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The E-Sylum: Volume 26, Number 25, June 18, 2023, Article 28


Here's the announcement for the third of Künker's four June 2023 sales. -Editor

A Saxon Wedding, Jewish Everyday Life and Roman Gold

The highlights of Künker's upcoming eLive Premium Auctions 389 and 390 are Saxon coins from the Kemlein Collection, Jewish medals, a series of coins from Bremen and Verden and part seven of the Salton Collection, including Roman aurei at favorable prices.

Immediately following the two public auction sales 387 and 388, on 23 and 24 June 2023 Künker will hold two eLive Premium Auctions. In addition to world coins and medals from antiquity to present times, numerous special collections are on offer. They include the Dr. Walter Kemlein Collection of coins and medals from Saxony, a special collection with coins from the Duchies of Bremen and Verden, an important collection of Jewish medals from all over the world, part seven of the Salton Collection with Roman coins at favorable estimates and an extensive series of Italian issues as well as coins and medals from the German States.

Catalog 389: World Coins and Medals
Ancient coins, world coins and medals and, of course, the German States: If you are looking for new acquisitions to add to your collection, auction 389 provides you with the perfect opportunity. Estimates range from low two-digit starting prices to some four-figure estimates.

The focus is on issues of the German States. After all, two extensive special collections are presented at once: Bremen and Verden as well as Saxony. However, the small series with Mecklenburg issues should not be neglected either.

  02056a00 02056r00

No. 2056: Russia. Aleksey Mikhaylovich, 1645-1676. Jefimok 1655, overstrike on a 1637 reichstaler of Saxony, John George I, Dresden mint. Rare. Very fine to extremely fine. Estimate: 1,250 euros

  02249a00 02249r00

No. 2249: Mecklenburg. Frederick Francis I, 1785-1837. 2 talers 1797, Schwerin. Extremely fine. Estimate: 750 euros

An Extensive Special Collection Focusing on Bremen and Verden
Only a few bracteates represent the Catholic past of the Diocese of Bremen, which was merged with the territories of the secularized Bishopric of Verden in the Peace of Westphalia, to come under Swedish rule as an imperial territory. Therefore, coins minted in Stade under Swedish rulers are the main batch in this special collection on Bremen and Verden, which contains about 100 lots. However, it should be mentioned that there are many more coins behind these 100 lots because especially fractional coins were often grouped into carefully arranged multiple lots. This collection was assembled with great attention to detail and has something to offer for everyone who is interested in this field. Although there are no rarities of top quality, connoisseurs can look forward to coins of above-average quality with fine patinas.

  02127a00 02127r00

No. 2127: Bremen-Verden. Charles X Gustav, 1654-1660. 4 marks 1660, Stade. Rare. Beautiful patina. Very fine to extremely fine. Estimate: 600 euros

  02136a00 02136r00

No. 2136: Bremen-Verden. Charles X Gustav, 1654-1660. 4 marks 1668, Stade. Extremely rare. About extremely fine. Estimate: 600 euros

  02198a00 02198r00

No. 2198: Bremen-Verden. Charles XI, 1660-1697. Reichstaler 1692, Stade. Very rare. Very fine to extremely fine. Estimate: 3,000 euros

Catalog 389: The Kemlein Collection
It was one of those typical German fates that encouraged Dr. Walter Kemlein to collect the coins and medals of his old Saxon homeland. Born on 24 October 1927, he was one of the last two cohorts that were conscripted into the army shortly before the end of the Second World War. Good luck and helpful fellow men saved him from being held as prisoner in Russia for a long time. Instead, the just 18-year-old could return home and escape to Erlangen three years later, where he started to study medicine. During his many years of service as a trauma surgeon and chief physician at the surgical clinic of the Johannes Hospital in Bielefeld, Dr. Walter Kemlein never forgot his roots. He remembered his old home by assembling an extensive collection of coins and medals that related to Saxony, which will now be entering the market once again. A special focus is on the city of Dresden. More than 250 lots are offered in this auction sale.

Dr. Walter Kemlein acquired a particularly large number of medals, including some pieces that commemorate the Wedding of Frederick Augustus and Maria Josepha in 1719, the so-called Wedding of the Century.


No. 2301: Upper Lusatia. Vladislaus II of Bohemia, 1158-1173. Bracteate, Bautzen or Görlitz. Extremely rare. Extremely fine. Estimate: 3,000 euros

  02382a00 02382r00

No. 2382: Saxony. 1676 silver medal by E. C. Dürr commemorating the heightening of the tower of Dresden Castle. Very rare. Very fine +. Estimate: 1,500 euros

  02421a00 02421r00

No. 2421: Saxony. Frederick Augustus I, 1694-1733 (Augustus the Strong). Silver medal by Chr. Wermuth, commemorating his son's wedding in 1719. Very rare. About extremely fine. Estimate: 2,500 euros

  02427a00 02427r00

No. 2427: Saxony. Frederick Augustus I, 1694-1733 (Augustus the Strong). Hexagonal reichstalerklippe 1719, Dresden, prize of the Schnepper-Gesellschaft for the shooting competition on the occasion of his son's wedding. Very rare. Minor traces of mounting(?). Estimate: 2,000 euros

  02471a00 02471r00

No. 2471: Saxony. Frederick Augustus III (I), 1763-1806-1827. Silver medal by Chr. J. Krüger commemorating the founding of the Kingdom of Saxony in 1806. Extremely rare. Extremely fine to FDC. Estimate: 2,500 euros

Catalog 389: Jewish Medals
Actually, the largest part of the collection of Jewish medals should have also been included in the chapter on the German States because a wealth of issues from the 19th century are from there. They reflect how proud German citizens of the Jewish faith were on their new synagogues, which they were finally allowed to build – in some cases against the resistance of local authorities. Be it Erfurt or Frankfurt, Cologne or Munich, Mainz or Würzburg, numerous synagogues were erected at the time, just to be demolished by the Nazis a few decades later.

However, these medals also recount other stories. They tell of wise rabbis and how the Jewish communities came to develop a new pride in their past in the second half of the 20th century.

  02599a00 02599r00

No. 2599: Denmark. 1888 gold medal for the 60th jubilee of Abraham Alexander Wolff as Chief Rabbi of Denmark. Probably unique in gold. Extremely fine. Estimate: 10,000 euros

  02604a00 02604r00

No. 2604: France / Strasbourg. 1898 bronze medal for the consecration of the new synagogue in Strasbourg. Very rare. Extremely fine to FDC. Estimate: 1,500 euros

  02635a00 02635r00

No. 2635: Hungary / Szeged. 1903 silver medal for the consecration of the new synagogue in Szeged. Very rare. Very fine to extremely fine. Estimate: 1,000 euros

  02674a00 02674r00

No. 2674: Habsburg hereditary lands. 1745 silver medal on the expulsion of the Jews form Bohemia and the successful protest against it, minted on behalf of the Jewish communities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. In silver probably the only specimen on the market. Extremely fine. Estimate: 20,000 euros

  02697a00 02697r00

No. 2697: Germany / Munich. 1826 silver medal for the consecration of the synagogue in the presence of King Ludwig I and Queen Therese. Very rare. Extremely fine. Estimate: 6,000 euros

To order a catalog, contact Künker, Nobbenburger Straße 4a, 49076 Osnabrück; phone: +49 541 / 962020; fax: +49 541 / 9620222; or via e-mail: You can access the auction catalogs online at If you want to submit your bid from your computer at home, please remember to register for this service in good time.

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