year study of certain ground found New Jersey Coppers."

Dan Knight writes:

"I brought a couple of unique counter stamped KGs in hopes of ID'g them, and reviewed my recent participation in the archeological digs at Fort Mercer, National Park, NJ. This is the second season of the dig, noting that part year the team unexpectedly uncovered the mass grave of thirteen Hessian soldiers from the 1777 battle fought there."

Leo Shane brought two colonial notes.

  Massachusetts colonial note 4 shillings front Massachusetts colonial note 4 shillings back
  Pennsylvania Colonial note 20 shillings front Pennsylvania Colonial note 20 shillings back

Best of luck to the group for their continued success. Thank you for sharing! -Editor

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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