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Here's the announcement for the May, 2023 sale by Early American History Auctions. -Editor

Early American History Auctions is proud to announce its outstanding upcoming May 27th, 2023 Saturday of the Memorial Day Weekend American Patriot Auction focusing on the Historical Collections of Ambassador J. William Middendorf II

This exceptional auction of 264 lots will feature many highly important Early American Historical Prints, Paintings, Autographs, Documents and Americana, many consigned from the Collection of Ambassador J. William Middendorf II, one of America's foremost historical collectors, specializing in American Military history from Colonial though Revolutionary War and beyond, recording various Naval Engagements and important Commanders. This auction contains numerous highlights from the Middendorf collection, including our featured Highlight:

1770 (Sons of Liberty Founding Member) Paul Revere's Original Hand-Colored Copper-Plate Engraving of The Bloody Boston Massacre. The Most Famous and Historic Engraved Print in American History, its propaganda helping to ultimately bring forth the American Revolutionary War. Its image reproduced in virtually every American History Book, and one of only 29 Copies Known.

Other highlights include:

  Carolina Currency
Lot 95

c. 1775 Militia Officers' Waistcoat Patriot Spy / Courier / Emissary Dr. Samuel Nicoll of New York, Identified in a 1778 Letter Sent to General George Washington from Revolutionary War New York Spymaster Major Benjamin Tallmadge, Dr. Nicoll's Militia Officers' Waistcoat, Ex: King's College / Columbia University Display Housed Since its 1929 Donation and subsequent Deaccession.

Historic 1774 Engraved Print titled, The Bostonians in Distress London, printed for R. Sayer & J.Bennett, Map & Printsellers.

c. 1774 Engraved Print titled, LIBERTY TRIUMPHANT: or the Downfall of OPPRESSION. with Lead us to Liberty or death! and We will secure our freedom, or die in the Attempt. This Historic Satirical Cartoon Engraved Print & Map was published shortly after the Boston Tea Party by Philadelphia & New York engraver Henry Dawkins.

Impressive 1779-Dated, JOHN PAUL JONES, Commander of a Squadron in the Service of the Thirteen United States of North America, 1779. Revolutionary War Mezzotint Engraving.

1781 Capt John Paul Jones Fully Identified Hand-Painted and Dated Silhouette of Jones Wearing His Revolutionary War Naval Officer's Uniform, a.k.a. the Father of the American Navy.

Original Watercolor Miniature Portrait of Captain John Paul Jones, Attributed to Artist Sarah Goodrich (1783- 1853).

President George Washington Oil Painting on Canvas, after Gilbert Stuart's original Lansdowne Portrait Painting.

Numerous Other Important May 27th Auction Lots Include:

Thomas Abernethie's Own Personal Autographed Book titled, The History of the Revolution of South Carolina... with His Historic Engraved Fold-out Map of Charleston Harbor Contained Within, Engraved by Thomas Abernethie, Colonial South Carolina's Paper Money and Map Engraver;

Daniel Boone & Rebecca Boone Signed Land Sale Deed, with Daniel and his Wife also being Named Ten Separate Times;

1792 AARON BURR Autograph Letter Signed, with Integral and FREE Franking Signature A Burr Transmittal Leaf;

an 1865 13th Amendment Printed Broadside, Freeing Slaves, Previously Unlisted & Apparently A Unique New Discovery;

1859 Declaration Independence Plaque by Samuel H. Black, an Extremely Rare Large and First Seen, Likely Unique, Major Variant Negative Plate Production Process Type, plus the resulting 1859 Declaration Independence Plaque by Samuel H. Black, a Large Major Variant Type;

1780 Benjamin Edes Signed, Extremely Rare Revolutionary War Boston Town - Treasury Interest Bearing Tax Loan Certificate: for the Purpose of carrying on the War. Signed by David Jeffries Deacon of Old South Church as Town Treasurer, an Unknown Fiscal Form, Not Listed in Anderson;

1744 Benjamin Franklin Printed Book of Cicero's Cato Major, or his discourse of Old-Age: with Explanatory Notes;

Lincon April 10, 1865 signature APRIL 10, 1865 Dated Historic Manuscript Note Signed A. Lincoln as President, Signed Just Four Days Prior to Lincoln's Assassination by John Wilkes Booth at Ford's Theater;

America by Samuel Francis Smith Signed and Dated, First Four Stanzas of American Patriotic Song My Country ‘Tis of Thee;

Paul Reverse print Boston Paul Revere's Historic Engraved Print of the British Troops Landing at Boston Harbor per the British Intolerable Acts titled, A Prospective View of the Town of BOSTON, the Capitol of New England ; and of the Landing of ---- Troops in the Year 1768, in Consequence of Letters from Gov. Bernard, the Commissioners, & c. to the British Ministry. - EDES & GILL's North - American ALMANACK For the Year 1770;

Exceedingly Rare Colonial Currency Note dated August 21, 1775, North Carolina, Four Dollars Hillsborough Issue, PCGS Extremely Fine-40;

Rare February 1781 VERMONT CALLS FOR JUSTICE One Shilling & Three Pence Colonial Note, PMG Choice Fine-15;

1777 FRANCIS HOPKINSON & JOHN NIXON Signed Partly-Printed Continental Navy-Board Issued Document;

Cambridge, Mass. Newspaper reporting on the Olive Branch Petition and General Thomas Gage's Official Report on the Battles of Lexington & Concord, Front Page;

Continental Congress Prize Agent at Boston, John Bradford, writes a Letter to Continental Congress President John Hancock Complaining about one of the Captains in George Washington's American Armed Privateer Ships Little Navy;

  Washington Inaugural Button obverse Washington Inaugural Button reverse
Lot 143

Collection of Nine different rare (1789) George Washington Inaugural Buttons;

Important Freedom of the Press and First Amendment Historic Landmark 1803 Libel Case, Thomas Jefferson v Alex. Hamilton;

1836 Texas Revolt Mexican Broadsheet Decree Commuting the Death Penalty of Certain Texan Prisoners of War Passed after Victory at the Alamo, by Secretaria de Guerra y Marina;

Rare 1828 Presidential Campaign Broadside of An account of some of the Bloody Deeds of GENERAL JACKSON. With Historic Woodcut Illustrations;

  Gage Brothers 1c encase postage stamp obverse Gage Brothers 1c encase postage stamp reverse
Lot 193

(14) Different 1862 Encased Postage Stamps being the Emergency Small Change Currency of the Civil War Era;

17th to 18th Century, Rare and Important Early S Head Branding Iron for Slaves;

  Kneass slave ship plate
Lot 218

1808 Published Illustration Plan and Sections of a Slave Ship as Published by J. P. Parke, Copper-Plate Engraved by Kneass, Philadelphia;

c. 1800 Charles Balthazar Julien Feveret de Saint-Memin Original Pastel Profile Portrait Artwork and Decoratively Framed;

Very Rare Restored Revolutionary War Period British Military 2nd Model Short Land 1779 Pattern Brown Bess maker engraved, HENSHAW and branded on the left side of comb CUMBERLAND with Roman numerals X I X; an Important 1799 to 1804 Cased Pair of English Flintlock Dueling Pistols by GULLEY, LONDON;

c. 1761 Extremely Rare Original Colonial Boston Harbor Engraving titled A View of the City of Boston the Capital of NEW ENGLAND, in North America. After Gov. Pownal;

Colonial American Coins & Medals Include:

  London Elephant Token obverse London Elephant Token reverse
Lot 250

Undated (c. 1694) London Elephant Token. Hodder 2-B, W-12040. GOD PRESERVE LONDON Legend. Thick Planchet. PCGS graded Mint State-62 Brown;

  Kentucky Token obverse Kentucky Token reverse
Lot 253

Undated (c. 1793-1795) Kentucky Token. W-8815. Rarity-8+. Copper. Unique. PAYABLE AT BEDWORTH NUNEATON OR HINKLEY Lettered Edge. PCGS graded About Uncirculated-58.;

  Washington North Wales Halfpenny obverse Washington North Wales Halfpenny reverse
Lot 256

(1795) Washington North Wales Halfpenny. Two Stars on Each Side of Harp, Major Variety. Plain Edge. Baker B-1295. Whitman Rarity Rated URS-5 Only 9 to 16 Known, PCGS graded Fine-12.;

1777-Dated (Printed 1776) American Engraved Revolutionary War Printed Map titled, A VIEW of the Present Seat of WAR, at and near NEW-YORK. from the 1777 An Astronomical Diary; Or Almanack. by Nathaniel Low, as Printed by J. Gill, Boston, MA.;

and much more!

All May 27th auction Lots are currently available to view and place Absentee Bids Online at: This Online auction catalog includes extensive additional related historical information and many more images, than provided in the published catalog. Therefore, it is highly recommended to view these important items Online. Being held on Saturday of the Memorial Day weekend, please place your bids in advance of your holiday activities. Please request any additional information well in advance of the auction date. Phone Early American History Auctions with any questions or for special financial arrangements. We welcome our collector community to enjoy and participate in this remarkable May 27th auction.

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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