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The E-Sylum: Volume 26, Number 36, September 3, 2023, Article 19


Another favorite item (actually a collection of favorites) from my library is a binder of what I decided to call "Numismatic Americana." Neither books nor catalogs, this catchall category encompasses everything from Groux's lottery scheme to non-numismatic publications by numismatists and informational circulars such as Cogan's useful Table of Gold, Silver and Copper Coins, NOT Issued by the United States Mint and notices of robberies and thefts. Here's the catalog description enumerating the group. -Editor

  K-F Sale 168 Lot 522 numismatic Americana

Homren, Wayne [compiler]. BINDERS 47–47C: NUMISMATIC AMERICANA. Three binders include the following:

1) Daniel E. Groux's Catalogue of a Grand Collection of Coins and Medals (1855);

2) Strobridge's Catalogue of the Groux Collection of Coins and Numismatic Works (April 7–9, 1874);

3) Tale of Two Oceans by E.I. Barra (1893);

4) Mason Brothers' advertising circular (1866);

5) R.W. Mercer illustrated mailing envelope;

6) Coin and Medal Circular by Henry Cook (1869);

7) Mason & Co. catalogues of October 13–14, 1869, December 1, 1869, December 22, 1869 and May 19, 1870;

8) Table of Gold, Silver and Copper Coins, NOT Issued by the United States Mint by Edward Cogan (1871);

9) Edward Cogan circular dated 8 December 1874 advertising a gold Manly medal for sale;

10) Thomas L. Elder July 29, 1909 circular denouncing Farran Zerbe;

11) Robert W. Mercer's The Numismatic Directory for 1884;

12) Trials of Scott and Dunlap for Robbing the Northampton National Bank, Breaking and Entering the Cashier's House;

13) New York Coin & Stamps Co.'s Burglary of October 11, 1912 notice;

14) H.G. Sampson's $150 Reward notice (1879);

15) Scott Stamp & Coin Co. moving notice, March 25, 1889;

16) How to Collect Stamps and Coins by Francis Worcester Doughty;

17) Collecting and Hobbies with Special Reference to Coin, Medal and Paper Money Collecting by the Elder Numismatic Press (1917);

18) The Ancient Egyptian Scarab by Thomas L. Elder;

19) Brief Account of Murders by the Indians, and the Cause thereof, in Northampton County, Penn'a by Joseph J. Mickley (1875);

20) Some Account of William Usselinx and Peter Minuit, Two Individuals Who Were Instrumental in Establishing the First Permanent Colony in Delaware by Joseph J. Mickley (1881);

  Travel Car coin collection postcard

21) The World's Greatest Travel Car circular;

Edward Rausch's Numismatic Urn catalog 22) List of Coins Attached to Numismatic Urn Collected by Edward J. Rausch;

22) Up and Down in the World, or Paddle Your Own Canoe by A.M. Smith (1885);

23) A.M. Smith's Illustrated Coin Book (1905);

24) Statement of James Ross Snowden, in Reference to the Naturalization of Aliens in the Supreme Court (September 6, 1869);

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25) three W. Elliot Woodward "With Compliments of" cards;

  Woodward Apothecary Store 20c scrip signed
  Woodward Apothecary Store 20c scrip FACSIMILE

26) a 20 cent Mount Pleasant Apothecary Store scrip (Roxbury, January 1, 1863) signed by A.W. Smith, accompanied by a facsimile of this scrip issue;

27) printed W. Elliot Woodward response postcard;

28) modern printout of Harlow Elliot Woodward epitaph (1908);

29) two copies of W. Elliot Woodward's circular on American Numismatic Periodicals, one of which has had the entry for Frossard's Numisma edited to be much less complimentary than was the original;

30) The American Society of Curio Collectors' Year book for 1902 by Roy Farrell Greene;

31) Inflation—Don't Let It Break America poster;

32) photograph of Don Miller (August 1972);

33) photograph of Paul Bauer;

34) 8 by 10 photograph of Nelson T. Thorson with mailing envelopes;

35) four modern numismatic postcards;

36) photocopy of H.M.F. Schulman's application for federal employment (1954);

36) New England Rare Coin Galleries flyer with check for dividends of Rare Coin Galleries for 13¢ and accompanying letter dated December 29, 1994;

37) Society of Paper Money Collectors Paper Money, issue Vol. 7, No. 3 (1968);

38) fourteen Emperor Norton note reproductions made by Henry Clifford;

39) photocopy of Money Talks: A Numismatic Anthology Selected from CalCoin News with articles on Emperor Norton;

40) Dogtown Territorial Quarterly, Spring 1996 with articles on Emperor Norton. Generally fine or nearly so.

A wonderful array of material, much of it rare. The 1855 Groux lottery scheme booklet is important and rarely offered. The early non-sale publications by Cogan, Cook and Woodward are all desirable and scarce. The A.M. Smith autobiography is the first we have handled. The Mickley publications are interesting and infrequently met with. The circular by Cogan offering a gold Manly medal is the first we recall seeing. Elder's screed against Zerbe is amusing, as is the edited version of Woodward's circular on numismatic periodicals, redacted to reflect poorly on Ed Frossard. There is quite a lot of interesting material in these binders. Ex Wayne Homren Library.

Some of these I've discussed before in The E-Sylum and added images not in the online catalog. Admittedly, some items are in this lot more by happenstance than design. With a large and constantly growing collection it can be hard to decide where a particular item best fits. Many of these items are very rare and could be individual lots on their own. Collections are as different as their collectors, and the next owner or owners will likely find other ways to group and order the material. -Editor

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