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The E-Sylum: Volume 26, Number 26, June 25, 2023, Article 30


Here are some additional items in the media this week that may be of interest. -Editor

FUBAH coins: fouled up beyond all hope

A Coin Update article by Michael Bugeja discusses coins "fouled up beyond all hope." -Editor

  fubah coins

Many coins fall into the FUBAH category, including ones with scratches or environmental damage; the most irritating ones are stained. These may seem like restoration candidates at PCGS or NGC. However, chances are they will be returned in their original ungrade-worthy condition because dipping — removing a thin layer of a coin's surface — may be the only removal method, and even in those cases, the stain will remain, and the specimen will be permanently damaged.

I have written in the past about cleaning coins using MS-70 detergent or Jewel Luster (e-Z-est coin cleaner) dip. The former may remove light PVC damage or verdigris. The latter strips surface metal. True, some coins are candidates for a dip. Expert numismatists know which coins and what percentage of dip and water, etc., to use. (I can't share formulas here.) But in almost every case, this devalues the coin, earning a details grade from major holdering companies.

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FUBAH coins: fouled up beyond all hope (

Library Patron Returns Book Borrowed in 1958

The Multnomah County Library is a fine-free library, and a patron just returned a book borrowed 65 years ago. -Editor

Overdue copy of 1984 A patron in Oregon recently returned an overdue book 65 years after its check-out date.

In a social media post, the Multnomah County Library said that someone recently returned a first-edition copy of "1984" by George Orwell.

It was originally checked out in 1958.

The MCL provided a picture of the book, as well as a note the patron left with it. The note reads:

I meant to return this book in 1958 when I was about to graduate from PSU, but somehow never got around to doing it.

After re-reading, I realize that, more than ever, this book should be put back in circulation. Significant parts are as relevant today as they were 65 years ago. (e.g. the opening text on page 207: Simply add the words internet and social media, and you are reading about 2023.)

Sorry to be so tardy. At age 86, I wanted to finally clear my conscience.

To read the complete article, see:
Library patron returns 65-years-overdue first-edition copy of '1984' (

Interior Design Tips for the Struggling Bibliophile

In another item for bibliophiles, here's an article offering some interior design tips. -Editor


Where once a library might have been a way to signal status to visiting society, today, a room full of books tells us a story about us: Where we came from, how we have struggled, what has lifted us, what we know for sure.

You can love everything about books and book culture but still feel a sense of overwhelm when faced with packed shelves. That's why I often find myself counseling people on how to rethink their displays. Here are some ways that you can integrate a love of books into a life while acknowledging a range of human desires for beauty, balance, and space.

One place book lovers who have become book collectors can start is by letting their existing space dictate how many books they allow themselves to have. In other words: be a goldfish that only grows to the size of your own fishbowl.

Interesting concept, but I know most numismatic bibliophiles aren't so disciplined. The books are the boss. But one good piece of advice I'd heard from John J. Ford was, "When you buy something cute, sell something less cute." And I did take that to heart over the years, gradually deaccessioning things that were no longer core to my interests, although I did often daydream about building an addition to the house.

While I had great fun assembling collections of different editions and binding variants of Evans's mint books, Mehl's guidebooks, U.S. Mint Reports etc., etc., once I was flat out of new shelfspace I consigned them for sale. And with my primary focus on U.S. numismatics, I couldn't justify forever keeping the sets I'd accumulated through various library purchases, such as Coole on Chinese coins, or Davenport's books on talers. Off they went for resale. -Editor

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What to Do If Your House is Overflowing with Books (


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Wayne Homren, Editor

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