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Welcome to The E-sylum: Volume 2, Number 11:  March 15, 1999:  
an electronic publication of the Numismatic Bibliomania Society.  


    New subscribers this week are Jon Campbell, author  
    George Fuld, and dealer Allan Davisson.  Welcome  


    Larry Mitchell has continued his volunteer publicity  
    efforts, sending email announcements of our updated  
    web site to some seventy-five numismatists around the  
    web.  I'll follow up with an invitation to subscribe to  
    the E-Sylum.   Some of our subscribers are literature  
    dealers; would you send an invitation to the folks on  
    your mailing lists?  


    Our President Michael Sullivan passed on the  
    following list of "Digital Libraries" described recently  
    in the Individual Business Daily:   

     California Digital Library at  
     Library of Congress at  
     Internet Public Library  


    For those of you planning to attend the annual  
    convention of the American Numismatic Association  
    this summer, it's not too soon to begin planning  to  
    place an exhibit.   We've been blessed with several  
    nice literature exhibits in recent years.  Please consider  
    sharing some of your library and knowledge of literature  
    with fellow numismatists and bibliophiles.  Contact the  
    ANA for signup forms:  


    Under the category of "Things Found While Looking Up  
    Something Else", I discovered an article in the December  
    28, 1998 issue of  the Business Press of Fort Worth about  
    the fate of the Mehl Building,  former home of the B. Max  
    Mehl coin company.   

      "The 82-year-old building has been vacant since the early  
      80s when low-rent apartments filled its borders instead of  
      vaults and rare coins. But in its heyday, Mehl's office  
      occupied the first floor, and he rented apartments on the  
      second and third floors.   

      Iran McCarthy and Ray Boothe of Daedalus Development  
      formed the Max Mehl Building LLC with Michael Harrison  
      and building owner David Motheral to sink a hefty load of  
      redevelopment dollars into the dilapidating building.  
      McCarthy estimates the entire renovation project may reach  
      $1.5 million.   

      The three-story, 15,000-square-foot building needs extensive  
      work, but the ever optimistic renovation specialists of  
      Daedalus said the building is in 'good shape.'   

      The Max Mehl Building is on the city's historical highly  
      significant endangered list. The group plans to apply for  
      more historical designations in order to receive a 20 percent  
      tax credit, which will help offset some of the renovation  
      costs. It is located in the city's  Fairmount Historical District.  

      'It's the most asked-about building on the street,' Boothe  

      Many historical aspects remain in the building, making it  
      easier for Daedalus to recreate some of the building's  
      original features."  


    Purists may not consider them numismatic, but credit  
    cards are a form of money that's widely used, and  
    it's also widely collected.   The American Credit  
    Card Collectors Society has a web page at:   


  Wayne Homren  
  Numismatic Bibliomania Society   

  The Numismatic Bibliomania Society is a  
  non-profit organization promoting numismatic  
  literature.   For more information please see  
  our web site at  
  There is a membership application available on  
  the web site.  To join, print the application and  
  return it with your check to the address printed  
  on the application.   For those without web access,  
  contact Dave Hirt, NBS Secretary-Treasurer,  
  5911 Quinn Orchard Road, Frederick, MD 21701   

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   write to me at   

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