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The E-Sylum: Volume 26, Number 8, February 19, 2023, Article 22


Here is the announcement for the February 28, 2023 sale by Archives International Auctions. -Editor


The auction will be held by Archives International Auctions at their offices in River Edge, N.J.

Archives International Sale 83 cover front The February 28, 2023, Auction by Archives International Auctions consists of 679 lots of rare and desirable U.S., Chinese & World Banknotes, Scripophily, Historic Financial Ephemera, and Security Printing Ephemera. The auction is highlighted by 92 lots of rare and desirable Chinese banknotes. Also included are over 230 Worldwide banknotes; Over 40 lot of historic U.S. Colonial fiscal documents, Obsolete Banknote, Depression Scrip and MPC; Historic and Security Printing Ephemera is well represented with 46 lots which are followed by 36 lots of U.S. Federal Bonds, Fiscal Documents, Checks, Drafts & Exchanges and American Bank Note Numismatic and Philatelic cards and related material. The auction concludes with 220 lots of U.S. and World Scripophily covering literally every major collecting area with numerous rarities and desirable pieces offered.

We are privileged to offer another exciting auction filled with numerous rare and desirable banknotes, historic ephemera and bonds and shares that are rarely seen at auction and include many examples we have never had the pleasure to offer previously, as well as many of the top graded notes for those issues, stated Dr. Robert Schwartz, President of Archives International Auctions. Included in our 83rd auction are hundreds of items that will appeal to every level of collector and dealer.

  AIA Auction 83 Lot 027
Lot 27
  AIA Auction 83 Lot 220
Lot 220
  AIA Auction 83 Lot 264
Lot 264

AIA Auction 83 Lot 099 The auction begins with World Banknotes, from countries Afghanistan to Zambia, highlighted by 92 lots of Chinese banknotes and bonds, with all from an old-time collection being offered for the first time at auction. Some of the many Chinese banknote highlights include a spectacular International Banking Corporation, 1918, $100, Shanghai Branch Issue Proof rarity; a nearly complete specimen set of the 1920, Commercial Bank of China, Dollar Issues including color varieties of the $5 to $100 Denominations as well as a 1 Tael specimen, with 3 of the notes being the highest graded in the PMG census; Canada is highlighted by a Canada, New Castle District Loan Co., 1836, "Top Pop" $4, Issued Obsolete Banknote, this being the 2nd one ever offered at auction; Costa Rica is represented by 2 high denomination issued rarities, a 50 and 100 Colones, 1940 and 1942 issues, P-193 and P-194; Guatemala is highlighted by a Banco Colombiano, 1900, 1 Peso, high grade example, rarely seen this nice; a pair of Republic of Ireland, ca.1860s $10, highest graded Fenian Brotherhood banknotes engraved by Continental Bank Note Company are included; an amazing Banque Centrale Du Mali, ca.1970-84 high grade 10,000 Francs example is offered and is expected to attract considerable attention; a 1938, Netherlands Indies, Javasche Bank, 50 Gulden is offered and rarely seen in this high of grade for the issue; Also included are hundreds of rare and desirable banknotes with many interesting lots from an old-time dealer's stock as well as numerous items from old estate collections and consignments.

  AIA Auction 83 Lot 333 Varieties Theatre

The U.S. Banknote, Fiscal Document and Historic Ephemera section begins with a 1760, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Yearly Committee Meeting Minutes Abstract mentioning the Freeing of Slaves and is an extremely early example the exhibits how Slavery was an issue, even 100 years before the Civil War began. Revolutionary war Fiscal documents and Continental Currency are included followed by 26 lots of U.S. Obsolete currency and early Advertising notes highlighted by a ca.1860s ad note from Varieties Theatre, New Orleans to see the play Under the Gaslight. A ca.1850s Advertising Note from P.M. Statzell, Philadelphia, is one of many interesting and rarely see, obsolete advertising notes from that era offered in the auction. An interesting New Orleans, Lawsuit exhibit from 1838 to 1841 that includes 19 pages threaded by string with extensive notes is included in the auction. Each page represents the serving of a lawsuit to the person being sued and was sent by mail to that person in Natchez, Mississippi from New Orlean, Louisiana, all being stampless covers, mainly with blue New Orleans, circular dated handstamps.

  AIA Auction 83 Lot 458
Lot 458

An interesting group of New York and Washington political letters and documents are offered and includes a signed letter by Hillary Rodham Clinton dated 2007; 3 letters signed by Governor Edmund Muskie from 1958; and 1810 Military appointment by New York Governor Daniel D. Tompkins, who was also Vice President under James Madison; and many other interesting political related letters and autographs. A previously unlisted U.S. Government, 1895, $100, 4% Loan, Specimen Bond issued for England is included in the auction and this is possibly the first time it has been seen and deserves further research. Historic autographs on Bonds and Shares include an 1882, Standard Oil Trust stock certificate, signed by J.D. Rockefeller as well as 2 of his well know colleagues and partners; an 1880, MK&T stock certificate signed by the Robber Baron, Jay Gould; an 1869, Narragansett Steamship Co., bond that is signed by Civil War General Ambrose Burnside as president;, an 1882, Maysville and Big Sandy Stock certificate is signed by Civil War General John Echols as well as many other documents signed by historic and notable figures.

  AIA Auction 83 Lot 420 AIA Auction 83 Lot 571
Lots 420 and 571

Some of the many scripophily highlights in the auction include issued and specimen stocks and bonds from numerous well-known banking, finance and tech companies such as an Apple, 1996

  AIA Auction 83 Lot 473
Lot 473

Specimen coupon bond rarity; a 2005, Lehman Brothers Holdings as well as a related company, Shearson Lehman Hutton Holdings, Inc. bond, for $20 Million Dollars; the International Securities Exchange ISE specimen and now part of NASDAQ; a Berkshire Hathaway Class B Specimen Stock Certificate; a historic and very early, 1818, Bank of the United States of America, Issued and uncancelled stock certificate and many other historic finance related companies. Other well-known and modern rarities include a Dot Com era, Walt Disney Company Specimen stock certificate; a politically incorrect ca.1960s, Atlanta Braves specimen stock certificate; a wonderful American Museum of Natural History Planetarium Authority Specimen Bond from 1934, with this being the last available of 2 discovered in the ABN archives in 2002; and, many other well-known and iconic companies such as eBay, Atari, Yahoo, HP and many more too numerous to mention.

World scripophily includes bonds and shares from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Panama, France, the U.K., and many more countries. U.S. scripophily is highlighted by Mining, Railroads, Shipping, State & City, and other interesting and desirable topics. Previews will be limited and by appointment only and we will be observing strict safety precautions including the wearing of masks and observing social distancing to protect our team as well as our guests. We will do our best to accommodate anyone who desires additional information and photographs. For questions, please call 201-944-4800 or email

The online catalog for the Tuesday, February 28th, 2023 auction is on Archives International Auctions' website and can be viewed via the Archives International live bidding platform. It can also be viewed as an Auction 83 Virtual Catalog or downloadable Auction 83.pdf, both formats with Live Links on the website. To pre-register for Live Internet Bidding, log on to the Archives International Auctions website, at

Archives International is now working on their late Winter and Spring 2023 auctions and are seeking quality consignments for future auctions or outright purchase including U.S. and worldwide banknotes, coins, stocks, bonds, stamps, postal history, historic ephemera, and autographs. To sell or consign one piece or an entire collection, please call AIA at (201) 944- 4800; or email them at You can also view AIA's weekly eBay Auctions at their eBay ID ArchivesOnline.

You may also write to Archives International Auctions, at 1060 Main Street, River Edge, NJ 07661, U.S.A. To learn more about Archives International Auctions and the auctions planned for February 28 th , 2023 auction, log on to

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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