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The E-Sylum: Volume 26, Number 33, August 13, 2023, Article 18



Wednesday morning I woke up at 4am and after tossing and turning for a bit briefly considered getting up and working for a while. It was not to be - I finally slept and didn't get up until nearly 9am. After breakfast and a shower I worked on The E-Sylum for a bit before heading over to the show.

Ursula Kaupmann of CoinsWeekly in Germany was the first person I spoke to on Wednesday. It was great to see her, but I was sorry to hear her colleague had difficulty flying in from Switzerland and wouldn't be able to make the show. He was bringing most of the material for their booth, which stood empty. Ursula was awaiting a shipment of booklets which did arrive and later decorated their table.

  20230809 ANA Pittsburgh Keunker table display
Künker  auction highlights

20230809 ANA Pittsburgh Keunker table Ulrich Keunker Next I visited the Künker  table, where I got to meet Ulrich Künker  and thank him for the firm's sponsorship of NBS via their banner atop The E-Sylum and ads on the NBS website. They were displaying highlights from their upcoming summer sales.

Over at the NBS table Len Augsburger was leading a bookbinding lesson.

  20230809 ANA Pittsburgh NBS bookbinding demo2
Two happy apprentice bookbinders
  20230809 ANA Pittsburgh Convention SARC table
Crowded Stephen Album Rare Coins table

My goal was to visit with our E-Sylum sponsors. As usual at shows, oftentimes they were busy with customers. I spotted Ron Gillio and Larry Korchnak among the crowd at the Stephen Album Rare Coins table.

20230809 ANA Pittsburgh St. Gaudens Victory I enjoyed viewing the scaled-down copy of the St. Gaudens Victory statue. Even at the smaller scale it remains quite impressive. I got down on a knee to photograph it from below, as pedestrians view the original on its pedestal in New York City. The photographs in the earlier press release didn't do the work justice. Without a background showing some perspective, the statue looked dinky.

To read the earlier E-Sylum article, see:

I caught up with John Kraljevich at his table, where I also spoke for a bit with David Menchell. On display was artwork for a 1757 medal trumpeting French settlements in North America - PARAT ULTIMA TERRA TRIUMPHOS (The remotest land prepares triumphs).

  20230809 ANA Pittsburgh John Kralvevich
John Kraljevich speaks with a customer
  20230809 ANA Pittsburgh John Kralvevich display
  20230809 ANA Pittsburgh Wayne Herndon
Wayne Herndon with a customer
  20230809 ANA Pittsburgh Sovereigh Rarities Steve Hill
Steve Hill of Sovereign Rarities with customers
  20230809 ANA Pittsburgh MDC Table
MDC Monaco table
  20230809 ANA Pittsburgh MDC Table catalogs
Upcoming MDC sale catalogs

20230809 ANA Pittsburgh MDC Table 5 Francs gold I was pleased to hold in my hand one of the highlights of the upcoming MDC Monaco sale.

Next I visited the American Numismatic Society table where ANA Executive Director Kim Kiick was visiting with Ute Wartenberg-Kagan and ANS Executive Director Gilles Bransbourg.

  20230809 ANA Pittsburgh ANS Table Ute wartenberg Kim Kiick
Ute Wartenberg-Kagan and Kim Kiick
  20230809 ANA Pittsburgh ANS Table Ute Wartenberg Wayne Homren  Kim Kiick 20230809 ANA Pittsburgh ANS Table Gilles Bransbourg Wayne Homren Ute Wartenberg
LEFT: a thorn between two roses
RIGHT: Gilles Bransbourg with Wayne and Ute
  20230809 ANA Pittsburgh ANS Table MACO galvano and plasters
Medallic Art Company galvano and plasters at ANS table
  20230809 ANA Pittsburgh Tyrant Collection1
  20230809 ANA Pittsburgh Tyrant Collection2
The amazing Tyrant Collection display

Taking a break for lunch I was dismayed to see that the food vendor at the COIN convention turned their nose up at accepting cash. I'm no cash curmugeon, but that and the long line led me to head outside for lunch. I'm glad I did. Just a block away I discovered a great taco place that captured my lunch business for three days in a row.

  20230809 ANA Pittsburgh NO CASH 20230810 ANA Pittsburgh Condado taco restaurant sign

This coin-themed mural near the restaurant caught my eye, and figured in a later conversation with Bob Leonard about the use of nails as money in colonial America.

  20230809 ANA Pittsburgh Ten Penny sign
  20230809 ANA Pittsburgh Sedwick table Augi Garcia Daniel Frank Sedwick 20230809 ANA Pittsburgh Sedwick table Charles Joanna book cover

At the Daniel Frank Sedwick table I learned about a new book: The Charles & Joanna Silver Coinage of Santo Domingo, 1542-1552: A study by Cori Sedwick Downing and Isaac Rudman. Here Augi Garcia and Dan Sedwick are having a look.

For more information, or to order, see:

  20230809 ANA Pittsburgh Bruce Hagan table
Paper money at Bruce Hagen's table
  20230809 ANA Pittsburgh Bruce Hagan table humbug Glory Bank note
Humbug Glory Bank satirical Hard Times note
  20230809 ANA Pittsburgh Kagins table David McCarthy Don Kagin
David McCarthy and Don Kagin at the Kagin's table
  20230809 ANA Pittsburgh Kagins table Don Kagin signing book
Don Kagin signing my copy of the new America's Golden Age book
  20230809 ANA Pittsburgh Bob Rhue table Coins of the Golden West

I had a nice conversation with Dave Wnuck about "Money Artist" J.S.G. Boggs and other topics at the table he shared with Bob Rhue. Bob displayed a great ANA "railroad" convention badge and a complete "Coins of the Golden West" fractional souvenir gold set.

Along my travels I also spoke with Mark Borchardt of Heritage, Chris Karstedt of Stack's Bowers Galleries, David Tripp of Sotheby's, Shanna Schmidt, Jeff Rock, Lianna and Sharon Spurrier, Jeff Shevlin and many others.

Mid-afternoon I led a walking tour of downtown Pittsburgh with Garrett Ziss, Kellen Hoard and NBS treasurer Jeff Dickerson. See the article elsewhere in this issue for photos.

By evening I was tired and limping a bit from all the day's walking. I grabbed dinner at a nearby restaurant and on my way back I snapped this shot of a classic old Heinz ketchup sign mounted atop the Senator John Heinz History Center. It's animated, and the tipped bottle pours red ketchup to fill the letters of the Heinz logo.

  20230809 ANA Pittsburgh Heinz sign on History Center

Archives International Sale 86B cover front

Wayne Homren, Editor

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