The E-Sylum:  Volume 6, Number 54, December 21, 2003, Article 2


  [My apologies to George Kolbe for being late publishing the
  following release concerning his recent sale - his message to
  me got lost in the ether (or caught in a spam net).  -Editor]

  George Kolbe writes: "Our apologies to E-sylum members
  and other interested parties for the late posting at our web site
  ( of the prices realized list to Sale 92.  The
  sale was earlier postponed by wildfires; this past week Linda
  and I were beset by the "wild" flu but both of us are getting
  better now and parcels will begin leaving Crestline in a day or
  two. A review of the results of the sale follows:

  George Frederick Kolbe/Fine Numismatic Books reports that:
  "although postponed due to the Southern California wildfires,
  our November 29th, 2003 auction was a great success. It
  brought $180,000, and over 350 bidders participated in the
  sale." All prices cited include the 15% buyer premium.

  The auction featured many seldom offered works on a wide
  variety of topics, and competition was often intense.  Some
  sale results follow. A near complete set of The Numismatist,
  unbound, realized $2,990; the catalogue of a New York
  coin auction originally scheduled for April 27-29, 1865 but
  postponed "upon the assassination of President Lincoln,"
  brought $402 on a $175 estimate; an early April 1 supplement
  to The Numismatist, probably dating from 1894, was avidly
  sought after, finally selling for $862 though estimated at $100;
  a very nice set containing all 116 of B. Max Mehl's famous
  series of coin auction catalogues was slow to get off the mark
  until the last several days of the sale when one very strong and
  two more moderate bids were received, followed on the closing
  day of the sale by bids of $3,450 and $4,025 (it ended up
  bringing $4,312). Works on Napoleonic medals were
  particularly in demand. Though unillustrated, Bramsen's three
  volume standard work on the topic realized $431 on a $275
  estimate; two volumes on the topic from the great 19th century
  "Trésor de Numismatique" series were heavily bid upon, one
  selling for $1,265 on a $450 estimate, the other, from the family
  of Napoleon, brought $1,725 on a $750 estimate; an excellent
  set of Davenport's works on crowns and talers realized $690;
  George Miles' 1938 The Numismatic History of Rayy, headlined
  "The Most Elusive American Numismatic Society Publication?",
  brought $690; a wonderful bound collection of 175 Sotheby
  British coin auction catalogues dating from 1830 to 1900
  realized $3,220; Q. David Bowers' first numismatic publication,
  an 8 page 1955 price list, sold for $718; an extensive research
  archive on obsolete paper money formed by John Muscalus
  brought $1,035; competition for an 1879 German auction
  catalogue featuring the first foreign appearance of an 1804 silver
  dollar, estimated at $250, continued to escalate over the course
  of the sale, culminating in a winning bid of $862; the many
  important books and catalogues on ancient coins featured in the
  sale generally brought strong prices; and, though a complete set
  failed to sell, individual early editions of Yeoman's "Red Book"
  from the holdings of Garce Futerer continued to be in considerable

  A few copies of the sale catalogue are still available and may be
  obtained, along with a prices realized list, by sending $15.00 to
  Kolbe. The firm's next public auction sale, to be held in association
  with Stack's, will comprise the magnificent numismatic library of
  John J. Ford, Jr., scheduled for June 1, 2004. Details will be
  appearing in the numismatic press early next year, and some
  information and highlights are currently available at the firm's web
  site ( The firm may be contacted at P. O.
  Drawer 3100, Crestline, CA 92325; by telephone at 909-338-6527;
  or by email at GFK at"

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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