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The E-Sylum: Volume 26, Number 34, August 20, 2023, Article 21


This press release announces a new and improved Bookophile website. -Editor

Bookophile in New Splendour – the Redesigned Website for Book Lovers

Bookophile, the Zurich MoneyMuseum's website for book enthusiasts, has been relaunched and spruced up with a fresh look and new features. One thing, however, stays the same: it is all about the love of old books. A major emphasis – how could it be otherwise for a MoneyMuseum – is on the subject of money and society.

  Bookophile 1

Bookophile, the online platform for book lovers is back after a relaunch. Having received a thorough redesign, Bookophile presents itself with a fresh look and offers numerous new features that enable users to delve even deeper into the bibliophile world.

What Is Bookophile?
Bookophile is the digital window to the book collection of the MoneyMuseum in Zurich. Created in 2019, our website is the brainchild of Dr. Jürg Conzett and Dr. Ursula Kampmann. They thought about how to convey their love of bibliophile books to others.

Worlds of Books – Our Articles
And that is exactly what the articles do, in which we present books from the MoneyMuseum's extensive collection. They are at the heart of the website. Through these works, we want to tell the stories of books and illustrate the contexts in which they were created. We want to convey why a book was so exciting / important / scandalous / modern / progressive during its time. We pack this information into short, bite-sized appetizers that whet the appetite for more, and spur the desire to plunge headlong into the great adventure that is reading. In addition to articles on antiquarian books, we also provide you with a fresh perspective on literary classics published in the German-language Manesse library of world literature. After the relaunch, a total of more than 220 articles are now available on the website, with more to follow regularly.

A Focus on Money and Society
One of Bookophile's main topics is the subject of money and society. We particularly enjoy to turn classics inside out and ask ourselves what these well-known texts have to say about money. After all, the website is about the MoneyMuseum's book collection! Bookophile also presents articles on the great monetary theorists. From Luther to Adam Smith and Simmel. Would you like to know what they had to say about money and economics? Bookophile provides you with easy explanations to intricate topics. It goes without saying that numismatics is not neglected either. As mentioned above, it is the MoneyMuseum's website.

New Features
Given the number of articles we have written by now, our main goal was to optimise navigation on the new website. Thanks to the new features, users can now filter articles by topics, epochs, and countries – for example – and thus search specifically for content that is in line with their interests. More features to guide readers through the world of books are in the pipeline – stay tuned!

  Bookophile 2

What Else Is Going on
In the Time Travel section, readers will find digital versions of book exhibitions that were on display at the MoneyMuseum in Zurich. Through historical works from the MoneyMuseum's collection, we approach fascinating topics in history – and sometimes from a completely different perspective than textbooks do.

In order to keep bibliophiles up to date regarding current offers in the book trade, we will continue to present the catalogues of antiquarian book dealers and auction houses on Bookophile.

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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