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Welcome to The E-Sylum: Volume 2, Number 44:  October 31, 1999:  
an electronic publication of the Numismatic Bibliomania Society.  


   Just one new subscriber this week - Del Murchison of Ontario,  
   Canada.  Welcome aboard!  This brings our  subscriber count to  


   Some of our readers, curious to read Joel Orosz'  
   article on The Great Debate in the latest issue of The  
   Asylum, have asked how to get a copy.   It is not our  
   general policy to send complimentary copies.  Besides,  
   one of the goals of The E-Sylum is to promote membership  
   in NBS.   

   The Asylum is a benefit of membership in the NBS.  
   Members receive four issues a year for their $15 membership  
   fee.  Back issues are available at $5 each by writing to our  
   Secretary, Dave Hirt.  His address is at the end of each issue  
   of The E-Sylum.   

   New members receive ALL issues for the current calendar  
   year, so if you join now you'll get issues 1,2, and 3 for 1999,  
   then no. 4 as soon as it's published.  


   Lester M. Burzinski announces the publication of "Communion  
   Tokens of the World".  The book is hardbound and limited to  
   250 copies.  It contains complete descriptions of  7,730  
   Communion Tokens from all issuing countries of the world,  
   including 4620 Photos.   The cost is $ 80.00 postpaid.  To  
   order, write to:  Les Burzinski, 2105 Oakridge Ave., Madison,  
   WI, 53704.  


   The Token & Medal Society (TAMS) has reprinted the 1902  
   catalogue of Wm. H. Warner & Brother of Philadelphia, in the  
   October 1999 issue of the TAMS Journal.   The catalogue  
   described 102 medals available from the firm, which was  
   established in 1823.  The original was furnished by Q. David  


   P.L.Mossman, Editor of The Colonial Newsletter writes:  
   "M. A. Stickney wrote a series of articles, "Notes on American  
   Currency,"  published in the Essex Institute Historical  
   Collections starting in Volume 1, 1859.  I found his discussion  
   on colonial money very helpful in my research because he  
   presented  personal observations and contemporaneous  
   references not otherwise available.  I did not go beyond his  
   discussion of the colonial period but one might look further to  
   see if there are more useful tidbits concerning other specific  
   U.S. series.  


   This is belated news to those who have a copy of the June  
   1999 Sotheby's sale of The Captain Andrew C. Zabriskie  
   Collection, but the catalog features a nice one-page biography  
   of the pioneer American collector by David E. Tripp.  
   Zabriskie's collection of U.S. coins was sold by Henry  
   Chapman in 1909, but "Andrew Zabriskie's most lasting  
   achievement as a collector must be in the field of Political  
   tokens and medals, and most specifically his focus on the  
   sixteenth president.  His pioneering work, "A Descriptive  
   Catalogue of the Political and memorial Medals Struck in  
   Honor of Abraham Lincoln", which he wrote and published  
   in 1873, is a modest work of which only seventy-five copies  
   were printed, but it became the foundation of the collecting  
   area which has become known as Lincolniana."  


   This week's featured web page is a story about a wacky  
   proposal to put expiration dates on U.S. currency.,1283,32121,00.html   

  Wayne Homren  
  Numismatic Bibliomania Society  

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