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The E-Sylum: Volume 26, Number 30, July 23, 2023, Article 24


Bob Fritsch has been inducted into the St. Eligius Numismatist Brotherhood - here's the announcement. Congratulations! -Editor

Bob Fritsch St. Eligius membership card With great pleasure and honor Frank Galindo, Chancellor, St. Eligius Numismatist Brotherhood, U.S.A. (a branch of the Saint Eligius Brotherhood of Numismatists of Canada), has inducted and welcomed Robert (Bob) F. Fritsch, FRCNA, FONA as a life fraternal brother, and Knight of St. Eligius. Bob is in good company, as there are very distinguished Knights in the United States (including Puerto Rico), Canada, Germany, France, Hungary, and some other European countries, as well as some South American countries. Knights come from different professions, such as professors, doctors, scientists, business executives, educators, artists, authors, religious leaders, veterans, and retirees. One thing in common with all Knights, is their generous spirit, their advancement of numismatic education and the science of numismatics, their volunteerism, their fostering of fellowship, and their help in growing and sustaining the numismatic hobby for the enjoyment of others.

As Frank is unable to travel beyond an area in his home state of Texas, he was delighted to have other Knights present to Bob during the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association's annual convention held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, this month.

  Knights of St. Eligius,

This July 22nd photo taken by Lloyd Chan shows Bob being formally presented his induction certificate as a Knight of St. Eligius, by these 5 Knights: (left to right): Sir Clifford Mishler, Lady Phyllis Ross (newly elected ANA Governor, effective August 11, 2023), Sir Ralph Ross (ANA President, until August 11, then Immediate Past President), newly Knighted Sir Robert Fritsch, Sir Scott Douglas (Grand Knight and Chancellor), and Sir Serge Pelletier. Male Knights are addressed as Sir and female Knights as Lady.

Bob Ross and Bob Fritsch Sir Robert Fritsch then gave a Hawaiian koa wood bowl originally presented to Mr. Al Baber for emceeing the Honolulu 1981-February 5th-8th ANA's 3rd Annual Mid-year Convention Banquet (now called the National Money Show) to Sir Ralph Ross (see photo by Paul Johnson). All knights got a packet of Bob's Saint Eligius elongated cents. Joyful banter accompanied the ceremony.

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  St. Eligius elongated cent

During the convention, Bob freely distributed the first ever issue of an elongated St. Eligius medal, PATRON OF NUMISMATISTS • Saint Eligius • MAY HIS WISDOM GUIDE YOU. Bob has a number of squish machines, and has been designing and producing elongated coins for decades. As he plans to have these coins find their way across a couple of countries, Bob's production process will result in a mintage of around 2,000 pieces, so he engaged CZC in the production, and this is noted on the left-hand side of the coin. Engraving the die took a couple of months, but then it was smooth sailing from there.

Bob is a Fellow of both the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association (RCNA) and the Ontario Numismatic Association (ONA). He is recipient of at least 16 awards, the most recognizable ones include: Krause Publications Numismatic Ambassador Award, American Numismatic Association's (ANA's) Glenn Smedley Award, ANA's Terry Armstrong Award, ANA's President Award, ANA's Medal of Merit, Central States Numismatic Association's Medal of Merit, and the Joseph E. Boling Award for Judging Excellence.

At present Bob holds memberships in 52 numismatic organizations, and at one time this was at 59. He has served in executive roles in at least 14 clubs (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer), and 6 of those were in the officer role of President. This includes simultaneously serving as President for 3 groups (at state, regional, local levels). Bob is currently a Director / Governor on 3 Boards, which includes the Industry Council for Tangible Assets. He has served in multiple roles and continues to do so in these larger organizations: New England Numismatic Association, and American Numismatic Association (which includes originating the concepts No Club Left Behind and Numismatic Community, and creating the criteria for merit-based scholarships for the ANA Summer Seminar). Bob has been an exhibit judge, an exhibitor, convention general chairman, a public speaker, a facilitator, presenter, editor, and an author. Along with Kevin Winn, he has put Young Numismatist coin clubs into local school programs.

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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