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The E-Sylum: Volume 20, Number 20, May 14, 2017, Article 17


Tuesday May 9, 2017 I left work and headed over to Alexandria for the monthly dinner meeting of my northern Virginia numismatic social group Nummis Nova. Aaron Packard was our host at Southside 815, a cozy bar and restaurant on South Washington Street (guess the address).

Sawtooth wine cork I was the first to arrive but had only just gotten settled in my chair when Dave Schenkman, Gene Brandenburg and Eric Schena walked in. I'd been debating whether to have beer or wine with my Red Beans and Rice, but Gene helped me decide. We agreed that we couldn't resist ordering the wine from, of all places, Idaho. The Sawtooth Estate Winery product was so good we got a second bottle.

Sawtooth wine cork fishing lure Idaho being a great place for fishing, check out the decoration on the cork, which was a great foil for puns. Gene said the wine had "a certain allure".

For more information on Sawtooth Estate Winery, see:

Tom Kays sat next to me. See below for his writeup. I spoke with our host Aaron Packard for a bit. Unfortunately, he had to catch a train to New York for a business meeting and couldn't stay for the whole evening.

Here are some of the numismatic items being passed around.

Young America Furnace Company Notes
Dave Schenkman passed around an interesting group of three rare obsolete notes. He writes:

Located at Petrea, Ohio, the Young America Furnace Company was only in business for a few years, circa 1856-1860. These rare notes surfaced on eBay recently. Wendell Wolka lists the fifty cents and one dollar denominations in A History of Nineteenth Century Ohio Obsolete Bank Notes and Scrip; the three dollar is unlisted. Unfortunately, they have been glued at the top of each note to a sheet of paper. I’d appreciate suggestions on the best way to remove them from the paper.

Young America Furnace Company notes

Eric Schena suggested finding a paper/book conservator who may have the proper archival treatments to remove the adhesive. Would anyone have other suggestions for safely separating these notes from the paper? They are only affixed by a small strip at the top.

Latvian Banknotes
Latvian Banknotes My only display item was a copy of Lee Gordon's new book on Latvian Banknotes. An obscure subject to be sure, but we were all impressed by the quality of production and the great color photos of many beautiful banknotes. Thanks to Lee for providing these images.

Latvian banknote1

Latvian banknote2

Latvian banknote3

Refering to the third note, Lee proudly adds:

There are only three 100 Latu 1939 Series B notes known in the World. I have two of them!

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Photo Gallery
Here are some of the photos I took of the event. First, a group shot from my end of the table. Clockwise from left: Eric Schena, Steve Bishop, Roger Burdette (behind Steve), Dave Schenkman; Far end: Julian Leidman; then Mike Packard, Lenny Goldberg and Tom Kays, reviewing a copy of Roger's new book on U.S. Proof coins.

May 2017 Nummis Nova

May 2017 Nummis Nova Packard, Goldberg, Kays
Mike Packard, Lenny Goldberg and Tom Kays

May 2017 Nummis Nova Esposito, Brandenburg, Schena
Joe Esposito, Gene Brandenburg, Eric Schena

May 2017 Nummis Nova Burdette, Schenkman, Liedman
Roger, Dave, and Julian

May 2017 Nummis Nova Brandenburg Nummis Rouge Gene loves his wine. He even has some to call his own. Joe Esposito writes:

“Gene’s wine” was really a label that I designed and placed on a bottle of wine that I gave to Gene as a gag. This variety was identified as “Nummis Rouge.” He also now has more labels that he can use for the future.

Joe adds:

At dinner Mike Packard and I held a post-mortem on the Early American Coppers convention in Philadelphia, and we compared notes on our finds.

We all marvelled at how good the food was, particularly at such an unassuming-looking place. We've been there a few times now, and it's always been good. Eric adds:

I thought my burger was excellent - they prepared it perfectly and was a proper medium rare (a lot of places can't get that right). Next time, I want to try the red beans and rice - that looked and smelled great.

I didn't leave until after 9. Another great night of numismatic fellowship. I'm already looking forward to June.

Fred Weinberg ad02

Wayne Homren, Editor

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