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American Numismatic Biographies author Pete Smith submitted this article on former ANA Board Member Muriel Eymery. -Editor

Muriel-Eymery Muriel Eymery joined the American Numismatic Association in 2005 as member 3184823. She represented international numismatics as a member of the ANA board for 2019 to 2021. With seven open positions on the ANA Board, she finished eighth in her bid for reelection in 2021.

Eymery received an MBA in finance from Baruch College and master's degree from School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University. She spoke English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. She had dual American and French citizenship and lived in Hong Kong.

She worked for the French Mint from 2003 to 2007 and served as vice president of international business development for PCGS from 2007 to 2015. Then from 2016 to 2019, she served as vice president and director of numismatic consignments for Spink managing their international auctions. After 2019 she was director of Alternative Collections, Ltd.

She had suffered from lung cancer for about six months. Her death was reported on social media before any traditional obituary with date of birth and date of death.

In his Coin Collectors Blog, Scott Barman wrote:

"Eymery advocated expanding numismatics worldwide as a member of the Board of Governors and in her career. Eymery worked for Spink and Sons and was Vice President of International Business Development at PCGS. She also worked for the French Mint that taught her the global market dynamics.

While considering running for the Board of Governors in 2021, I spoke with Eymery about our shared ideas about the hobby. We found a common interest in expanding numismatics beyond the basics to include the world community and other collectibles. Eymery was a bright light in the future of the numismatic community."

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The passing of Muriel Eymery, former ANA Governor (

Shanna Schmidt writes:

"Muriel and I didn't know each other very long but the time we spent together was intense and we formed a fast friendship. We met one another during the ANA board elections of 2019 where she, Mary Lynn Garrett and I were vying for seats. There were no women on the board in the previous term and before that very few. In a wonderful twist of fate, all three of us got elected.

"In the two years of her term on the board Muriel was involved in so many important programs to help make the ANA better. I worked with her tirelessly on getting the international community (and specifically ancient coin dealers/collectors) more connected to the ANA. With her charm and finesse she took these projects on and always gave her all. One of the bigger projects we worked on was getting the ANA involved in the New York International, one of the biggest coin shows for ancient and world coins. Despite not being on the board when the final decisions were made, Muriel was instrumental in bringing this to fruition.

"As I write this the New York International is happening and had the pandemic not impacted it, the ANA board was scheduled to have a meeting there, a few educational talks scheduled and a table for getting new members was to be set up. We even rallied enough support to get the ANA to buy a table at the ANS Gala this year. For those that know the tenuous relationship the ANA and ANS have had in the past, this was a feat. Had I not gotten covid myself I would have been thrilled to attend. We have already determined that next year we need to continue this new endeavor. Muriel is largely to thank for helping to get this going.

It is unfortunate that we had to deal with a global pandemic for part of our term but Muriel never stopped being an enthusiastic board member. I admire her alway helpful side and determination to get the job done!

"Aside from the ANA Muriel was a strong and effective businesswoman. In a male dominated business and hobby it is not always easy. Muriel reached levels that most do not and for that she should be respected. For me, I will never forget her sweet and caring side. Even when she was most sick she never lost hope and continued to project her positive side."

Shanna passed along contact information for those who would like to send flowers. The funeral is planned for the church of St Germain des Pres in Paris next Tuesday at 10:30. -Editor

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