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The E-Sylum: Volume 26, Number 28, July 9, 2023, Article 20


Jeremy Bostwick at Numismagram passed along these four medals from his most recent addition of new material. This upload has a specific focus upon Americana themes in medallic art. For all of this upload's newest additions, please visit -Editor

  Louisiana Purchase Exposition so-called Dollar

102449 | UNITED STATES. Louisiana Purchase/St. Louis International Exposition silvered bronze "so-called" Dollar. Issued 1904 (40mm, 24.21 g, 12h). By the Holy Brothers. LOUISIANA PURCHASE / 1803, oval medallions of Thomas Jefferson, facing slightly left, and of Napoléon, facing left; between them, shield bearing stars and stripes, and surmounted by an eagle, with wings spread and head left, perched facing // WORLD'S FAIR ST LOUIS 1904, three allegorical figures (one male, two female) facing left among the clouds; the male figure trumpets and holds a torch, while one female clasps his shoulder and another, nude, holds an oval shield; at a distance to lower left, aerial view of the expo grounds. Edge: Plain. socalleddollar[.]com unlisted-66; Krueger 225, Hendershott 30-260. Choice About Uncirculated. A good deal of brilliance and original silvering remaining. A very rare and seldom encountered type, with the alluring Art Nouveau artistry that is typically seen from the Holy Frères (brothers), who are more commonly known numismatically for their Swiss shooting medals from the same time period. $545.

Billed as the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, as it commemorated the 100th anniversary of the massive land transaction between the United States and France, the fair covered an enormous area, taking visitors nearly a week to explore its offerings.

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102449 | UNITED STATES. St. Louis Expo silvered bronze "so-called" Dollar. (

  Games of the X Olympiad Participation Medal

102415 | UNITED STATES. Games of the X Olympiad bronze Participation Medal. Issued 1932 as the participation medal for the Summer Olympics held in Los Angeles (65mm, 115.52 g, 12h). By J. Kilenyi for Whitehead-Hoag. LOS ANGELES • CALIFORNIA, two female figures (Atlantic and Pacific?) seated right, supporting between them a shield with the stars and stripes; poppies to left, shield with the seals of California and Los Angeles to right // Male athlete standing slightly left, holding billowing banner reading Xth / OLYMPIAD / 1932 in three lines. Edge: WHITEHEAD–HOAG. Marqusee –. Choice About Uncirculated. Somewhat mottled brown surfaces, with a mix of deep brown and olive. A rare and desirable Olympic-themed medal from the hand of Kilenyi. $865.

Officially known as the Games of the X Olympiad, the 1932 Summer Olympics held in Los Angeles were originally awarded to the city by default in 1923, as no other city submitted a bid. In total, given the worldwide effects of the Great Depression, the games were attended by 37 nations, down from the 46 nations that attended the summer games of 1928 in Amsterdam. In addition to the participation medal offered here, Kilenyi also created the iconic poster associated with the games, with a standing male figure similar to that presented on this medal's reverse.

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102415 | UNITED STATES. Games of the X Olympiad bronze Participation Medal. (

  New Sweden 300th Anniversary medal

102473 | UNITED STATES & SWEDEN. 300th Anniversary of the Founding of New Sweden along the Delaware River bronze Medal. Issued 1938 (56mm, 74.29 g, 12h). By Sv. Nilsson; struck by Sporrong & Co. CALMARE NYCKEL, ship (Kalmar Nyckel) under sail left upon the waters; below, two inward facing dolphins // + IN • MEMORIAM • NOVÆ • SVECIÆ • A • D • MDCXXXVIII • CONDITÆ • POST • TRIA • SÆCVLA • REVOCATAM, highly detailed and decorative map of New Sweden along the Delaware River, with trees, stags, colonists, Native Americans, forts, and a ship; crowned cartouche inscribed NOVA SVECIA to lower right. Edge: SPORRONG & Co. Rulau Q4. Choice Mint State. Warm olive-brown surfaces, with a few slightly darker areas on the reverse. An extremely interesting colonial American commemorative, with numerous locations referenced, such as Philadelphia, Ft. Nassau, North Wasa, Lapland, Ft. Christina, Ft. Casimir, and Ft. Elfsborg. Compare to a similar example, though a rarer reverse variant, in Stack's Bowers recent June 2021 CCO (lot 73350), that realized a total of $528. $295.

Established during the Thirty Years' War, the colony of New Sweden along the Delaware River lasted for nearly two decades, and served as a Scandinavian outpost in colonial America. Encompassing what is now modern-day Southeast Pennsylvania, Southwest New Jersey, and Northern Delaware, numerous locales convey this Swedish history, such as Fort Christina, Fort Casimir, and Swedesboro.

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102473 | UNITED STATES. 300th Ann'y of New Sweden's Founding bronze Medal. (

  Martin Luther King medal

102517 | UNITED STATES & FRANCE. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. bronze Medal. Issued 1966. Commemorating his Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 (68mm, 180.61 g, 12h). By M. Courbier at the Paris Mint. MARTIN LUTHER KING, head facing slightly left // PRIX NOBEL DE LA PAIX, open hand. Edge: 1966 «cornucopia» BRONZE. Gem Mint State. Olive-brown surfaces, with a charming matte nature. $175.

An icon in the American civil rights movement and known for his nonviolent forms of protest, the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was the recipient of the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize at the age of just 35, becoming the youngest person to ever receive the award. Just four years later, he would be assassinated at a Memphis motel while on his way to an event.

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102517 | UNITED STATES & FRANCE. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. bronze Medal. (

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