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The E-Sylum: Volume 26, Number 31, July 30, 2023, Article 28


Ken Potter published a Numismatic News article about an interesting new clashed die variety. Here's an excerpt - see the complete article and image gallery online. -Editor

  2_2023-d-25c-edith-kanakaole-overlays-from-us-mint-images 3_2023-d-25c-edith-kanakaole-overlays-from-us-mint-images

A Major Clashed Die variety like none I have seen in recent years has been discovered on a 2023-P Edith Kanaka‘ole American Women Program quarter.

It was first reported to me by Sonya Holt Esquibel of Alabama, who obtained one from Chad Savage on TikTok after another one of her friends, Maria Trammel, found two out of two rolls she purchased from Chad and advised him of her find. Savage reports finding 11 so far, having not checked all the rolls at the time of this writing.

In my opinion, the coin has more going for it than even many of the stronger clashes. First and foremost, the coin has pizzaz, or what I call sizzle in the steak, or what Bill Fivaz likes to call character. Not only is it very strong, but it stands out like a sore thumb right in the center of George Washington's profile from a reverse design that will have a short run never to be seen again.

Unfortunately, it just missed being considered for the Cherrypickers' Guide [CPG]to Rare Die Varieties by Bill Fivaz and J.T. Stanton, edited by Larry Briggs. The CPG 6th Edition Volume II is officially being released Aug. 5 at the American Numismatic Association's World's Fair of Money and is already at the printer. According to Fivaz, a seventh edition of this volume is years away, and they are not currently assigning numbers for coins that far out from publication. If it eventually gets in the book, it should increase in value more unless Professional Coin Grading Service and Numismatic Guarantee Company recognize it first, at which point it will undoubtedly find its own value without the aid of CPG.

While I am no soothsayer, I have a sneaking suspicion that this variety will elicit strong interest from collectors. As for what its value might be, it is too early to tell and only supply and demand and auction prices will dictate value.

It is being included in the next edition of Strike It Rich With Pocket Change with a Variety Coin Register listing number of VCR#1/CDOR#1.

A clashed die occurs when the planchet delivery system fails to deposit a planchet within the dies and the press cycles, causing the dies to smash or clash into each other. When this occurs, the design of one or both dies may impart outlines and sometimes some raised areas on each other. Coins struck with these dies will show these aberrations until they are removed by the Mint via abrasives or wear away.

  Kanaka‘ole Quarter

2023-american-women-quarters-coin-edith-kanakaole-uncirculated-reverse Great error. But these images brought to mind a question about the coin design itself. I know I'm always a few steps behind when it comes to news of new coin designs, but when did we start expressing the coin's denomination as "25¢"? I thought by law it had to be spelled out as "Quarter Dollar."

Leafing through my 2024 Redbook it looks like "25¢" appeared first on this coin. What gives? Was there language in the authorizing legislation allowing this? I didn't notice anything in the accompanying text mentioning this. What am I missing?

The reverse was designed by Emily Damstra of the Artistic Infusion Program and sculpted by medallic artist Renata Gordon. -Editor

To read the complete article, see:
Major Error Discovered on Kanaka‘ole Quarter (

Celia Cruz Quarter on NPR

On a related note, Arthur Shippee passed along this link to a National Public Radio story on the new 2024 Celia Cruz quarter design. Thanks - great design. It also sports a 25¢ denomination. Looks like a trend. -Editor

Celia Cruz Quarter design The U.S. Mint revealed the design of a quarter featuring singer Celia Cruz. She's the first Afro Latina to have that honor, and her quarter is just as vibrant as her music. She seems to be dancing with microphone in hand and her signature slogan, azucar - sugar - is on the coin, Spanish next to the Latin e pluribus unum - from many, one. Es la verdad en los Estados Unidos.

To listen to the story:
New quarter will feature legendary singer Celia Cruz, U.S. Mint says (

Wayne Homren, Editor

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