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Welcome to The E-Sylum: Volume 2, Number 24:  June 13, 1999: 
an electronic publication of the Numismatic Bibliomania Society. 


   This week's new subscribers are David L. Ganz and David 
   Cassel.  Welcome aboard! 


   New subscriber Alan Luedeking wrote:  "Two things: First, 
   thanks for the latest issue of E-Sylum --- it's great! I've 
   meanwhile accessed your website and printed out every back 
   issue of the E-Sylum.  

   Secondly, I've noticed that in the E-sylum messages 
   themselves, you refer to the newsletter as "The E-sylum", 
   however, in the website, it's "The E-Sylum".  Just for kicks, 
   which is the "officially correct" version?  If I can weigh in with 
   my two cent's worth, I prefer the latter.  And, is the "The" 
   part and parcel of the name?"  

   My response:  I realize I've been a bit sloppy when it comes 
   to the name.   My vote is  "The E-Sylum", too, and if there's 
   no official outcry I'll attempt to use that as the publication's 
   name henceforth. 


   An article in the June 14th, 1999 issue of Coin World described 
   David Cassel's research into U.S. Postage Currency patterns. 
   He sought the owner of the piece listed in the Judd pattern 
   book as J-325a.  I wrote to Dave offering to publicize his 
   quest in The E-Sylum, and inviting him to subscribe.  He 

   "The owner of the J-325a contacted me through the Coin 
   World article just as you did.  

   As happy as I am to have found this unique coin, I am equally 
   happy to have found you and your organization.  I am grateful 
   for your offer of assistance.  

   Maybe you would care to ask your members to advise me of 
   their holdings of  Postage Currency coins of 1863 and the 
   related dated coins of 1868 and 1869.  There are still other 
   coins that have been catalogued that may have been incorrectly 
   attributed.  Also, I am trying to provenance as many as I can.  

   ...  there is a period of time from the [B. Max Mehl] Olsen sale 
   through 1970 that I may be lacking in auction material of the 
   series.  (J-325 to J-331 and  J-640 to J-646 and J-714 to 
   J-717). "  

   If you have nice runs of 20th century catalogs and are willing 
   to help David out, contact him for a fax list of the catalogs 
   he's already used; you may have some of the ones he's 
   missing.  His email address is 


   In response to last week's plea from Pete Smith, Russ 
   Logan writes:  "If it is the Geo Walcott catalog as compiled by 
   Robert Lawrence, that Pete refers to as "a large and expensive 
   reference on Civil War Patriotic envelopes", then I can help." 


   The following events from the schedule of the upcoming A.N.A. 
   convention may be of interest to numismatic bibliophiles:  

   Nawana Britenriker (ANA Librarian) -"ANA Library Circle 
   of Friends' Oral History Project" (Wednesday, August 11, 
   5 pm)  

   Numismatic Literature Roundtable Discussion with panelists: 
   Remy Bourne, Phil Carrigan, Gordon Frost, Martin Gergenke 
   and Stuart Segan.  (Friday, August 13, 3pm) 


   Phil Carrigan writes:  "Allow me to follow in Paul's footsteps 
   regarding the 1999 ANA Convention.  I wish to recruit 
   individuals to introduce Numismatic Theater (NT) speakers. 
   As Education Chair, I'll do this for several sessions but wish to 
   engage in other endeavors (plus share the spotlight with others). 
   There are approximately eight NT sessions running  2 to 4 
   hours in length.  Basic responsibilities entail introducing the 
   speaker and monitoring Q&A.  If interested, I can be reached 
   as follows:  

     Day phone:  847/937-5129  Evening phone: 847/546-5609 


   The June 21st issue of Coin World features a guest editorial 
   by John W. Adams of Boston in response to the AJN article 
   by Buttrey regarding Western Gold Assay Bars.  

   "Given that my book, United States Numismatic Literature 
   Volume II, was quoted extensively by Mr. Buttrey, I possess 
   some credentials to judge his work.  I am flattered whenever 
   my book is employed in shaping numismatic research -- that 
   was the whole point in writing it.  However, in researching 
   his monograph, Mr. Buttrey used only one chapter of my 
   book, whereas there were many chapters in Volume II (and 
   Volume I) that would have pointed to relevant bibliography.  

   ... it is clear that Mr. Buttrey's work is woefully incomplete. 
   To have arrived at grave conclusions based on demonstrably 
   superficial research does discredit to the author as well as to 
   the publisher of his monograph." 


   In his summary of the Bass II sale, Michael Sullivan notes: 
   "A sale highlight was Adolphus Hart's History of the Issues of 
   Paper Money in the American Colonies, 1851 with the rare 
   Historical Chart ex. the Fuld library.  With an estimate of 
   $7,500 the book opened at $7,000 and was quickly advanced 
   by two floor bidders to $19,000." 


   "I collect first and foremost Nicaragua, which is where I grew 
   up, son of American expatriates in the machinery business 
   there.  I also collect papal medals of Civitavecchia (the port 
   of Rome) and Byzantine bronze (anybody have a spare 3 
   nummi? (oh, sure!) I also take pride in my numismatic library 
   of Latin America, which has necessitated building expansions 
   to my home and displaced less important things (like the kids 
   ;-)). My numismatic beginnings and bibliomaniacal adventures 
   are detailed in the only lonely article I wrote for The Asylum 
   (Summer-Fall 1997).  I greatly enjoy numismatic writing but 
   have done little of it; just one technical article in PCNS Journal 
   (1/89), NI Bulletin (9/93), and LANSA (10/95). One of my 
   passions is literature on Spanish Proclamation coins and medals 
   (especially of the Americas), and I'm missing the following, so 
   I'll take advantage of this forum and plea for help:  

   1) Lyman Low, the Gonzales del Valle sales of 7/10/1907, 
   7/11/1907, and 9/3/1907 (Gengerke 121,122,123).  

   2) Perez Varela, Don Hipolito, "Ensayo de Un Catalogo 
   Descriptivo de Las Medallas de Proclamacion de los Reyes de 
   Espana", Havana 1863.  

   3) Addison, Joseph, "Dialogos Sobre La Utilidad De Las 
   Medallas Antiguas...[etc.]"  translated by Don Pedro Alonso 
   O'Crouley (O'Crowley?), Madrid 1795. Originally published 
   in English, but the O'Crouley Spanish edition is much more 
   interesting as it appends O'Crouley's own catalog of his 
   Proclamation medals, extensively referenced by Medina and 


   This week's featured site is the Virtual Catalog of Roman 
   Coins, devoted to helping students and teachers learn more 
   about ancient Roman coins.  The pages contain images and 
  descriptions of coins from the Early Republic through the end 
  of the 4th century A.D.  

  Wayne Homren 
  Numismatic Bibliomania Society  

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  non-profit organization promoting numismatic 
  literature.   For more information please see 
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