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Welcome to The E-sylum: Volume 2, Number 12:  March 22, 1999: 
an electronic publication of the Numismatic Bibliomania Society.  


   This week brings us five new subscribers, starting with 
   NBS Members Ron Etter of Abilene, Texas and Morten 
   Eske Mortensen of Copenhagen, Denmark.  Also subscribing 
   is W. David Perkins of Littleton, Colorado, Jan Monroe and 
   former-but-now-rejoining member Peter Mosiondz, Jr. 
   Welcome, all!  Our list has now grown to 148 subscribers. 


   George Fuld  wrote to announce "the new second edition 
   "Medallic Portraits of Washington"  book published in 
    January by Russ Rulau and myself published by Krause. 
    It's a great improvement over the 1985 edition, 50% more 
    material in hardback at only $34.95."  Member Dan Friedus 
    wrote an extensive review of the book in a recent Coin World 


   Member Michael Hodder will be the featured speaker at the 
   second annual Groves Forum in American Numismatics, 
   to be held April 10, 1999 at the American Numismatic Society 
   in New York City.  The title of his paper is "Western American 
   Assay Bars Revisited". 


   Larry Mitchell has continued to expand the NBS  numismatic 
   bibliography, available on our web site at this address:   The bibliography has grown to 
   forty sections. 


   The May 1865 issue of The Historical Magazine contains 
   the following article titled "Curious Coin of 1652", 
   authored by "D.F." of Providence.  

     "Can any of the readers of the Historical Magazine throw 
     any light upon the origin or history of the following curious 
     coin, which was dug up in the town of Norton by Mr. 
     Briggs a few years since.  It bears upon the obverse the 
     impression of two distinct punches -- one giving the date 
     1652; the other the figures VIII, surmounted by a lion. 
     Below the Roman numerals is the letter S between two 

     Upon the Reverse, there is an impress of the figure XII, 
     underneath which is a shield between two dots.  The 
     planchet is the same size and bears a similar resemblance 
     to the N.E. shilling, but is of copper.  

     This coin has recently come into the possession and is 
     now is the cabinet of Mr. George T. Paine of this city. 
     The coin bears a decidedly New England appearance, 
     and may have been struck as a trial or pattern piece 
     to supply the want which was felt at that time for a 
     copper currency.  

     Can anyone suggest anything further in regard to this 
     interesting coin."  

   Martin Gengerke's "American Numismatic Auctions" 
   lists Mr. Paine as a consignor to W. Elliot Woodward's 
   15th sale, December 10, 1866.  Can anyone tell us if 
   this coin was catalogued for the sale? 


   The "Friends of the Segovia Mint" web site is a mother 
   lode of information on the history of the old Segovia Mint 
   near Madrid, Spain, first built in 1583.  

  Wayne Homren 
  Numismatic Bibliomania Society  

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