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The E-Sylum: Volume 26, Number 7, February 12, 2023, Article 15


Jamaica Street Car Co. Token

  Jamaica Street Car Co.Token obverse Jamaica Street Car Co.Token reverse
Last week I'd asked where this token is from. Dave Schenkman writes:

"The Jamaica Street Car Co. token is from Kingston, Jamaica."

Jon Radel writes:

"There's a reason it's in one of their world auctions."

Well, duuh. Thanks for setting me straight! Kingston, Jamaica it is. -Editor

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How to Create a World Class BankNote Collection
Kavan Ratnatunga writes:

"A post shared on the IBNS WhatsApp group is claimed to have been written by ChatGPT using AI in reply to the question How to Create a World-Class BankNote Collection?"

The AI advice IMHO is great

Creating a world-class banknote collection requires research, patience, and a strong passion for collecting.

Here are some steps you can follow to create a world-class banknote collection:

  • Research: Learn as much as you can about the history of banknotes, the different types of banknotes, and the various countries that issue banknotes. Familiarize yourself with grading systems and condition criteria used to evaluate banknotes.
  • Define your collection focus: Decide on a specific theme or type of banknote that you want to focus on, such as antique banknotes, commemorative banknotes, or banknotes from a specific region.
  • Build relationships: Network with other banknote collectors, join banknote clubs and organizations, and attend banknote shows to meet other collectors and dealers.
  • Purchase banknotes from reliable sources: Purchase banknotes from reputable dealers and auction houses, and carefully examine each banknote before buying to ensure authenticity and quality.
  • Store and protect your collection: Store your banknotes properly to protect them from damage, such as moisture, light, and handling. Consider purchasing specialized storage materials, such as currency sleeves and albums.
  • Stay informed: Stay up to date on the latest developments in the banknote collecting world, such as new releases, trends, and changes in market conditions.
  • Build a reference library: Build a library of books, magazines, and online resources that can help you learn more about banknotes and the history behind them.

Remember, creating a world-class banknote collection takes time, dedication, and resources. Stay focused on your goal, and your collection will grow over time into a valuable and impressive collection.

Great advice, indeed. It's quite cookie-cutter however, and would likely generate something similar for nouns other than "Banknote". Still, it's a remarkable effort and I encourage people to try it out. -Editor


David Lange on Numismatic Publishing
Mike Costanzo writes:

David W. Lange "I recently purchased some old back issues of The Asylum, and was perusing the Winter 2016 issue yesterday when a letter to the editor from the late David Lange caught my eye. In the letter (pages 6-8) David wrote about how difficult it was to publish numismatic literature in the present market, particularly when you choose to cover a previously unexplored niche in the hobby. In this case David's "niche" were his enjoyable volumes concerning the history of vintage coin boards and folders. David ended up self-publishing his books and wrote how he was "willing to write off the cost, as are most specialty authors in the numismatic field."

David's true love of numismatics and writing, however, really hit home in his final paragraph. There he described his options as a writer, publisher, and salesman, versus just getting out the research he loved writing about, profit be damned. With his recent passing, I believe his words are worthy of repeating."

I agree. Here they are. -Editor

Coin Collecting Albums v3 Whitman cover "To get a book printed and bound in an attractive and durable manner, with fully sewn and not glued signatures, typically requires a minimum press run of 300 copies to keep the list price within reason. With my most recent book I asked for a quote on 150 copies, and the unit cost was clearly prohibitive. It was a question of printing 300 copies and selling perhaps a third of them over the next few years versus printing 150 and selling no more than a couple dozen at a high price. I opted to get more books sold, since all authors want to create some sort of lasting legacy. There is no legacy when hundreds of books go into a dumpster upon the author's death."

David indeed has a wonderful legacy in all of his great writings, from his work at NCG to all of his own published works. -Editor

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More Numisma Reprints
David Sundman writes:

"This is my copy-only a couple of numbers after Chriss Hoffman's. I also have the original."

  Sundman Numisma 1 Sundman Numisma 2
  Sundman Numisma 3 Sundman Numisma 4
Numisma Reprint Copy 11 Scott Miller

Very nice. Thanks. Earlier Scott Miller had reported having copy #11. It's great to see a wide distribution of these handy volumes. -Editor

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WWII German Paper Money Book Sought
Pieter Vermaak of South Africa writes:

Kroll WWII Paper Money "I am looking and searching everywhere for this book - World War II Paper Money and Financial Instruments of Nazi Germany . I am an enthusiastic WWII Nazi Germany money collector. I am struggling to get a comprehensive guide for my hobby. I have read an article you wrote years back about this book, now I am searching everywhere for it with no luck. "

We had at least two articles on the book, linked below. Pieter's still out of luck after reaching out to author Harold Kroll and publisher Fred Schwan of BNR Press. Can anyone help? I also referred Pieter to MPCGram and Geldscheine Online. -Editor

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Rochester Junior Numismatic Association
Joe Lanzafame (the last adult advisor for the RJNA) writes:

"The RJNA did go into hibernation during Covid. Most of the members aged out during that period. Jason Childers is trying to jump start it again. "

Thanks. Good luck! -Editor

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Subscriber profile: Aliaksandr Sauchyk
New subscriber Alex Sauchyk writes:

"I am an amateur numismatist and a casual banknote collector. My area of interest is world coins by types without any limitation as to the era or geography. But I also collect some areas by date/mintmark varieties as well. All this collecting passion started from my early childhood and absorbed me completely. So I have been collecting ever since ) I am now in my 40s.

"I learned about The E-Sylum in one of the messages at The Banknote Book website.

"I do love your publications and really appreciate all this hard work and effort taken to accumulate such a wealth of useful hobby-dedicated information in one place."

Welcome aboard! -Editor

More Celina Coin Co. Pricelists
NBS President Tom Harrison writes:

"My file of Celina Coin Co. FPL includes numbers 11, 16, 20 ,22, 25 and 26. I attached a photo of Price List #20, Mail Auction Sale #21 and Price List #22 that indicates Brandts numbering system probably integrated his FPL and auctions. Wilson appears to have continued the practice of numbering FPL (FPL#26 is dated 1949), but his auction catalogs that I have are unnumbered."

  Celina Coin Co. Pricelists 20,21,22

Thanks. Nice copies! -Editor

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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