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The E-Sylum: Volume 26, Number 38, September 17, 2023, Article 21


Another favorite item from my library is a collection of periodically published counterfeit detectors and other ephemera relating to counterfeiting in America. Here's the catalog description enumerating the group. I've added photos taken when I displayed the binders at one of my Nummis Nova dinner meetings. -Editor

2022-11 Nummis Nova Wayne Homren Counterfeit Detector binder cover Homren, Wayne [compiler]. BINDERS 26–26B: COUNTERFEITING. Two binders, including the following:

1) Bank Note Reporters and Counterfeit Detectors 1826–1866: A Biography compiled by William H. Dillistin (1943);

2) three issues of Sibbet's Western Review and Counterfeit Detector (November 1840, December 1840, and September 1841) with subscription form;

3) an incomplete copy of the rare Kennedy Bank Note Detector, Pittsburgh c. 1856;

4) Bicknell's Counterfeit Detector and Bank Note List by Matthew T. Miller (October 1, 1839);

5) Eastman's Treatise on Counterfeit, Altered and Spurious Bank Notes, with Unerring Rules for the Detection of Frauds in the Same together with a History of Ancient Money, Continental Currency, Banks, Banking, Bank of England, and Other Valuable Information as to Money, with Hints to Business Success by H.G. Eastman (3rd edition, 1859);

  2022-11 Nummis Nova Wayne Homren Counterfeit Detectors 1

6) the December 1878 and July 1882 editions of John S. Dye's Government Counterfeit Detector;

7) letter from M.E. Farr of the Detroit Shipbuilding Company to Frank E. Kirby regarding Heath's Counterfeit Detector;

8) paper money plates removed from Heath Counterfeit Detectors;

9) Imlay & Bicknell's Coins of the World (1857);

10) Coin Chart Manual: Supplementary to the National Bank Note & Commercial Reporter published by Feld & Lare;

11) The National Counterfeit Detector (June 1930);

12) Scott & Co.'s Coin Chart Manual;

13) July 1878 Scott & Co. edition of The Coin Chart Manual, Supplementary to Thompsons' Bank Note and Commercial Reporter;

  2022-11 Nummis Nova Wayne Homren Counterfeit Detectors 3

14) Supplement to Thompson's Bank Note Reporter with 613 facsimiles of world coins;

15) Supplement to Thompson's Bank Note Reporter with 750 facsimiles of world coins;

16) Thompson's Bank Note and Commercial Reporter edited by J. Thompson (June 17, 1865);

17) Underwood's Counterfeit Detector Vol. II, No. 3 (March 1879);

Kolbe-Fanning Sale 168 Lot 507 counterfeiting and counterfeit detection 18) No Pictures, Please! by Harry Edward Neal;

19) Stamping Out the Private Mint by Thaddeus S. Dayton;

20) How To Know Good Money; 21) A.M. Chase & Co.'s How Crooks Make Millions;

22) Central Bank of the Philippines's Know the Counterfeit;

23) Langdon, Hawes & Co.'s The Delineated Coin Chart Supplementary to the Cincinnati Safety Fund and Bank Note Reporter;

24) Robert Wray, Jr.'s Wray's Coin Chart Manual Supplementary to the "National Bank Note and Commercial Reporter" (1859);

25) subscription form for Imlay & Bicknell's Bank Note Reporter;

  2022-11 Nummis Nova Wayne Homren Counterfeit Detectors 4

26) Exploring Money (Summer 1994);

27) A Brief History of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (1955);

28) Bureau of Engraving and Printing's BEP History;

29) Report of the Secretary of the Treasury from the First Division National Currency Bureau by S.M. Clark (1864);

30) three editions of Know Your Money;

31) an assortment of modern ephemera from the Bureau of Printing and Engraving.

Materials vary in condition from good to fine, with most modern items being fine. A fascinating assortment of material, including a number of 19th-century counterfeit detectors and Coin Chart Manuals. While both bank note reporters and counterfeit detectors have grown more popular as collectables and as areas of study in recent years, there is still much to learn about them. They are bibliographically complex and it would seem that otherwise identical publications were frequently distributed under different titles and imprints. Present here are a number of items that would ordinarily be offered in separate lots, but we have tried to maintain Wayne Homren's ephemera binders in their original arrangement, making exceptions only on occasion. Ex Wayne Homren Library.

As David notes, there are quite a few standalone items here, with the complete lot being a great opportunity to acquire an impressive collection of rarities. My ephemera collection is the culmination of some 40 years of effort. The counterfeit detectors were real business workhorses in their day, consulted frequently. As a result, surviving examples are rare and hard to locate in top condition. -Editor

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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