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Welcome to The E-sylum: Volume 2, Number 23:  June 6, 1999:  
an electronic publication of the Numismatic Bibliomania Society.  


   We lost subscriber Peter Mosiondz, Jr., who decided his  
   true calling is collecting stamps.  But the addition of Alan  
   Luedeking, Angelo E. Cilia, Pat Parkinson, and Gregory J.  
   Leitschuh brings our number to 160 subscribers.  Welcome  
   aboard, all!  


   Board member Pete Smith writes:  "At a coin and stamp show,  
   I discovered a large and expensive reference on Civil War  
   Patriotic envelopes.  The price new was more than $100 and  
   not worth that much to me for my limited use.  I wonder if any  
   of our NBS members has the book or access to the book  
   through a club library.   

   My area of interest is those envelopes issued by Edward  
   Cogan, Philadelphia coin dealer.  I would like photocopies of  
   appropriate pages from the book or any other useful  


   Numismatic researcher and author George Fuld submitted the  
   following recollections of some of the rare literature that has  
   passed through his hands:   

   "Now that the Harry Bass library is being sold, it is interesting  
   to recall some of the books that were in my library sold in 1971  
   by Frank Katen.  Although Harry was the major buyer in that  
   sale, he certainly did not get all that he wanted.  A couple of  
   books that were in the sale have fond memories.  The W.W.C.  
   Wilson sale with 42 plates was acquired in 1958 from Maury  
   Gould for about $45 and was a copy presented to the minister  
   of the Wilson  family.   

   The monster set of Elder catalogs was assembled one or five  
   at a time, and was bound in 22 volumes, with the last ones  
   having the fill-ins for the earlier missing ones.  The rare Hart  
   book with the canvas fold out plate was acquired sometime  
   during the sixties, but I do not recall where from.  The one  
   outstanding book, which I believe Harry bought, still unsold in  
   the first two sales, is the Jacob Perkins Bank Note Test.  The  
   only other one that I know of, in a private collection, besides  
   my copy, is owned by Eric Newman.  I knew of its extreme  
   rarity from the beginning, and in 1962 I personally made  
   several dozen reprints with a brown mottled cardboard cover  
   — the offset negatives were retouched, and all the brown  
   aging disappeared — the reprints were much sharper than the  
   original.  Frankly I don't have a reprint for myself.  For the life  
   of me, I cannot recall whom I purchased this original copy from.   

   The one surprising item in the sale, was the almost complete set  
   of “Coin World” that I had.  Frank didn't want to sell as he  
   thought them worthless — when they sold for over $400 he  
   was quite surprised.   

   Just as a note, I am now accumulating my third library — but  
   this time reprints will do — no multiple editions and originals  
   are being sought."  


   NBS President Michael Sullivan reports:  "The BASS II sale  
   has concluded.  Having personally attended the sale, I've  
   written a sale review.  Anyone receiving the E-Sylum can  
   receive a copy of the "Sale Review" by sending an e-mail  
   message to me at"  


   Subscriber Paul Hybert is exhibit chairman for the upcoming  
   1999 ANA Convention in suburban Chicago (Rosemont).  
   He reminds us that "all Exhibit Applications must be received  
   at the ANA by Monday, June 14.  An application form can be  
   downloaded from the ANA's web site, at  Either mail or  
   fax it to ANA.  A complete rule listing is at"   

   Please don't let yourself be left out - show your stuff with a  
   numismatic literature exhibit this year!     If you have other  
   questions, Paul can be reached at  


   We've received some ads and nominations, but there  
   may be room to get a few more under the wire.   

   Please send NBS nominations ASAP to Michael Sullivan at    All positions are open:  
   President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, and all six  

   Please send submissions or questions regarding advertising  
   ASAP to myself, Wayne Homren, at  


   Thanks to the continued efforts of Larry Mitchell, the sections  
   on medieval France and The Crusaders have been expanded.  
   Sections added this week (under MEDIEVAL COINAGES)  

          59. SCANDINAVIA  
          60. RUSSIA & NEIGHBORS  
          61. ARMENIA  


   This week's featured site is about one of my favorite numismatic  
   byways, the Great Seal of the United States:    

  Wayne Homren  
  Numismatic Bibliomania Society   

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